Chaotic Sword God Chapter 168

Chapter 168: Yullian
Chapter 168: Yullian

Seeing the shocked expression on the elders face, Jian Chen smiled gently and said, Indeed, Elder Huang has a good eye.

The unexpected sight of a Class 5 Magical Beasts body had given the elders heart a great big shock. But soon enough, he quickly brought his emotions under control. Taking a deep breath to calm himself, he looked back at Jian Chen with a completely different attitude.

Dear sir, do you really wish to auction off this Class 5 Magical Beast body? The elders eyes contained hope in them as he waited for Jian Chens response. A Class 5 Magical Beasts body was especially precious as well as being especially hard to supply. In the history of the Class 2 Phoenix City, there were only 2 or 3 occurrences of a Class 5 Magical Beast body being sold in the last dozen years. Although, each time it occurred, it had sent shockwaves to the nearby cities where all of the influential clans in the vicinity would begin to fight over it.

If these two bodies were to be auctioned off in his Heavenly Phoenix Auction House, his auction house would definitely earn a supremely high reputation. If that happened, then their auction house becoming the number one auction house in this area of the empire would not be too far off as a dream.

Seeing the nervous look on the elders face, Jian Chen couldnt help but smile, Correct, these two Class 5 Magical Beasts, Ive come here to auction them, will there be a problem with that?

The elders face lit up as he hurriedly responded to Jian Chen, No no, not at all. You may auction these bodies within our Heavenly Phoenix Auction House, in fact, we would be honored to do so. However, dear sir, these two Class 5 Magical Beast bodies are very important and have far surpassed my authorization. Please wait a moment, and I will bring the manager of the Heavenly Phoenix Auction House to come and discuss this matter with you.

With that, the elder gave a polite salute to Jian Chen and left the room, causing it to become quiet once more leaving Jian Chen as the sole person inside.

Casually leaning back on his chair, Jian Chen tilted his head down as he began to think. Right now his mind was constantly thinking about just what type of trouble he could come across as a result of this.

The body of a Class 5 Magical Beast was very precious. Within the Class 2 Phoenix City, this could be said to be extremely rare. Jian Chen himself knew that if he were to auction these 2 bodies, it would undoubtedly send shockwaves throughout this area. Thus trouble would undoubtedly come to him.


Suddenly a sound could be heard as the door to the room was opened. Jian Chen tilted his head to look only to see a cyan colored robe wearing woman slowly walk in with refined steps. The moment she had walked in, a sweet fragrance had immediately wafted into the room.

This woman was rather tall and looked to be around 30 years old. Her entire figure seemed to carry the unique temperament of a female with a beautiful face that held no argument. To some ordinary men, they would most likely not be able to resist her charm. Right behind her her dark green colored hair hung without any binding against her shoulders and back. Her black pupils seemed to shine with a mysterious light that seemed as if it could read a persons mind.

Right behind this woman was the Elder Huang who had previously left the room, closing the door behind them.

As Jian Chen studied the woman, the woman studied Jian Chen as she elegantly sat down opposite of Jian Chen. Her twin black eyes stared deeply at Jian Chen as if trying to understand him before she smiled and said, I am called Yulian, the one in charge of the Heavenly Phoenix Auction House. Might this one know what to call you by?

Jian Chen cupped his hands in greeting, This one is called Wu Yun, miss Yullian.

Yullian nodded her head and gave a small look at the nearby Elder Huang. So you are called Wu Yun. Ive just heard from Elder Huang that you wanted to sell two bodies of Class 5 Magical Beasts. Is this the case? Yullians beautiful eyes then swung toward Jian Chen to study his face for an answer.

Correct, that is the case! Jian Chen placed the Space Belt with the two Class 5 Magical Beasts on top of the table. Continuing to speak, he said, Miss Yullian, they are right here, so examine them if you will.

En! Yullian grabbed the Space Belt to begin inspecting the contents, but the moment she saw the corpses of the magical beasts inside, her face had a look of extreme shock.

These are indeed Class 5 Magical Beasts. And if Im not wrong, then this is the Magical Skywing Cow and the Quick Cloud Beast. Yullian commented.

Jian Chen nodded his head, Miss Yullian, if I leave these two Class 5 Magical Beasts within the care of the auction house, will there be any problems?

Hearing that, Yullian began to laugh gently as she placed the Space Belt back on the table. Her twin black pupils looked as if they could absorb the soul of any mortal and had some sort of lovely charm to it as she stared at Jian Chen. Of course there wont be a problem. For sir to auction these two magical beasts within our auction house, this is simply too rare of an event. This would surely be a good thing for our auction house, so I can exempt sir from the service fee for this. In the case that the auction house successfully sells the magical beasts, then sir will receive a hundred percent of the profits, and our auction house will not receive any of it.

Jian Chen didnt care at all for the service fee, but he cupped his hands in respect nonetheless.

Of course, if sir were to bring out the Class 5 Monster Cores with the magical beasts, then our Heavenly Phoenix Auction House can openly proclaim this and definitely bring in a higher price. Why dont you think this over for a moment. Yullian continued to say.

Jian Chens face had a bitter smile as he said, Miss Yullian, I am truly regretful but those two Class 5 Magical Beasts were found by me on the Magical Beast Mountain Range. By the time I discovered their bodies, their monster cores were already gone, so thus I only have the bodies and not the cores.

Oh! So thats the case? Yullian didnt believe Jian Chen, but nevertheless smiled at him.

Seeing this, Jian Chens expression sunk as he spoke with a slightly unsatisfied face, Miss Yullian, Ive already said it, but its up to you to believe it.

Seeing the slightly angry look on Jian Chens face, Yullian had an apologetic look on her face and said, Sir Wu Yun, please do not take offense. This little girl was only asking, without any other purpose, please do not misunderstand.

Quickly taking out a piece of paper, she said, Sir Wu Yun, please sign your name here and give us the two Class 5 Magical Beasts so that the Heavenly Phoenix Auction House can auction them. Does sir have any further questions?

I am already familiar with the rules of the auction house. Good. Then these two magical beasts will be temporarily given to you. If there are any problems that arise from this, then your auction house will take the blame.

Sir Wu Yun, please rest assured. Our Heavenly Phoenix Auction House must maintain our reputation. In the case a problem or loss happens, our Heavenly Phoenix Auction House will take responsibility.