Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1688

Chapter 1688: A Precious Mine
Chapter 1688: A Precious Mine

“I see,” Jian Chen nodded his head slightly. He was not surprised at all with Ye Xing’s situation. Whether it was the Saints’ World or the Tian Yuan Continent, the strong always preyed on the weak. There would be countless other people in similar predicaments as Ye Xing across the world.

Ye Xing was extremely polite. The expert before him was someone who did not even fear the ancestor of the Lu family. With Ye Xing’s strength at Sainthood, he usually would not even have been bold enough to breathe loudly before someone like that. However, right now, he could not help but muster the courage to carefully observe the senior’s reaction.

He had taken the initiative to mention the matter of the high grade divine crystal to make trouble for the Lu family. At the same time, he had another intention, which was for the senior to take him away from here. Otherwise, the Lu family would never forgive him for leaking the matter of the high grade divine crystals. They would torture him to death in the most brutal fashion possible.

However, to Ye Xing’s disappointment, the masked ‘senior’ before him did nothing after learning this information.

Aside from Ye Xing, all the other miners gathered there looked towards Jian Chen hopefully at this moment. Basically, all of them were hoping for Jian Chen to fight the Lu family until both of them became injured so that they could take advantage of the situation and flee, allowing them to regain their freedom.

Jian Chen stood there quietly as the light around him illuminated the depths of the chasm. He seemed as dazzling as the sun. The many miners and guards gathered around them all held their breaths uneasily.

Jian Chen had already expanded his soul. Even though this sensory ability was limited in the Saints’ World, unable to cover as great of an area as back on the Tian Yuan Continent, it was still enough to envelop the entire mountain range.

The depths of the mountains had already become riddled with tunnels. They crisscrossed with one another and shot off in all directions, basically forming a vast maze that reached into the depths of the earth.

However, to prevent the miners from escaping through the tunnels, the Lu family had evidently made sufficient preparations as well. Basically, all the tunnels that reached beyond the Dark Cloud Mountains were blocked off by powerful formations. Even if Origin realm experts wanted to smash through them, they would need some time, completely locking the miners out of the option of running away.

In a single moment, Jian Chen’s soul passed through the tunnels of various sizes in the ground. However, the part that made him frown was that his soul would struggle to penetrate any place with divine crystals hidden. Even with the ordinary rocks, his soul could only penetrate an extremely limited depth, preventing him from sensing the divine crystals hidden within the rocks.

After all, this was the Saints’ World. Any substance that existed here could not be compared to the substances found on the Tian Yuan Continent.

“Ye Xing, take me to where the high grade divine crystal was found,” said Jian Chen.

Ye Xing’s face lit up, and he agreed continuously. He was afraid that a hesitant reply would anger Jian Chen. He soon led Jian Chen off into a tunnel with a nod and a bow.

Right after Jian Chen entered the tunnel, the old man and many of the guards became overjoyed. When Jian Chen was present, they did not dare to flee, forcing them to remain as quiet as possible as they could lose their lives at any time. However, once Jian Chen entered a tunnel, their chance of fleeing would arrive.

However, just when Jian Chen was about to enter the mines, his feet suddenly came to a halt. With a wave of his hand, the Flying Snow sword shot out like a bolt of silver lightning. It hovered in the sky with a cold light, resonating from time to time as it caused snow to fall from the sky.

“This sword is controlled by my soul. Even if I enter the mines, I’ll know what’s happening outside. If any of you plan on running…” Jian Chen did not finish his words, but his voice was filled with heavy killing intent, making all the people who had considered fleeing shiver.

“Ancestor, oh ancestor. Please come quickly…” The old man continually pleaded inside.

Under Ye Xing’s lead, Jian Chen quickly arrived at the location where the high grade divine crystal had been excavated. It seemed no different to any other place, surrounded in tough rock.

Jian Chen glanced around before forming a sword with his fingers. Immediately, a silver-white strand of sword Qi around the size of a sword emerged, and he stabbed it into the location where the high grade divine crystal had just been excavated with lightning speed.

Before the sword Qi, the tough rock was as fragile as paper. Jian Chen’s sword Qi completely penetrated the rock. After bringing it around to form a circle one meter wide, he separated it from the other rock in the surroundings and dug out a round pillar that was just as long as his sword Qi.

Jian Chen’s gaze stopped on the stone pillar for a while. Next, he quickly carved it up with a strand of sword Qi at the tip of his fingers. In the end, he discovered two divine crystals the size of pigeon eggs in there. The origin energy hidden within them was enough for Jian Chen to waver in thought.

“High grade divine crystals!” Jian Chen gasped, and his face became filled with much joy. If he could excavate high grade divine crystals so easily, did it not mean that the high grade divine crystals hidden here had surpassed anything he could imagine?

“This is a high grade divine crystal mine. Even though it’s only a small one, it’s very valuable to us right now. Jian Chen, you have to take over this mine no matter what. With these resources, not only will Shen Jian be able to break through, even the body I build will be much better. It might even lead to a perfect body,” fairy Hao Yue’s voice rang out in Jian Chen’s head. After arriving in the Saints’ World, the Bright Moon Divine Hall had always remained in Jian Chen’s Space Ring, and he carried it around with him at all times. Fairy Hao Yue had also been working on rebuilding her body in the Bright Moon Divine Hall, except it would take more than just a day or two to complete the process.

“I probably can’t take over this mine right now,” Jian Chen murmured softly. As long as the ancestor of the Lu family remained, it was impossible for him to take over the mine.

“Then you better return quickly and use the divine crystals you obtained here to help Shen Jian breakthrough. Then you’ll be able to eliminate the ancestor of the Lu family and take over the mine here,” fairy Hao Yue’s voice was filled with a sense of urgency. Although she only required a single strand of origin energy to rebuild her body, it would be the most fragile body in the world. It might not even be as great as a few of the stronger mortals and would influence the progression of her strength in the future. That was the worst body she could create, as well as the one she was most unwilling to create.

After a moment of thought, Jian Chen immediately grabbed Ye Xing and left the tunnel. With a few flashes, he arrived outside again.

The Flying Snow sword remained in the sky, completely preventing anyone from considering fleeing. As a result, not a single miner or guard had gone missing.

Jian Chen looked at the hopeful miners. After a moment of hesitance, he said, “If you don’t want to stay here, hurry up and go. The Lu family will cease to exist without delay, so continuing to serve them is pointless.” With that, Jian Chen took his Flying Snow sword and shot off into the sky while carrying Ye Xing in one hand.

Jian Chen had been talking to the miners. What he added at the end was directed toward the guards. Not all the guards were people of the Lu family. Most of them had only been recruited by the Lu family or had joined the Lu family out of their own free wills in search of an organisation to rely on.

As expected, what Jian Chen said towards the end made the expressions of many of the guards there change. They all became surprised and doubtful. If the Lu family really would cease to exist, were they not looking to die by continuing to serve the Lu family?

Meanwhile, as if they had been spared, all the miners flew away excitedly, leaving as quickly as they could.