Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1641

Chapter 1641: Hidden Problems
Chapter 1641: Hidden Problems

Jian Chen carefully checked through his body several times and missed no corner. In the end, he finally discovered something different with his soul. A red speck of light had appeared in his soul.

The blood-red light was very dim, but it had already silently fused into his soul, making it impossible for him to remove it. It would have been exceedingly difficult for him to discover it if he did not look closely.

Jian Chen did not feel any sense of threat from the red light. It had fused with his soul silently, without raising his attention at all. It did not bring him any discomfort either.

Looks like youre the troublemaker, a cold light flickered through Jian Chens eyes, and his face became extremely sunken. When he recalled all the moments of his eighteen years of secluded cultivation, he understood very soon that he did not completely refine the evil presence within the blood's power. Although the power turned into Chaotic Force in the end, the evil presence that he had not completely refined entered his soul silently.

This speck of light red filled with negative emotions shouldnt have been enough for my chaotic neidan to crack, even though it can influence my mind at certain times. Looks like there are some other flaws in my chaotic neidan. In the end, its all because my strength is too weak. If my Chaotic Body was at the ninth layer or even the tenth layer when I refined the cloud, I probably wouldnt have come across these problems, Jian Chen thought. A smear of determination appeared in his eyes and with a thought, the two broken strands of Primordial Godsilk appeared from his wrist.

I need to deal with the hidden problems in my soul immediately, or therell be unthinkable consequences if my consciousness becomes affected in the future. The red light in my soul originated from the power of the crisis, so the power of the Primordial Godsilk would be the most effective in destroying it, thought Jian Chen. With a thought, the two broken strands turned into a golden streak of light and disappeared into his forehead, entering his sea of consciousness.

He had not refined the Primordial Godsilk in the past, which was why Jian Chen could only store it in his Space Ring for so long. However, now that he had refined the Primordial Godsilk while it was fending off the crisis of the world, not only could he hide the Primordial Godsilk in his body now, he could even send it into his sea of consciousness easily.

Although the Primordial Godsilk had basically run out of power, there was still a tiny sliver of it left. This time, Jian Chen used the last sliver without any hesitation at all in an attempt to destroy the red speck of light that had infiltrated his soul.

Fortunately, the Primordial Godsilk was completely under his control now, and its power had no offensive capabilities unless it was facing the crisis of the world. As a result, Jian Chen did not worry at all that its power would harm his soul.

But very soon, Jian Chens heart sank even more. He discovered that the Primordial Godsilk completely failed to remove the speck of red light in his soul. It did not seem to pose any harm to it at all.

Damn. This speck of red light comes from the power the crisis used, but during my refinement process, it has changed. This change has allowed it to become immune to the Primordial Godsilk. The Primordial Godsilk no longer poses any threat to it now, Jian Chens face became extremely sunken. His happiness and joy from breaking through to the ninth layer had completely vanished.

He just could not imagine what would happen if he lost himself and began to massacre on the Tian Yuan Continent

Jian Chen could not help but shiver, frightened to the point where he became covered in cold sweat. This time, he felt chills run down his spine as his entire soul tremored in fright. At the same time, the familiar faces of Shangguan Muer, Shangguan Aojian, You Yue, Huang Luan, Changyang Ba, Bi Yuntian, Chang Wuji, Dugu Feng, Qin Xiao, and so on all flashed through his head, causing him to become even paler.

Not only were his wives and son on the Tian Yuan Continent, but there were also his parents and many friends who had gone through thick and thin with him

Jian Chen did not leave the blood-red cloud. In the blink of an eye, he had stayed there for three days. He had come up with many ideas and tried them all during those three days, but he was still unable to do anything to the speck of red light in his soul because it had already fused with his soul. It had become a part of him, making it extremely difficult for him to remove it. Having run out of options, Jian Chen could only awaken the sword spirits who had been slumbering for eighteen years.

Master, if we recover, we can remove the hidden problem in your soul without any difficulty, but theres nothing we can do either right now, Zi Ying said helplessly.

Master, theres no need to be so heavy-hearted. As long as you dont experience stimulation that is too great and manage to keep your consciousness clear, theres no need to worry so much about the light affecting your mind. And before you find a way to deal with the problem of your soul, Zi Ying and I can take turns watching over master. Once masters mind shows signs of being affected, we can awaken master in time, said Qing Suo. As Jian Chens strength progressed, Zi Ying and Qing Suo who had not recovered their strength could only provide minimal assistance to him. As a result, the sword spirits had fallen silent after destroying the crisis of the world, akin to going into seclusion to recover their strength.

Jian Chen sighed gently, Thats all we can do for now. Looks like I can only find a way to deal with the problems of my soul after I go to the Saints World. Ill need to do that as well if I want my Chaotic Body to progress to higher layers. As for the chaotic neidan, its the source of my power, so its not as fragile as my soul. Fixing it shouldnt be difficult. Itll just require a large amount of energy. Even if theres something that hasnt been refined in my chaotic neidan, itll be slowly destroyed as my Chaotic Force progresses. Itll only affect the strength that I can assert.

Jian Chen emerged from the blood-red cloud that he had remained in for eighteen years. When he saw the glimmering stars, he had completely calmed down as if nothing bothered him anymore.

Big brother, youve finally emerged.

Xiao Ling cried out excitedly when Jian Chen appeared before all the Origin realm experts. She directly lunged into his bosom.

Jian Chen held Xiao Ling by the shoulders gently with a smile. Affection poured from his eyes without any restraint. Even though Xiao Ling had lived for over a million years, he still treated her as his own younger sister.

When he was still weak, Xiao Ling had assisted him in overcoming problems many times, saving his life. Now that his strength had reached the apex of the world, it was up to him to protect Xiao Ling.

Jian Chen, have you broken through again? And what was that extremely brutal presence that we suddenly felt three days ago? The sea goddess asked in concern. She immediately became stern towards the end.

Shangguan Muer, Yang Lie, Guihai Yidao, Feng Xiaotian, Tie Ta, the four brothers, and so on all looked at Jian Chen with interest. Jian Chen was the pillar of support for their world; he was the only person who could rival the Spiritking in power. Whether his strength had increased again weighed on their minds because the stronger Jian Chen was, the more confidence they would have when facing the World of Forsaken Saints. However, if Jian Chens strength had somehow declined and was no longer as great as the Spiritking, they would suffer from an extreme disadvantage in the upcoming negotiations. If the two worlds began fighting once again, it would be extremely likely that they would suffer defeat.

Thank you for your concern. After eighteen years of cultivation, my strength has indeed progressed to a new level. The Spiritking should no longer be my opponent with my current strength, unless he has truly reached Godhood with his cultivation, Jian Chen said indifferently. Although his chaotic neidan had cracked, limiting him to only eighty percent of his full strength, it was still greater than what he could display with the eighth layer of the Chaotic Body.

Most importantly, reaching the ninth layer did not just mean his Chaotic Force had strengthened. His Chaotic Body had become greater as well. Jian Chen estimated that the ninth layer of the Chaotic Body had exceeded late Reciprocity and reached Godhood. A Chaotic Body at Godhood was simply unbelievable. That would mean nothing below Godhood could even injure him, even if he just stood there.

Although the Spiritkings battle prowess had reached Godhood and could harm him, it would only give him some light scratches.

Everyone became settled when they heard Jian Chens words. They smiled at ease.

Jian Chen looked at Shangguan Muer and took a step out, arriving before her. Looking at her beautiful face, Jian Chen said with self-blame, Has Aojian been well in these years?

Shangguan Muer looked at Jian Chen, and her gaze wavered. She said calmly, Aojian has been very well. He just misses you. When are you going to see him? With that, Shangguan Muer turned around and left, returning to Three Saint Island.

The sea goddess, Yang Lie, Feng Xiaotian, and Guihai Yidao all glanced past Jian Chen and Shangguan Muer. They seemed to smile. Although Shangguan Aojians true identity had never been publicly announced, they had already discovered the truth through some traces. The sea goddess was the first one to find out.

Xiao Ling arrived beside Jian Chen and asked in interest, Brother, who is Aojian? Is it the young island master from Three Saint Island? He has so, so many Violet Cloud Peaches. Did you give them all to him? Youre so unfair, big brother, Xiao Ling pouted unhappily.