Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1674

Chapter 1674: Doubt
Chapter 1674: Doubt

Oh, no wonder you healed so quickly. So you still had high-grade medicine on you, Mo Yan understood. She tilted her head and carefully observed Jian Chen, before continuing, I cant sense any presence from you at all, so your cultivation must not be very great. How can you have such great medicine with such weak cultivation? It looks like youre not simple. A gleam of light flashed through Mo Yans eyes and a cunning look appeared. She glanced at Jian Chen with other intentions as if Jian Chen was not a person but a huge treasure.

Jian Chen could tell from a single glance that Mo Yan was still an inexperienced girl. He smiled, Miss, you are overestimating me. I obtained this medicine by accident when I entered the dwelling of a senior. Although the medicine is very effective, I only had one pill.

Ah! You only had one of those pills. And I had planned on exchanging some of them from you so I could give them to dad, Mo Yan became disappointed.

Jian Chen laughed aloud when he heard that, Its quite rare for a young lady like you to be so filial. To thank you for your kindness, Ill definitely gift it to you if I come across any other similar recovery pills.

Really? Mo Yans eyes lit up and immediately became interested.

Really, Jian Chen swore.

Mo Yan, how many times have I told you that you cant just trust what others say? How can you be like this? Hmph, how can those high-grade recovery pills be obtained so easily? Every single one of them is priceless, while the dwelling of a senior you mentioned is just a groundless statement. Even if a seniors dwelling was present before us right now, we probably wont be able to enter it. A rather cold voice rang out from outside as soon as Jian Chen finished talking. Xi Yu entered the room silently as she spoke. She wore loose, white clothes, while her beautiful face was rather cold. Her eyes, limpid like the water in Autumn, stared at Jian Chen rather sharply as if she wanted to understand his ins and outs completely.

Behind her were two black-clothed guards. They both possessed strength at the Origin realm, and they stared at Jian Chen without any particular expression.

Sister Xi Yu, youve come too? Mo Yan immediately ran to her side and stuck out her tongue mischievously.

Xi Yu glared at Mo Yu viciously before saying to Jian Chen, It doesnt matter who you are or why youre injured. Mo Yan saved you, so I do not wish to see you abuse her.

Miss Mo Yan really is a kind-hearted person. However, I, Jian Chen, am not someone who ignores those who show me kindness. I will never forget the kindness you showed me. If I have the opportunity in the future, I will definitely return it. Farewell, with that, Jian Chen lifted the unconscious Shen Jian and was about to leave the Mo clan.

Although he had not fully recovered from his injuries and was not in peak condition, he still had some ability to protect himself. After leaving the Mo clan, he could use Radiant Saint Force to speed up his healing, and he would recover even faster than in the Mo clan.

Oi, youre still injured, so how can you leave? Its so dangerous outside, and youre so weak. Itll be very difficult for you to survive if you leave. Seeing how Jian Chen wanted to leave, Mo Yan did not allow him. She directly stood in the doorway and blocked his path with her arms.

In the past, my dad saved sister Xi Yu from outside and before long, she broke through to Deity, becoming one of the six elders of the Mo clan. What dad did back then earned him the praise from great-grandfather. Although Im not counting on the two of you to be as outstanding as sister Xi Yu now that Ive saved you from outside after so much trouble, I still did something that was the same as what my dad did in the past. This is also my first time saving someone, so how can I let you leave like this? Mo Yan said sadly. She was in very low spirits. She then said to Xi Yu, Sister Xi Yu, do you think that Im really useless? When dad saved someone in the past, he was praised by great-grandfather so many times, yet now that Ive saved someone, theyre in a hurry to leave right after waking up.

Xi Yu looked at Mo Yan and felt a headache. Before Mo Yan had been born into the Mo clan, only a few people knew about her identity in the Mo clan. However, after she was born, she basically told everyone in the Mo clan about Xi Yu's origins with her large mouth, such that basically everyone in the clan knew now.

However, Xi Yu just could not muster any anger when looking at the sad Mo Yan. She had watched Mo Yan grow up. Although they were not related by blood, she had already begun to treat Mo Yan as her own sister long ago.

You should stay and recover in the Mo clan. Its not too late for you to leave after youve recovered. Dont let Mo Yans kindness go to waste, Xi Yu said to Jian Chen.

Jian Chen hesitated with that. He really did not plan on staying in the Mo clan, as it would just get in the way of his healing. However, when he saw how dejected Mo Yan had become, he did not really want Mo Yans kindness to go to waste, so he just agreed, If thats the case, Ill be disturbing you for a few more days.

Mo Yan immediately beamed. After exchanging a few more words casually with Jian Chen, she left.

The patriarch of the Mo clan sat before a desk in a study room within the depths of the Mo clan. He read the book in his hand with great interest, while Xi Yu sat casually opposite of him.

Father, I feel like the two people that Mo Yan saved arent as simple as they seem, said Xi Yu.

Oh? Tell me about it. In what areas do you think that theyre not as simple as they seem? The patriarch asked calmly as if he did not care too much about the conversation at all.

That person called Jian Chen heals just too quickly. I checked his wounds earlier, and they were extremely severe. Even with high-grade recovery pills, itll take a very long time to heal, yet he has almost made a full recovery in just a single day. Although there are some recovery pills of an extremely high grade that can achieve something like that, theyre priceless. Its impossible for those pills to appear on someone who hasnt even reached Godhood, said Xi Yu. She could not tell Jian Chens exact strength, but just from his presence, she could discern roughly that Jian Chens strength should have been at Reciprocity and not Godhood.

This was because she herself was a Deity. She could not sense any of the pressure that a Deity possessed from Jian Chen. As for being a God, Xi Yu had not even considered it, as Gods were existences who could hold the position of ancestor in clans like the Mo clan. As for Shen Jian, she discerned his strength to be peak Reciprocity with a single glance.

There are quite a few people in the Saints World who come across fortuitous encounters, so theres no need to worry too much about this. Since theyve been saved by Yaner, we can keep them in the clan for now. They can leave once they fully recover. Otherwise, itll make Yaner unhappy, the patriarch said plainly.

That was what I was thinking, said Xi Yu.

At this moment, the patriarch put down the book in his hand gently. His face became filled with helplessness, and he sighed gently, What does Yaner think of the engagement with the young master of the Atomos Sword sect?

Father, Mo Yan is very firm with her decision. Shed rather die than marry him, Xi Yu also sighed gently. She too was filled with helplessness.

The patriarch of the Mo clan walked to the window and stared at the garden outside. He said in a soft voice, Actually, I dont want Yaner to marry the young master either because hes completely unworthy of our Yaner. Its just that the Lu family and Ando clan have just gotten far too close. Theyll have an alliance formed between the two of them at any time. Were forced to band together with others as well, or we wont be able to last much longer here.

Xi Yu became dejected. She said with self-blame, Sorry, father. Its all because of me. It was me who brought danger to the Mo clan.

The patriarch shrugged, Yuer, since you call me father, dont mention things like this ever again. You are the pride of our Mo clan. With your talent, youll become a God in just a few thousand years, or even just a few centuries. Its just a pity that the Lu family and Ando clan refuse to give you this opportunity to grow. Its all my fault. I failed to keep this matter a secret.