Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1650

Chapter 1650: Prior To The Negotiations Four
Chapter 1650: Prior to the Negotiations (Four)

Jian Chen sank into contemplation after his conversation with Tie Ta. He had never thought that the people from the World of Forsaken Saints who called themselves Forsaken Saints actually had such a great background, where even the God clan would try to pull them to their side. He could not help but reevaluate the World of Forsaken Saints.

Jian Chen thought for quite some time. The light in his eyes flickered. Shangguan Muer and Shangguan Aojian did not disturb him when they saw that he was deep in thought.

A while later, Jian Chen made up his mind. He became determined and looked at Shangguan Aojian and Shangguan Muer. He said, Lets go to the Tian Yuan Continent right now.

Shangguan Aojian obviously agreed happily to this suggestion. He wished to gain the recognition of his grandmother and grandfather as soon as possible. During the time he roamed the Tian Yuan Continent, he had gone to the Changyang clan many times. As he was the young island master of Three Saint Island, Changyang Ba and Bi Yuntian had personally received him every time, so he saw his grandfather and grandmother every time. However, he did not sense any of the affection and concern he yearned for from them, only politeness and respect. This was all due to the fact that he was the young island master of Three Saint Island.

This was not what Shangguan Aojian wished to see. He would have accepted anyone elses politeness happily and would not feel inconvenienced in any way, let alone feeling uncomfortable. However, Shangguan Aojian was unable to accept his grandmother and grandfather behaving so politely towards him. It even made his heart throb, making him feel bitter inside.

Jian Chen left Three Saint Island with Shangguan Aojian and Shangguan Muer. When the two of them left, Xiao Qian and Xiao Yue walked over from the other side with their junior sister Qin Qin. The two of them looked towards Qin Qin and both sighed inside.

Several decades had passed, but Qin Qin had already begun her journey of cultivating and attained quite the achievement, so she possessed an extremely lengthy lifespan. As a result, she seemed the same as before, remaining as pure and beautiful as she was in her twenties. The only difference was that she now exuded a sense of maturity.

Qin Qin looked in the direction that Jian Chen had flown off and sighed emotionally inside. A sliver of emotion that she had hidden very deeply in her heart appeared as well.

Qin Qin had indeed fallen in love with Jian Chen, and even Xiao Qian and Xiao Yue had learnt about it. However, she had already understood many things across the several decades. She knew that she was not fated to be with Jian Chen in this life, so she began to hide the emotion deeply in her heart, sealing it off coldly.

Jian Chen returned to the Changyang clan in Lore City with Shangguan Muer and Shangguan Aojian. This time, the three of them did not directly fly in. Instead, they entered through the front entrance.

His appearance rather alarmed the guards at the main entrance of the clan. All of them knelt in disbelief. They directly wondered inside about what their fourth young master was planning to directly enter through the main entrance. As guards of the front door, they had never seen Jian Chen enter through here. Every single time, he would move mysteriously, appearing in the clan like he had teleported before leaving in the same way, making it impossible to know his whereabouts.

I want to see my parents for some matters. Please send someone to contact them. Jian Chen immediately ordered the guards the moment he stepped into the clan.

Yes sir. This one will immediately contact the old master and madam. One of the guards directly felt confused towards the young masters irregular behaviour, but he did not dare to hesitate at all despite his doubts. He replied politely before running inside as quickly as possible, disappearing in the blink of an eye.

Jian Chen brought Shangguan Muer and Shangguan Aojian into the clan and directly headed towards the discussion hall. The three of them did not move very quickly, travelling at an ordinary persons speed. Without any exception, all the groups of guards they passed by would bow towards the three of them. Reverence filled their face.

The Changyang clan had been expanded a few times, but it did not occupy too great of a space. Very soon, Jian Chen entered the discussion hall with Shangguan Muer and Shangguan Aojian. At the same time, Bi Yuntian and Changyang Ba received the message from the guard and emerged from the forbidden grounds. They also entered the discussion hall.

Jian Chen dismissed all the visible and hidden guards in the discussion hall, so there was only the five of them present.

Haha, so the island mistress and young island master of Three Saint Island have come to visit. I have failed to welcome you from afar, so please forgive me. Xianger, why didnt you tell your father earlier than the island mistress was paying a visit? I could have made some preparations, Changyang Ba immediately clasped his hands to greet Shangguan Muer when he saw her. He was unable to contain his respect, but he also blamed Jian Chen a little.

Although his son was the greatest expert in the world now, the island mistress of Three Saint Island was still an Origin realm expert. She was so powerful that she was the second greatest in both name and reality. In fact, her deterrence during the negotiations of the two worlds while Jian Chen was in seclusion had stopped the Origin realm experts from the World of Forsaken Saints from acting brazenly. As a result, Changyang Ba believed he should have held a grand welcoming ceremony for the visit of someone so important. Only that was enough to welcome someone like the island mistress of Three Saint Island.

Jian Chen smiled mysteriously. He did not answer the question. Instead, he turned towards Shangguan Aojian and said, Xiao Bao, why dont you greet your grandfather and grandmother?

Without any hesitation, Shangguan Aojian took a step forwards and directly dropped to his knees. He said, Grandson greets grandmother and grandfather.

This scene immediately stunned Changyang Ba and Bi Yuntian. The two of them stared at the kneeling young island master in disbelief. His words boomed through their heads like a bolt from the blue, shocking them to the point where they had become dazed. They struggled to return to their senses.

Xianger, what is going on? The young island master, the young island master is, Bi Yuntian felt like her mind had become a complete mess, preventing her from thinking clearly.

Jian Chen chuckled, Mother, why do you still call him the young island master? The young island master of Three Saint Island is actually my son as well as your grandson. I just kept this a secret the whole time, which was why no one on the Tian Yuan Continent knew his identity.

What! The young island master is Xiangers son? T- this, Bi Yuntians eyes widened and her heart churned. She had never thought that she actually had a grandson, and her grandson was already so old. Moreover, she had met him so many times already.

Changyang Ba, who stood beside her, became utterly astounded as well. He stared at Shangguan Aojian, no longer able to maintain his composure. However, he soon thought of something and immediately asked, This childs mother is

Muer greets father and mother, Shangguan Muer bowed towards Changyang Ba and Bi Yuntian.