Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1690

Chapter 1690: Distributing The Divine Crystals
Chapter 1690: Distributing the Divine Crystals

There were over a thousand Space Rings, and each one contained quite a few divine crystals. Some had as many as four to five thousand, while some had as few as a few dozens. Mid grade divine crystals would appear from time to time as well, but they comprised less than a hundred of the total number.

After a total count, the end number of low grade divine crystals from the miners exceeded nine hundred thousand, with close to a hundred mid grade divine crystals.

With so many divine crystals stacked together, it seemed like a small mountain. To Jian Chen and Shen Jian, who had only ever possessed a little over a hundred thousand divine crystals at most, the mountainous pile was clearly a little overwhelming.

“I never thought that these divine crystals would come so easily. It has only been how long, yet we’ve obtained almost a million low grade divine crystals without much effort at all.”

“Are these divine crystals enough for you to reach mid Deity?” Jian Chen looked at Shen Jian.

Shen Jian stared at the pile of divine crystals; he pondered for a while before he replied, “It should be enough.”

With a flip of his hand, another Space Ring appeared in Jian Chen’s palm. He smiled, “If that’s not enough, there are more in here. The divine crystals in here might even be enough for you to go from mid Deity to late Deity.”

Shen Jian raised an eyebrow when he heard that. He stared at Jian Chen in surprise and asked, “Just how many divine crystals did you rob from the Lu family’s mine this time?”

“Have a look yourself. All the divine crystals are in here.” Jian Chen passed the Space Ring to Shen Jian. He had taken this space ring from the old man. As he was the supervisor of the mine, he would gather all the divine crystals from the miners once in a while. After that, he would hand them up to the clan at set intervals. As a result, there were very many divine crystals in the old man’s possession.

When Shen Jian accepted the Space Ring and looked through the divine crystals in there, he leapt in fright because the amount of low grade divine crystals inside the ring had reached over a terrifying number of two million. There were even several hundred mid grade divine crystals and even a fist-sized high grade divine crystal.

“So many!” Shen Jian’s face immediately changed. In particular, when he saw the fist-sized high grade divine crystal, he struggled to maintain his composure.

“The Dark Cloud Mountains are a high grade divine crystal mine. I believe the various major organisations will learn about this very soon. Even the greater clans in the Dong’an province don’t possess high grade divine crystals, so there’ll be a great battle when the time comes. Shen Jian, spend the next few days cultivating. Once we’re strong enough, we can try to win over some rights to the mine over the more powerful clans. The mine will be extremely useful to us, so we have to try to obtain the mining rights,” Jian Chen said.

“Alright, I’ll immediately begin my secluded cultivation. My comprehension of laws has already completely exceeded my current cultivation level. I just lacked origin energy. Now that I have these divine crystals, I should be able to break through without delay,” said Shen Jian. Next, he immediately took close to a million low grade divine crystals with him for cultivation. He devoted himself to increasing his strength.

Meanwhile, Jian Chen brought the Space Ring with over two million low grade divine crystals into the Bright Moon Divine Hall.

In the Bright Moon Divine Hall, Shangguan Mu’er, Nubis, Xiao Jin, Xiao Ling, the white tiger, Rui Jin, Hong Lian, Hei Yu, Houston, and so on were all in secluded cultivation. Ever since Jian Chen entered the Saints’ World, they could clearly sense a change in the laws of the world inside the Bright Moon Divine Hall. As a result, they basically spent their entire time in seclusion. Their strength had all increased evidently.

After arriving inside the hall, Jian Chen roused everyone from cultivation without any hesitation, gathering them all together.

“Big brother, when are you going to let us out. I want to see the outside world so much. I want to see if I can find master…” Xiao Ling ran over excitedly when she saw Jian Chen and clung onto his arm tightly.

The other people all looked towards Jian Chen as well and asked him about the situation outside.

“The situation outside still hasn’t stabilised. There’ll be quite a large battle before long, with Gods participating. It’ll be very difficult to keep yourself safe without strength at Godhood, so for now, I can only trouble you all by having you remain in the Bright Moon Divine Hall to cultivate,” Jian Chen said to everyone.

“What! There’ll be a battle involving Gods? Jian Chen, you have to be careful. We were still of some help back on the Tian Yuan Continent, but we can’t help you at all in the Saints’ World now. Instead, we’re just a burden to you,” Rui Jin sighed gently. He seemed slightly dejected.

Hong Lian and Hei Yu were not in fantastic spirits either. They were once the supreme experts on the Tian Yuan Continent, yet they had become a burden instead after coming to the Saints’ World. They were even the weakest people within the Bright Moon Divine Hall. They found it very difficult to adapt to the huge change.

“Jian Chen, it’s very difficult for us to help you now. You have to be careful in the Saints’ World. Don’t forget that you’re not just fighting for yourself now. If something happens to you, we’ll all be doomed in here as well,” Shangguan Mu’er said in concern. She was not someone who feared death. She said these words because she hoped that Jian Chen would be careful and avoid desperate fights against other people.

Jian Chen smiled. He asked about everyone’s well being before throwing down a hundred thousand low grade divine crystals on the ground. He said, “These divine crystals contain pure origin energy. You can absorb these divine crystals for future cultivation. I believe it won’t be long before you reach Godhood.”

“What dense origin energy!” Everyone’s eyes lit up when they sensed the origin energy hidden within the low grade divine crystals and they all cried out.

“Fantastic. With these divine crystal, my strength will be able to skyrocket,” Houston’s face was filled with joy.

A few of them had managed to reach Saint King on the Tian Yuan Continent where origin energy had vanished and the laws of the world were affected, making cultivation extremely difficult. They could be described as prodigies. Now that they had come to the Saints’ World where origin energy was abundant and the laws of the world were complete, their improvement would definitely be extremely shocking with the assistance of the divine crystals.

Suddenly, there was a flash, and a fist-sized, ant-like beast appeared beside the low grade divine crystals. The beast hovered in the air by beating its wings as it shone with three different colors. Its large, intelligent eyes stared at the pile of divine crystals without blinking at all and seemed to be salivating over the divine crystals. Afterwards, with a flash, it immediately arrived on Jian Chen’s shoulder, moving extremely quickly. It rubbed its small head gently against Jian Chen’s cheek, trying to curry up to him.

“What speed. I failed to sense it at all,” Houston sighed in amazement as he stared at the tiny beast. Although the tiny beast had only reached the Origin realm recently, Houston felt like if he began to fight seriously against the tiny beast, he would not be its opponent, even with his Empyrean Demon Arts and the various secret techniques he had grasped.

“You also want these divine crystals?” Jian Chen stared at the tiny beast in surprise.

Although the Seven-colored Heaven-devouring Beast had yet to assume a human form, it possessed intelligence no less than that of a human adult. It nodded cleverly in response to Jian Chen’s question as it looked towards Jian Chen eagerly.

Jian Chen smiled. With a wave of his hand, he threw down another ten thousand low grade divine crystals on the floor and pointed towards them, “I’ll give you these.”

The Seven-colored Heaven-devouring Beast’s eyes lit up, and it directly inhaled at the pile. The ten thousand divine crystals immediately flew towards its mouth and the space around the divine crystals pulsed violently. The divine crystals grew smaller and smaller in the pulses of space and in just a single moment, all the crystals shrunk to a tiny size before the Seven-colored Heaven-devouring Beast devoured it all in a single gulp.

Shangguan Mu’er and everyone else stared at the Seven-colored Heaven-devouring Beast in shock. For them, they needed to absorb the energy within the divine crystals one by one slowly, while the Seven-colored Heaven-devouring Beast had directly gulped down ten thousand divine crystals in a single mouthful; this sight stunned all of them.