Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1689

Chapter 1689: The Lu Familys Response
Chapter 1689: The Lu Family’s Response

In the blink of an eye, all the miners the Lu family had forced to work for them left. They did not have any hopes of fleeing the place in the past as formations enveloped the mountains and there were a large number of guards. Now that a mysterious ‘God had destroyed most of the formations and even the guards themselves had been stunned, they obviously would not let such a rare opportunity slip through their fingers. They all left in a hurry.

Since they managed to reach Sainthood or even the Origin realm, the miners were obviously not stupid. Although they knew that it was extremely likely that the Lu family would hunt them down for running away, they knew even better that they would not be able to avoid death either if they remained, especially after what had happened in the mountains today.

The miners would leak the news that this mine was a mid grade divine crystal mine or even a high grade divine crystal mine. It would cause huge problems for the Lu family, so the Lu family would never spare them.

The guards who had reached the Origin realm did not chase the fleeing miners. Instead, they stood at the bottom of the chasm in surprise and doubt. Jian Chen’s previous words had affected them greatly.

“What’re you staring for? Go chase them down! Don’t let them escape! If the news of the high grade divine crystal gets leaked, all of us will suffer the most severe punishments.” Only now did the old man return to his senses. He immediately yelled at the surrounding guards. He was worried, and his face was pale. He understood that the clan was probably in trouble now.

The surrounding guards all looked at one another. The light in their eyes flickered as they all hesitated. They had become guards of the Lu family so that they could have something that would shield them, allowing them to cultivate in peace. If the Lu family could no longer shield them anymore, they would not continue serving the Lu family idiotically. In particular, the fact that the Lu family possessed a mid grade divine crystal mine at the very least, coupled with the warnings from the ‘God’, had made them realise that the organisation they relied on would probably fall before long. Continuing to serve the Lu family would only cost them their lives in the end.

Captain Feng looked around and sighed inside. However, his expression remained the same and he called out coldly, “Pursue, everyone, pursue them!”

The captain obviously held much more authority in the eyes of the guards than the old man. With his orders, the guards immediately charged into the sky, hurrying off in the direction where the miners had fled off to as quickly as possible.

Of course, most of them changed their clothes as quickly as they could as they pursued the miners. They even changed the Space Rings that they wore, and when they caught up with the flying miners, they did not attack or touch them at all. Instead, they continued onwards without slowing down, directly overtaking the miners and vanishing off into the distance.

Of course, there were a few guards who were loyal to the Lu family. They slaughtered as many of the fleeing miners as they could. Obviously, as most of the miners were still at Sainthood, they were completely helpless against the massacre from the Origin realm guards. A large number of them were immediately slain mercilessly.

Without delay, three tremendous presences suddenly descended on the depths of the chasm. The three Godhood elders from the Lu family had finally arrived, but they all became stern when they saw the three destroyed formations.

“Greetings to the elders,” the captain and the old man who still remained bowed politely.

“What happened here?” One of the elders questioned coldly.

“Elder, we just found high grade divine crystals, and then we were attacked by a God…” The old man told the entire story without bending any truths.

“What! You found high grade divine crystals here?” The three elders were shocked and became ecstatic. However, their faces became extremely ugly before long.

It would have been a tremendous piece of news to the Lu family if the appearance of the high grade divine crystal had not been leaked. With such a great resource, their clan could completely exceed the three other organisations before long and become the absolute ruler of the region. Even those who resided in the provincial city would not be able to do anything to them. However, now that this news was leaked, it would become a problem for the Lu family, a huge problem.

“We have to report this matter to the ancestor as soon as possible. We’ll leave the God who fled here to the ancestor to deal with. However, all the miners who escaped from here must be eliminated. Even the guards who left our clan cannot remain. Kill them all. We have to keep this matter a secret,” an elder said gruffly and immediately reported the matter to the Lu family. Afterwards, the three elders did not hesitate at all, personally turning against the miners and guards who had fled.

Their souls could cover an extremely vast range, and many of the guards and miners still remained in their area of detection. They could even clearly sense which guards still remained loyal to the Lu family and which guards had abandoned the clan.

At the same time, the patriarch who was in the meeting received the news from the three elders as well. His face immediately changed, and he stopped the meeting. He contacted all the elders in the clan through a communication technique. Immediately, the five other elders who watched over the clan left their residences and hurried over to the Dark Cloud Mountains as quickly as possible; they also took part in the culling.

Godhood elders usually watched over the clan as they formed the peak strength of the clan. Rarely did they ever fight and even if they did, it would be against opponents of the same strength. They would never touch Origin realm cultivators or even weaker cultivators at Sainthood in normal times. However, the appearance of high grade divine crystals in the Dark Cloud Mountains was just too important. All of the elders who usually watched over the clan had been mobilised to cover up the matter.

Even though an unknown God had already learnt of the matter, it would still be better the fewer people who knew about this.

However, the patriarch did not sit around either. He passed on the news of what had happened in the Dark Cloud Mountains to the ancestor of the Lu family.

Currently, the ancestor was flying through the sky. He was on his journey to the royal city. When he received the message from the patriarch, his face suddenly changed as well. He came to a halt as the light in his eyes flickered.

After hesitating for a while, the ancestor did not end up returning. He continued towards the royal city. At the same time, he sent a message back to the patriarch of the Lu family, “Lockdown the information and also look into who that God is.”


Jian Chen travelled away with Ye Xing. Only after travelling very far away from the Dark Cloud Mountains did he descend on a mountain. He placed Ye Xing on the ground and said, “This is already the territory of the Mo clan. It’s several million kilometers away from the territory of the Lu family. Be careful, and the Lu family will struggle to find you.”

Ye Xing bowed towards Jian Chen politely and said gratefully, “Thank you for saving my life, senior. Please tell me your name, so if I ever have a day when I become great as well, I can return senior’s kindness.”

“There’s no need for that. You told me about the high grade divine crystals, while I saved you. It’s a fair exchange. You can keep these divine crystals for cultivation. It’s best if you don’t appear in public for now, so that the Lu family can’t find you. If nothing goes wrong, the Lu family will cease to exist within the next few years,” said Jian Chen. At the same time, he gave Ye Xing a Space Ring that contained some divine crystals.

“Thank you, senior…”

After separating with Ye Xing, Jian Chen returned to the Mo clan as quickly as he could.

In the seventh hall of the Mo clan, Jian Chen and Shen Jian tidied through the Space Rings they had received from the miners in the Dark Cloud Mountains. They emptied out the divine crystals inside.