Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1670

Chapter 1670: Corruption
Chapter 1670: Corruption

At the same time, Shen Jians presence changed abruptly. His hair danced and his clothes ruffled despite the absence of wind. He radiated with an extremely powerful sword Qi. As he slowly raised the Cloudstream sword in his hand, he immediately began to glimmer with starlight. At that moment, the space around the Cloudstream sword seemed to have transformed into an endless starry sky.

A Will that Splits the Heavens: The Sword Shakes and Stars Shatter! Shen Jian suddenly bellowed out. The Cloudstream sword was swung forwards as it shook violently. As the sword moved, a visible ripple rushed towards the grey-robed old man destructively. It moved extremely quickly. Wherever the ripple passed by, the ground cracked, and dust was kicked into the air. The dead grass all turned to powder.

A Will the Splits the Heavens was the strongest sword technique Shen Jian had learned so far. The attack possessed the power to destroy planets in the lower world. However, everything in the Saints World was much tougher than the Tian Yuan Continent, so his devastating sword technique failed to cause a lot of severe damage in the Saints World.

So the two of you have comprehended laws. Ive underestimated you before, but now, youre done for, the grey-robed old man was at ease and did not treat Jian Chen and Shen Jian with any caution at all. With a wave of his sleeve, the origin energy in the surroundings immediately began to surge, instantly condensing into two powerful strands of sword Qi. They shot towards Jian Chen and Shen Jian respectively with roaring flames.


Jian Chens Daluo Sword was directly dispersed by the old mans sword Qi, erupting with powerful ripples of energy. It knocked Jian Chen back in a constant retreat.

At the same time, the ripples from Shen Jians attack came in contact with the old mans sword Qi. The ripples immediately began to distort violently, before dispersing at a rapid rate. The old man had nullified the terrifying ripples that could easily destroy planets in a lower world just like that.

At the same time, after tearing through the ripples, the old mans sword Qi did not disperse. It only became much weaker than before. It then continued without slowing down at all, travelling towards Shen Jian as a streak of red light.

Form-breaker! Shen Jian became extremely stern. After bellowing out, the Cloudstream sword shone with dazzling white light, landing on the sword Qi as a blur.


The old mans sword Qi finally dispersed, exploding mid-air as scarlet flames. Meanwhile, Shen Jian was blown backwards as blood spurted from his mouth.

The difference in their strength was just too significant. One was at the peak of Reciprocity, while the other was a God. Even with Shen Jians extraordinary talent, he was unable to make up for this gaping disparity.

Jian Chen was in no position to care for Shen Jian. He became unprecedentedly stern, and he maintained a hand seal. A golden sword Qi immediately condensed, and he continued his attack against the old man with the Daluo Sword. At the same time, his other hand did not just sit around idly either. It also formed a hand seal.

You better use all your trump cards. Just this isnt enough to threaten me, the old man said coldly. With a wave of his sleeve, he destroyed Jian Chens Daluo Sword without any effort at all.

It was also at this moment that Jian Chen suddenly began to shine with dazzling white light. He seemed to have transformed into a bolt of light, shooting towards the old man with unbelievable speed. He arrived before the old man in a single moment.

The old mans eyes narrowed abruptly. At that moment, Jian Chen had even reached speeds beyond what his eyes could see. He only managed to capture a blur with his soul.

This speed The old man was shocked. The speed Jian Chen displayed was just too fast in that moment, fast to the point where he found it to be rather unbelievable. He was still several hundred meters away one moment ago, yet he seemed to have teleported before him in the next moment. It had caught him slightly off-guard.

Spurt! The sword Qi condensed at the tip of Jian Chens finger stabbed into the old man, but it was met with an extremely great resistance, preventing it from going any further. The tremendous energy in the old mans body had stopped the penetration of Jian Chens sword Qi as soon as possible. At the same time, the old mans palm landed heavily on Jian Chens chest.

Jian Chen immediately paled and a mist of blood spurt out from his mouth. He shot backwards like a broken kite. The old man's attack had reduced his clothes to dust.

However, Jian Chen did not weaken at all after being injured. Instead, his battle intent became even more substantial. There was a vague craziness within his sharp eyes. As his hand seals changed, he suddenly came to a halt. At that moment, all the energy within him was pushed to the maximum, and the Laws of the Sword condensed around him. He began to advance, using his body as a sword of laws to tear through all obstructions in the world. He charged towards the old man as if he were unstoppable.

Taiyi Sword Technique!

The old mans face was extremely dark. With a cold snort, a red sword appeared in his hand. The sword danced and immediately turned into dragon of flames as he charged towards Jian Chen with a bellow.

The craziness in Jian Chens eyes became even more intense, and a few specks of red light flickered. With his body as a sword, he seemed to have become a streak of light as he charged at the dragon of flames. With a boom, the dragon of flames immediately erupted, reduced to energy ripples that shook up the surroundings. Jian Chen let out a few more mouthfuls of blood, but he continued towards the old man without slowing down at all.

I sure have underestimated you, the old man said coldly. His sword trembled and he stabbed out three times with lightning speed. Each stab left behind a terrifying wound on Jian Chens body. The third stab, in particular, pierced Jian Chens right shoulder, almost chopping off his right arm altogether.

Jian Chens right hand seemed to have become a sharp sword, stabbing into the old mans chest. His fingers emerged from the old mans back, covered in the blood of a God.

The old man grunted, and his gaze towards Jian Chen finally became slightly stern. Jolting his body as hard as he could, he knocked Jian Chen far away. Afterwards, he left behind an afterimage with a single movement and caught up with Jian Chen instantly. He stabbed out with lightning speed with his fire-red sword, directly towards Jian Chens forehead.

Shen Jians face changed at the sight of that. He immediately wanted to charge over to stop the old man. However, at this moment, a presence filled with evilness and destruction erupted from Jian Chens body. His pupils had completely become blood-red at that moment, while his head full of long hair began to redden at a visible rate as well.

Jian Chens sudden transformation caused the old mans eyes to narrow. He felt cold from the bottom of his heart due to Jian Chens evil and destructive presence, as well as a sliver of uneasiness. Shen Jians face changed as well, staring at Jian Chen in disbelief. He actually sensed the presence of the crisis of the world from Jian Chen.

What is this presence? The old man was surprised, and he could not help but slow down his stab towards Jian Chen. However, before long, his gaze turned cold, and his sword immediately turned into a streak of red light, continuing along the same trajectory as before.