Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1685

Chapter 1685: High Grade Divine Crystals
Chapter 1685: High Grade Divine Crystals

Aside from the miners, there were many other cultivators clad in armor scattered across the bottom of the chasm. They were all emotionless as they paid attention to the surroundings coldly. They gave off a presence that was extremely powerful in the eyes of the miners. These people clad in armor were all of the Origin realm, and there were quite a few of them at Reciprocity.

They were the guards that the Lu family had stationed here, and they equated to a quarter of the Lu family’s entire force. Only a few of them patrolled the surroundings. Most of them just stood in particular spots without moving at all like statues. Upon closer inspection, it was quite evident that locations where they stood all connected up into an extremely powerful killing formation.

The killing formation would obviously be extremely powerful with so many Origin realm experts taking part. Even if Deities personally arrived, they would struggle to benefit from the situation at all.

There was a hundred-meter-tall stone tower between the stone huts at the bottom of the chasm. Not only was the tower the tallest structure there, but it also pulsed with a powerful energy. Clearly, it was not just any old stone tower.

Currently, there was a hawk-nosed old man at the top of the stone tower. He was small and short, skinny and bony. He looked down from above, and his rather thin lips would curl into an evil smile from time to time, making him seem sly.

“Being the supervisor here really is an easy job. I can make so much every year. Even the Godhood elders in the clan don’t receive as much in offerings. Haha, I only have to remain as a supervisor for a thousand years, no, not even a thousand years. Just a hundred years is enough for me to make a huge amount of money,” thought the old man. He liked this place a lot. This location was like heaven to him.

Of course, he did not take a liking to the environment, but to the fact that this was a divine crystal mine.

As the supervisor, he held the most power here. He controlled everything. All the divine crystals the miners excavated had to be handed up to him, and then he would hand it up to the Lu family. Apart from that, some miners would even secretly give him a small portion of the divine crystals that they were supposed to hand up to get on his good side and enjoy some minimal benefits, allowing him to do nothing and still make a considerable amount of money.

“It’s just a pity that only a tiny, tiny portion of the divine crystals offered up to me by those miners are actually mine. I have to give the rest to the elders,” the old man sighed. He felt some unwillingness as well as some helplessness. The Lu family was extremely strict about the supervisor’s management of the mine, forbidding them from taking divine crystals for themselves. He was bold enough to do this because he had the support of a few elders in the Lu family. As a result, even if the patriarch of the Lu family found out about this, he could only turn a blind eye out of respect for the elders.

At this moment, disturbances suddenly emerged among the miners below. At the same time, an extremely pure origin energy appeared. The people below, including a few of the patrolling guards, quickly gathered together. They all discussed a certain topic with great interest and shock.

The old man’s face turned icy. He directly flew down from the stone tower and said coldly and condescendingly, “What’re you discussing? Disperse. Go do what you need to do.”

A few of the guards immediately showed displeasure in their eyes after hearing the old man’s words. The old man was not powerful; he was only at late Reciprocity, while some of the guards had already reached peak Reciprocity. As a result, some of the guards did not really care about the old man. However, since he had the support of Godhood elders, they did not dare to offend him either.

“It’s high grade divine crystals. High grade divine crystals I say. Supervisor, someone has excavated high grade divine crystals,” a few miners ran over excitedly. As expected, one of them carried a fist-sized divine crystal in their hands. It glimmered like a gemstone and radiated with extremely pure origin energy.

The old man was stunned. He stared at the fist-sized divine crystal in a daze and disbelief filled his face.

The Dark Cloud Mountains were only a small, low grade divine crystal mine. Usually, only low grade divine crystals could be excavated from a mine like this. If they were lucky, they would come across mid grade divine crystals from time to time. It was impossible for high grade divine crystals to appear in a low grade divine crystal mine like this.

“I- it’s really a high grade divine crystal?” The old man said with his mouth agape. He had never seen a high grade divine crystal in his life. Even for mid grade divine crystals, he had only seen a thumb-sized piece in his life, yet the high grade divine crystal before him was actually the size of a fist.

Units of divine crystals were around the size of a thumb, one centimeter long, wide and deep. If the fist-sized divine crystal was divided into units, it would be several dozen pieces or even a hundred divine crystals.

The old man snatched away the high grade divine crystal, and greed flashed through his eyes. However, it vanished very quickly. He knew extremely well that he might have been able to try to get his hands on the divine crystal if it was low grade, but he definitely could not touch high grade divine crystals. Otherwise, even the elders supporting him would not be able to protect him anymore.

“I have to return to the clan immediately and report this matter to the patriarch. High grade divine crystals have actually appeared in the Dark Cloud Mountains. This is definitely not just a low grade divine crystal mine,” the old man was in extremely high spirits. If he reported this, he would receive great merit for it.

However, at this moment, an extremely terrifying pulse of energy emerged. The pitch-black sky suddenly lit up from the bottom of the chasm, becoming red in a single moment. Flames roared, blotting out the sun and the sky, enveloping all the mountains. The temperature in the surroundings suddenly began to climb as well.

“It’s the defensive formations. Oh no, someone is attacking. Everyone prepare for battle.” An extremely vigorous voice rang out from the depths of the chasm basically in the same moment the formation had been activated. The captain of the guards had reacted as soon as possible and had quickly mobilised his men.