Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1672

Chapter 1672: Falling Unconscious
Chapter 1672: Falling Unconscious

Jian Chen lay on the ground powerlessly. His face was completely pale, and he was currently extremely weak. The Profound Sword Qi was very powerful, but using it was not an easy matter for him. At that moment, he felt like all the power of his soul had been drained away. He felt a strong sense of drowsiness, as well as some pain from his head. Even his consciousness had blurred. He could lose consciousness at any time.

Using the Profound Sword Qi drained the power of his soul. If he had used the Profound Sword Qi in his peak condition, the power of his soul would not have been completely drained, but the prior battle had taken a certain toll on the power of his soul, especially since he was in a corrupted state. As a result, when he used the Profound Sword Qi towards the end, he had almost run out of the power of his soul.

Jian Chens consciousness blurred as he stared in direction in which the old man had fled. Finally, he could no longer endure it, and darkness descended. He had fallen unconscious.

To another side, Shen Jian struggled to his feet. He took out a jade bottle from his Space Ring and opened its lid, pouring a few recovery pills into his mouth. Then he staggered to Jian Chens side and fed him some of the pills. Next, he carried Jian Chen and flew away in a tottering fashion.

Shen Jian had no idea if any more Godhood experts would come in pursuit from the Lu family. Now that Jian Chen had fallen unconscious, and he was heavily injured, the two of them might end up dying here if more trouble arrived. As a result, he carried Jian Chen and left the region as quickly as he could.

Shen Jians wounds healed extremely gradually. He was just too heavily injured, and since a God had injured him, his recovery was even more difficult. Even the medicine only managed to stop his condition from worsening. Red light still flickered on his wounds. The red light was the residual power from old mans Laws of Fire when he injured Shen Jian.

The power of laws was something even beyond origin energy. It was the representation of Godhood. If the power of laws had injured any regular Origin realm expert, it would have been fatal. However, as Shen Jian had also grasped the power of laws, and his comprehension of the laws was no less than the old mans, the old mans Laws of Fire did not pose a great of a threat as initially imagined. In fact, under the suppression of Shen Jians Law of the Sword, the residual power was unable to harm him anymore. It was just that he was in a hurry to run right now, so he did not have the power to deal with the Laws of Fire. He could only keep it suppressed for now.

Shen Jian lowered his head to look at Jian Chen, who he carried under his arm. When he discovered that the power from the Laws of Fire in Jian Chens wounds was gradually fading, he immediately became both surprised and envious. He sighed in amazement, I really do wonder what kind of cultivation method you practise that gives you such a powerful body and regeneration. Youre able to waste away the Laws of Fire just with your bodys regeneration. This wasnt the first time Shen Jian had praised Jian Chens Chaotic Body. Back when he was still slightly weaker than Xiong Zhong, Jian Chen had managed to repel Xiong Zhong with his tough body and otherworldly regeneration rate. Afterwards, during the battle between him and Jian Chen where they split the moon in half, he was clearly stronger than Jian Chen, yet Jian Chen managed to hold his ground against him with the Chaotic Body, resulting in injuries to both of them in the end.

Yet now, the toughness and regeneration of his Chaotic Body had matched up to how quickly the residual Laws of Fire could cause damage. He had even used the regeneration of his body to wear out the power from the Laws of Fire.

Shen Jian fled with Jian Chen. Darkness descended and dawn broke again. After a day and night of flying, even Shen Jian no longer had any idea just how much distance he had crossed. He only knew that he had made his way out of the barren plains.

Travelling in the Saints World was much more difficult than on the Tian Yuan Continent. Not only was ones speed limited, but it would also take up a great deal of energy as well. Shen Jian struggled to support himself anymore after the great battle and subsequently fleeing for so long with his heavy wounds. In the end, he stopped by the side of a small lake.

I have to cleanse the residual powers of the Laws of Fire from my wounds, or they wont heal, Shen Jian collapsed on the ground as he breathed heavily. He no longer had the power to travel. He immediately closed his eyes and used the power of the Laws of the Sword to purge the Laws of Fire from his wounds.

The Laws of Fire were not Shen Jians opponent as they had lost their source. Very soon, they were completely purged, while Shen Jians consciousness faded after purging the Laws of Fire as well. He fell unconscious.

Before long, the whistling of wind suddenly rang out in the sky. A treasure made for flight flew over. It was three hundred meters long.

There were several dozen black-clothed men on the vehicle who observed the surroundings. They stood there like guards. Every single one of them gave off quite a powerful presence. They were actually all of the Origin realm.

At the very front of the vehicle were two women in luxurious clothes. They were as beautiful as goddesses, enough to outshine all the flowers in the world. However, from their appearance and gazes, it was quite evident that one of them was mature and steady-minded, while the other was mischievous and childish.

Sister Xi Yu, theres still one more day before we get back to the Mo clan. It has been quite a few years since Ive seen father. I sure do miss him. I want to return as soon as possible. I wonder if hell like the gift Ive prepared for him, the childish woman said crisply. There was sense of yearning on her face.

The woman who had been referred to as Xi Yu smiled. She said, Father loves you so much, so how can he dislike the gift youve spent so much time and effort to prepare for him? Though, Mo Yan, the young master of the Atomos Sword sect, proposed marriage with you a few years ago. What do you think of it?

Hmph, I never want to be a couple with that young master. Sister Xi Yu, you have no idea. I hate him. He makes me feel uncomfortable all over whenever I see him. Ill refuse with my life if you want me to become a couple with him, Mo Yu frowned as she pouted. She revealed a sliver of uncontainable disgust when the young master of the Atomos Sword sect was mentioned.

Now that the Lu family and Ando clan are getting closer and closer, itll be bad for us if we dont forge alliances ourselves. Father agrees to your marriage with the young master because he wants to rope them in. After all, they also have a God, Xi Yu sighed gently. She was filled with helplessness.

I dont care. I simply refuse to marry that young master, Mo Yan snorted gently. She was headstrong.

Hmm? Suddenly, Mo Yans eyes narrowed. Staring at the ground below, she said, Sister Mo Yu, look. There are two injured people there. I can sense that theyre still alive. Lets go and help them. Look at how theyre all covered in blood. Theyre so pitiful. Mo Yan could not bear the sight, and her eyes became filled with some pity and sympathy.

Xi Yu glanced down calmly, but she did nothing. Instead, she said to Mo Yan, Mo Yan, have you forgotten what I said before again? There are fights and deaths everywhere in the Saints World. The ties between people, whether good or bad, are never as simple as you imagine them to be. If you travel around the Saints World in the future, youll see things like this even more often. Its not that you shouldnt save people, but there are just some people who wont show any gratitude for you saving them at all and will even stab you in the back when the opportunity arises. There are some people who might even bring trouble to you and the clan if you save them.

Mo Yan clung unto Xi Yus arm and said like a spoilt child, Okay, I get it, I get it. But sister Xi Yu, they really look so pitiful. Theyre bleeding so much, and its not safe out there. If they lay there, theyll definitely be eaten by some beasts. Lets help them. At most, we can leave after theyve recovered. Not to mention, werent you saved from outside by father as well?

Xi Yu poked Mo Yans forehead heavily and said, Youre hopeless, but that was an exception.