Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1677

Chapter 1677: Shaking Up The Mo Clan
Chapter 1677: Shaking up the Mo Clan

The powerful presence and ripples of energy from Shen Jians breakthrough spread across the entire Mo clan, shocking everyone present. At that moment, whether it was the lowly servants or the prestigious members of the upper echelon, they all put down what they were doing and looked in Shen Jians direction. Uncontainable envy and joy appeared on their faces.

Its Godhood; its Godhood. Our clan actually has someone else who has broken through to Godhood; this is fantastic. With every expert at Godhood, our clan will become slightly stronger, many members of the upper echelon voiced their surprise and joy as they flew towards Shen Jian.

Aside from the patriarchs residence in the Mo clan, six other halls were equally majestic. Every single hall had Origin realm experts as guards.

The presence of Origin realm experts as guards was more than enough to indicate the incredibly high statuses of the owners of the halls. They were the Godhood experts of the Mo clan, as well as the elders of the clan.

At that moment, the eyes of the six elders in the clan snapped open simultaneously. They all looked towards Shen Jians direction in interest. One of the females among them was Xi Yu.

Theres actually someone who has attained Godhood. Fantastic, our Mo clan has gained another elder. I wonder who has broken through, Xi Yu murmured, before immediately standing up and making her way outside. She wanted to see who was breaking through.

The five other elders at Godhood emerged from the five other halls with Xi Yu. It was quite a significant matter to the clan for someone to reach Godhood.

After all, there were only a few Godhood experts with the entire clan in perspective, even when including the patriarch. As a result, the birth of each Godhood expert was a joyous occasion for the Mo clan.

Hmm? Thats strange. Why does the presence of the person breaking through come from that direction? If I remember correctly, thats the servants quarters. The elders who had just emerged became doubtful because even early Reciprocity cultivators possessed their own space to cultivate in the Mo clan. It was impossible for them to be arranged to the servants quarters.

Godhood experts, even just Deities, were elders in the Mo clan. They were peak experts, while the Origin realm cultivators formed the main force in the clan. Even though many Origin realm experts did not possess any particular status, it was impossible for them to be arranged to live in the servants quarters.

Xi Yu stared in Shen Jians direction, and a thought popped into her head. She immediately became doubtful, and her face showed some disbelief. She thought, It cant be him, right?

Sister Xi Yu, has someone broken through to Godhood? Fantastic, our clan has gained another Godhood expert. Sister Xi Yu, lets go see which uncles broken through. Mo Yan ran over from afar excitedly. Joy filled her face.

Xi Yu nodded before making her way in Shen Jians direction doubtfully with Mo Yan.

By now, a large number of people had already gathered around Shen Jian. There were servants, guards, as well as a few members of the upper echelon who managed to make it over first.

They all stood in the distance silently; all their gazes were fixated on Shen Jian. They all revealed a look of surprise on their faces. The members of the upper echelon, in particular, felt extremely confused inside.

Old Zhou, who is this? Why have I never seen him before? And he lives in the servants quarters. Since he has so much strength, why does he live there?

I was thinking of asking you the exact same thing, but you beat me to it. A Godhood expert has actually appeared in the servants area. If word makes it out

Many of the authoritative members communicated with each other secretly. They stared at Shen Jian in amazement as they were filled with questions.

Jian Chen stood to one side with his arms crossed. He had managed to make his way into the crowd, so he did not raise too much attention. However, he was currently completely focused on Shen Jian; he silently observed the movements in the surroundings. If there were anyone brave enough to get in the way of Shen Jians breakthrough, he would move without any hesitation against them.

Very soon, the six Godhood experts of the Mo clan arrived as well. With their arrival, the surrounding people parted to create a path for them. They all looked towards them politely, and even a few of the authoritative members of the clan behaved in the same manner.

Ah! Isnt he the person I saved? How can he be the one breaking through to Godhood?! Mo Yans mouth immediately dropped in shock when she saw the person breaking through was Shen Jian. Disbelief filled her face.

Xi Yu said nothing. She looked at Shen Jian with mixed emotions. She had never thought that Shen Jian would break through to Godhood. Although she had already discerned Shen Jians strength to be at the peak of Reciprocity when Mo Yan saved Shen Jian and Jian Chen initially, she did not take it to heart.

This was because there was a wall that was extremely difficult to overcome between the Origin realm and Godhood. Comprehending the laws of the world to obtain the key to Godhood was countless times more difficult than going from Sainthood to the Origin realm. Even among a hundred peak Reciprocity experts, there would rarely be a single person who could reach Godhood.

It was exactly because of the difficulty that Xi Yu did not pay particular attention to Shen Jians cultivation level, as there were plenty of peak Reciprocity experts in their Mo clan.

The five other Godhood elders of the Mo clan looked around. A strange expression covered all their faces. One of them, a burly, bare-chested man, watched everything unfold with no idea how to react. He smiled gently, I never thought that the sir who has just broken through would live here. What a surprise!

The patriarch of the Mo clan arrived as well. He knew about Jian Chen and Shen Jians existences. Originally, he had only allowed them to stay temporarily at the clan because of his beloved daughter, and he would get them to leave after they recovered. But now that Shen Jian had broken through, the patriarch began to feel conflicted.

However, he made up his mind very soon, and determination flowed through his eyes. If it was just a peak Reciprocity expert, his clan could afford to ignore him, but his clan had to try to rope him to their side if it was a Godhood expert.

Whether it was the patriarch or the six elders, they all remained by Shen Jians side as he broke through. They watched over him without taking a single step away. No one left, nor did they cause any activity to disturb Shen Jian.

Jian Chen saw this in the crowd, and he could not help but nod secretly. However, he remained just as cautious as before, ready to protect Shen Jian during his breakthrough.