Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1686

Chapter 1686: Robbery
Chapter 1686: Robbery

Seeing how stern the captain of the guards had become, the old man snickered disdainfully. He sneered, “Captain Feng, is there any need to be so nervous? Don’t forget that the formations here were personally cast down by the ancestor. Even Deities would struggle to get through them.”

However, before the old man had finished his words, a deafening boom resounded from the skies. The formation that had just been activated shattered loudly, failing to last even a few seconds.

Now, both the old man and the various Origin realm guards stared at the shattered formation in shock. Their hearts began to churn.

Even Deities would struggle to smash through the defensive formation. Even if there were several Deities, it would be able to hold up for a while, yet it had shattered instantly.

“A God!” At this moment, similar thoughts suddenly appeared in the heads of many people. According to their understanding, only Gods could smash through the defensive formations so easily.

At this moment, pure-white snow drifted down from the sky, quickly turning into a blizzard. Snow flew everywhere while the cold wind whistled. At that moment, the depths of the chasm seemed to have become a cavern of ice, gaining a layer of thick snow in the blink of an eye.

There was a sudden and crisp resonance of sword in the sky filled with snow. A strand of sharp and powerful sword Qi tore through the snow-ridden sky as it shone with dazzling white light, shooting downwards.

The depths of the chasm began to tremble. All the huts erected there began to hover, spinning around the stone tower. It rapidly became a defensive formation.

Boom! The sword Qi directly struck the formation, immediately erupting with a deafening sound. The base of the chasm shook violently. Powerful ripples of energy splayed out, creating huge cracks across the rock face. The falling rocks kicked up a lot of dust.

The formation created from the stone huts and tower managed to block the sword Qi, but a tiny crack appeared on all the huts. As for the tower, its top layer had directly been reduced to nothingness.

All the miners and guards paled at this scene. Their hearts trembled. Ever since they began guarding this place, they had come across many people who had tried to get their hands on the divine crystals here, but they had never seen such a powerful opponent. The formation that they took pride in, or even regarded as something that could block anything, was actually so fragile. It could not even withstand a single attack.

“Get into the Heaven’s Dipper Formation!” Captain Feng called out. Immediately, the guards who stood in particular places like statues began to move together. A series of complicated inscriptions appeared beneath their feet. They all linked together, forming a powerful formation instantly.

“I hope the Heaven’s Dipper Formation can last a little longer.” Captain Feng had already placed all his hopes on the Heaven’s Dipper Formation. The Heaven’s Dipper Formation was their last line of defence. If it collapsed as well, they would no longer possess any power to fend off Godhood experts.

Back in the Lu family, the patriarch of the clan was currently sitting in the discussion hall, holding a secret meeting with the upper echelon of the clan. Ever since he learnt that the Mo clan had stolen their treasure, the Lu family had entered a state of high vigilance. Some members of the upper echelon had even begun to silently gather their strength, only waiting for the ancestor’s orders before they killed their way towards the Mo clan.

Of course, to prevent the Mo clan from finding out, everything was carried out secretly. Even a few of the more prestigious people in the clan had no idea about these silent changes. They could only sense that the atmosphere of the clan had suddenly become rather heavy like the calm before a storm. However, many people believed that the atmosphere originated from Lu Fei’s betrayal.

At this moment, the expression of the patriarch who was hosting the meeting changed. With a flip of his hand, a golden jade talisman appeared in his hand. It had already shattered.

The patriarch’s face suddenly changed when he saw the talisman. He immediately said through a communication technique, “Something urgent has happened at the Dark Cloud Mountains. They’re requesting the highest level of assistance possible. Elders, may I ask who is willing to go to the Dark Cloud Mountains?”

The Lu family had nine majestic halls that represented nine Godhood elders. However, one of the halls had been reduced to ruins now, leaving only eight standing.

All the elders cultivated in their respective halls. When they received the patriarch’s message, all their eyes snapped open. After a series of discussions, three elders flew out together, rushing towards the Dark Cloud Mountains.

The snow in the Dark Cloud Mountains fell heavier and heavier, enough to cause a whiteout. A second strand of sword Qi shone resplendently as it fell with lightning speed, striking the stone tower below.

This strand of sword Qi was even more powerful than the one before.


The stone tower trembled violently. This time, half of it had been reduced to dust, while close to a third of the huts around it had disintegrated as well. Although the remaining two-thirds of the huts remained, they were covered by web-like cracks now.


Soon afterwards, a third strand of sword Qi suddenly appeared. It struck the stone tower like a bolt of lightning through the sky full of snow.

Again, the third strand of sword Qi was even more powerful than the second.

The formation that was known to be able to resist the attacks from multiple Deities finally collapsed after taking on the three sword Qi. The remaining tower and huts all turned to dust.

However, the third sword Qi had not dispersed yet. It still possessed some power, so it continued to hurtle towards the Heaven’s Dipper Formation below without slowing down at all.

With a boom, all the Origin realm experts operating the formation trembled violently. Violent energy wreaked havoc in the depths of the chasm, causing huge cracks to appear in the surrounding rock face. Some parts had even collapsed. The mountains shook and the earth cracked, making it seem like the entire world was trembling. The end of the world seemed to have come.

“Sir, this is the territory of the Lu family. Are you unafraid of the wrath of our ancestor, since you’ll be offending the Lu family just for some mere low grade divine crystals?” The old man paled and called out toward the sky. It was impossible for Deities to smash through the two formations so quickly. Only Gods possessed that power.

He just could not understand why a God, someone on par with the ancestor of his clan, would personally come to rob their low grade divine crystal mine.

Although high grade divine crystals had appeared here, indicating that the mine did not just possess low grade divine crystals, he refused to believe that the attacking God had learnt about this before they had come here.

This was because the high grade divine crystals had just been excavated. It was impossible for the news to be leaked so quickly.

The response he received was an extremely bright light. A flying sword was hidden within the light, while the power from the Laws of the Sword revolved around the sword. It seemed to be locked against the Heaven’s Dipper Formation with devastating might.

This attack was clearly much more powerful than any of the sword Qi before, so the Heaven’s Dipper Formation composed of so many Origin realm experts was as fragile as paper before it. The formation directly collapsed, while the various Origin realm experts all spurted blood from their mouths, paling in a single moment. They became haggard and half of them directly fainted.

The inscriptions beneath them all crackled, directly exploding, leaving huge craters in the ground.

The snow stopped falling. A dazzling ball of white light flickered high in the sky, gradually descending into the chasm. The white light was not truly light but something condensed from the extremely sharp glow of a sword. A slender figure was barely visible through the light.

He was like a sun, illuminating the dark depths of the chasm with his layer of snow-white light.

The bottom of the chasm fell silent at that moment. Whether it was the miners or the guards who had been stationed there by the Lu family, they all stared at the figure that slowly descended in fear. No one dared to say a single thing.

None of them chose to run because there was only one way out at the bottom of the chasm, and this way out had been blocked by the God before them.

To no one’s surprise, the person who had come to rob the mine was Jian Chen.

“Hand over all your divine crystals, or die!” Jian Chen said coldly. He protected himself with the light from his Laws of the Sword, which concealed his appearance and figure.