Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1678

Chapter 1678: Roping Them In
Chapter 1678: Roping Them In

Several hours later, Shen Jians breakthrough finally came to a close successfully. As his powerful presence was gradually withdrawn, he suddenly snapped open his eyes.

The moment Shen Jian snapped open his eyes, a light flashed through his eyes. It bore an extremely sharp sword intent. When the six elders of the Mo clan saw it, their hearts all trembled uncontrollably without any exception. Shen Jians gaze alone made them feel pressured.

The patriarch of the Mo clans eyes suddenly narrowed as well. His gaze towards Shen Jian underwent a drastic change as well. There was some sternness.

This person is strong. Although he has only just broken through to early Deity, there are probably very few early Deities who are his opponent, thought the patriarch. Before Shen Jian could say anything, the Mo clan patriarch clasped his fist towards Shen Jian with a smile and said, I am the patriarch of the Mo clan, Mo Yan. Congratulations, brother Shen Jian, on breaking through to Godhood. From today onwards, our Dongan province has gained a new Godhood expert.

The Mo clan patriarch spoke extremely politely. Coupled with his current expression and attitude, people who had no idea really would have believed that the patriarch and Shen Jian had met each other long ago and were quite close.

Shen Jian responded to the patriarch by clasping his fist, You flatter me, patriarch. There are quite a lot of Godhood experts in the Dongan province. Im only someone who has reached Godhood recently, so Im nothing worth mentioning. I am sure I have caused quite some trouble with my brother over the past few days by recovering in your clan.

The patriarch shrugged and said without caring much at all, What trouble? Brother Shen Jian is too polite. It was just that my daughter Yaner isnt very sensible. She actually did not even notify me of your visit, so I couldnt receive you properly. As he said that, he glared at Mo Yan.

Mo Yan stuck out her tongue and pulled a face at the patriarch. However, she was ecstatic inside. She had never thought that she would do the same thing as her father and save a Godhood expert from outside.

Shen Jian and the patriarch spoke some more. The patriarch became stern and said, I truly am sorry for failing to receive you properly. May I ask brother Shen Jian which sect or clan you come from? That way, I can visit you in the future and personally make it up to you.

Both Jian Chen and Shen Jian understood that the patriarch was probing into their backgrounds when they heard this question.

I may have to disappoint the patriarch. Weve only arrived in the Saints World recently, so we dont belong to any organisation, replied Shen Jian.

The patriarch was surprised inside. He asked in amazement, Youve come to the Saints World recently? Does that mean you came from a lower world?

Correct, Shen Jian replied.

Xi Yus eyes narrowed, clearly suspicious. The other Godhood elders looked towards Shen Jian in surprise as well.

The patriarch was overjoyed. He clasped his fist towards Jian Chen and Shen Jian and said, If you are satisfied with my clan, why dont you stay in my clan for now? Although my clan isnt very big, we do have a God. And we have a stable footing in the Dongan province.

Jian Chen had never considered staying in the Mo clan for any longer. Now that Shen Jian had recovered and reached Godhood, he was already prepared to leave the Mo clan with Shen Jian. Just when he wanted to decline the patriarchs invitation to stay, Shen Jian cut him off, The two of us just happen to have nowhere to go. At the same time, were unfamiliar with the Saints World, so if the patriarch doesnt mind, we can only trouble you for a few days longer.

The patriarch was overjoyed inside. He clasped his hands without minding it at all, Its not a problem, its not a problem at all. Its not a problem no longer how long brother Shen Jian and Jian Chen plan on staying in our Mo clan

Just like that, Shen Jian and Jian Chen settled down in the Mo clan temporarily. Now that Shen Jian had reached Godhood, his status was completely different from before. In order to show how much he cared for Shen Jian, the patriarch erected a seventh majestic hall in the Mo clan as a place for Shen Jian to cultivate. Only elders in the Mo clan usually owned such a hall.

Apart from that, the patriarch also arranged a group of Origin realm experts as guards around his hall. Of course, he was not trying to spy on them. Rather, he wanted to emphasise Shen Jians superior status in the clan as a Godhood expert.

Jian Chen and Shen Jian sat in front of each other within the seventh hall of the Mo clan.

I originally planned on leaving once you healed and go roam the outside world, but why did you choose to stay? Our comprehension of laws far exceeds our cultivation level, so our strength can be increased drastically as long as we have enough resources. Staying in the Mo clan will only delay our cultivation, Jian Chen asked in confusion. Every step after reaching Godhood required the comprehension of laws. Both his and Shen Jians Way of the Sword had reached the major achievement of Sword Origin, which was enough for them to become Gods without any obstructions at all. They only lacked resources.

Although they could increase their strength from absorbing the origin energy in the surroundings, their strength would progress at a much slower pace.

Jian Chen, I chose to remain in the Mo clan because there are still people waiting for us in the lower world. Aside from increasing our strength, we have to gain a proper footing in the Saints World during the ten millennia we spend here so that we can pave a path for anyone else who comes up later on. The Mo clan is not a bad place for us to start, said Shen Jian. He looked towards Jian Chen and continued, At the same time, the problem on you still remains. Once you lose your mind, you wont be able to tell friend from foe. I wont be able to stop you, and I might even die at your hands.

Jian Chen fell silent with that. He thought of the people waiting for him in the lower world. Not only were there his wives, but there was also his parents and his various good friends. Although he could come across a few fortuitous encounters by roaming the outside world, his life would also be in danger. He could die at any time. He did not mind dying, but if he died, it would become even more difficult for his wives and parents to survive once they came to the Saints World.

Apart from that, the lives of Shangguan Muer, Nubis, Xiao Ling, Xiao Jin, the white tiger, Rui Jin, Hong Lian, Hei Yu, and so on in the Bright Moon Divine Hall all lay with him. His death might also cause them to die.

Jian Chen sighed inside. With a flip of his hand, a Space Ring appeared in his hand. He took out all the low grade divine crystals that he had obtained from Lu Fei and said, If I want my Chaotic Body to break through again, I need a tremendous amount of energy. These divine crystals are useless to me, so you take them. We have to raise our strength as fast as possible right now.

Shen Jian picked up the thumb-sized crystals and sensed the pure origin energy inside. His eyes immediately lit up, and he said, If there are enough divine crystals, Ill be able to reach mid Deity in a short amount of time.