Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1649

Chapter 1649: Prior To The Negotiations Three
Chapter 1649: Prior to the Negotiations (Three)

Father, when are you going to take me to see grandfather and grandmother? Shangguan Aojian asked. Then he seemed to think of something and smiled, Before when I wanted Changyang Xu to call me elder brother, he was completely unwilling. Once I see grandfather and grandmother, hell have to call me elder brother. Haha, I really do look forward to how his face will be like at that time.

Jian Chen could not help but smile after hearing that. He looked at Shangguan Aojian gently and said, Once we leave Three Saint Island, Ill take you to the Changyang clan. Then Jian Chen turned towards Shangguan Muer and said, Muer, you should come along as well to see my parents. A sliver of eagerness appeared in Jian Chens gaze.

Shangguan Muer remained silent. There was conflict in her eyes, but she still ended up gently nodding after quite some consideration.

Jian Chen was immediately delighted when he saw Shangguan Muer agree. According to his understanding of Shangguan Muer, she would have declined without any hesitation if he brought it up in the past. Now that she agreed, it meant that she really had changed quite a lot across the years.

There are just two years before the day you decided on with the Spiritking will arrive. Have you made up your mind about the matter of territory? How much land do you plan on giving to the World of Forsaken Saints? The topic of the conversation changed, and Shangguan Muer mentioned the matter of land to Jian Chen.

Jian Chen shook his head gently. Even until now, he still had not made up his mind about just how much land to give to the other world. This matter would affect the Sea race, Hundred Races, and magical beasts as well, so he needed to discuss it with the respective leaders.

Father, I wandered the Tian Yuan Continent often in the past few years. Because the Tian Yuan Continent was going to give up some land to the foreign world, I specially went to the places that were about to be handed over. I found that more or less half the people who lived there were against the matter. There were even some people who had become determined to protect their homelands, contacting other clans and sects who shared the same mentality to form a group. These people plan to stop the arrival of the foreign world. They would rather die in battle than give up their territory. After all, these sects and clans have remained in the same place for many years already. Some of their ancestral homes are there as well, so getting them to leave will be very difficult or even impossible. They wont waver even in the face of wealth enough to sway countries, said Shangguan Aojian.

Jian Chen frowned when he heard that. He immediately expanded his soul and enveloped the entire Tian Yuan Continent in a single moment. At that moment, the countless people who lived there were all under his observation. As expected, he saw countless humans who were about to face relocatation on the lands that the World of Forsaken Saints had demanded. There were sects, clans, and even a few rather powerful countries. They had clearly already formed an alliance, all flying flags of the alliance. They were all ready to die for their cause.

Among the countless people conversing, Jian Chen learnt from a few people that most of them had no ill will towards the sovereigns making the decision. They were just extremely reluctant because they had been born and grew up on their land. The land was also property and heritage that had been passed down across countless years for them. If they had to relocate just like that, it would basically mean that everything they had built up across the generations would be lost. Even though the sovereigns had promised to make it up to them, even though they knew the great sacrifices the other world had made against the crisis of the world, it was not enough to waver their determination of remaining on their territory because it was their home.

At the same time, Jian Chen heard some satisfaction from a few people towards the decisions of the sovereigns. There was even resentment, but not a lot of people were like that.

Jian Chen also saw a few generals speak emotionally to their armies in a few kingdoms. Without any exception, what they spoke about was protecting their homeland. They were determined to fight the cultivators from the World of Forsaken Saints to death.

Jian Chen sighed when he observed this. There were quite a lot of human cultivators, amounting to a rough sum of several billion. If they all planned on remaining on their land, an unprecedentedly intense war would erupt against the World of Forsaken Saints. The losses would be so great that it would be unimaginable.

After all, the Origin realm experts on the Tian Yuan Continent did not possess absolute control over the countless people on the Tian Yuan Continent. Even though they were respected and revered, once they did something against the interests of people, there would still be people who would stand forward to protect their interests, regardless of if they were sovereigns or if they could wipe out the people with a wave of the hand. They would protect their homelands, and even death could not make them change their minds.

Jian Chens soul continued to expand, directly enveloping the territories of all four races. He discovered that the same thing was happening with the magical beasts and the Sea race. Many of the organisations in the two races had joined together, unwilling to give up their land. Only the Hundred Races remained rather peaceful, without any signs of resistance or objection. The entire Hundred Races, ranging from Saint Emperors to ordinary people, all followed the war god. Anything he said was like an edict from heaven. None of them would object the war gods decision.

This was because the Hundred Races was originally one that possessed faith. Their faith lay with the current war god, Tie Ta.

Jian Chen, there are still two more years before the negotiations. Have you made your decision?

Tie Tas voice rang out in Jian Chens mind when his soul enveloped the Hundred Races.

Jian Chen did not try to hide. He told Tie Ta everything he saw. Sharing territory with the foreign world was no longer as simple as it seemed.

Jian Chen, you should know about the true identity of the Elven Godtree. Godking Audriana once told me to pull the people from the World of Forsaken Saints to my side. Theyre actually Spiritsages. The Spiritsages are a large race and clan in the higher world. They have quite the heritage, Tie Tas voice rang out. The two of them were conversing through their souls from several tens of millions of kilometers away.

The Spiritsages? Jian Chen became stunned. He did not know about the Spiritsages, but he did know about the God clan that Tie Ta came from. According to the sword spirits, he learnt that the God clan was a peak clan in the Saints World. During their age of glory, it was no exaggeration to call them the greatest clan in the Saints World because the Grand Prime of the God clan back then was the greatest expert in the Saints World. Even the greatest expert of the Immortals World, the Nirvanic Immortal Exalt, was not his opponent. Since the Spiritsages could raise the attention of the God clan, their power was evident.