Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1692

Chapter 1692: Investigations
Chapter 1692: Investigations

The patriarch did not end the meeting after elder Yun headed off to Maple Leaf City. He said to the seven elders who were still seated, “Elders, please accompany me as we wait for elder Yun’s news. Without any doubt, the identity of the mysterious God who attacked our divine crystal mine is extremely important to us,” the patriarch said extremely politely. The elders all possessed extremely great statuses in the Lu family. Even he, the patriarch of the clan, had to treat them politely; he was unable to forcefully order them to do anything.

The elders also understood the severity of the matter, so after exchanging a few more polite words with the patriarch, they closed their eyes. They waited for elder Yun’s return.

The next day, elder Yun returned to the Lu family travel-worn. His return immediately attracted the gazes of the patriarch and the seven other elders. They all stared at him, and the patriarch asked eagerly, “Elder Yun, have you investigated it? Was the Flying Snow sword from Maple Leaf City bought by the mysterious expert of the Mo clan?”

This news was extremely important to the Lu family. If the Flying Snow sword really had ended up in the hands of the Mo clan, they could basically confirm that the mysterious God who attacked the Dark Cloud Mountains was from the Mo clan. Otherwise, it would mean that the Lu family had gained a third God as an enemy.

Elder Yun arrived at his seat and sat down. Only then did he speak, “I’ve investigated it thoroughly. The Flying Snow sword of Maple Leaf City was indeed bought and the buyer was the Mo clan.”

The patriarch became relieved when he heard this news. He said, “Looks like it was the mysterious expert from the Mo clan who attacked our mine. He was also the person who said that our clan would cease to exist before long. Fortunately, we haven’t offended another God.”

The patriarch glanced past the eight elders and continued, “Although the Mo clan basically has two Gods now, and they are able to completely crush our Lu family, they won’t dare to move against us because they’re also afraid that we’ll leak the news of Godking Duanmu’s tomb if they force us to the end of the road. They won’t be able to get anything out of a situation like that. However, please do not worry, elders. The days which the Mo clan will continue to exist are limited. Once the ancestor returns, it will be difficult for the Mo clan to avoid destruction even if they have two Gods.”

After dispersing the meeting, the patriarch reported the identity of the mysterious expert who attacked the Dark Cloud Mountains to the ancestor as soon as possible.

“Do not act recklessly. We’ll settle our debt with the Mo clan once I return. At the same time, pay close attention to the people that the Mo clan has stationed in the provincial city. I don’t wish for the news of Godking Duanmu’s tomb to be leaked by the people hidden within the city once we spend so much effort in wiping out the Mo clan,” ordered the ancestor. At the same time, he thought, “Hmph, Mo clan, do you really think that I don’t know you’ve stationed people in the provincial city in the past? It’s just a pity that my Lu family has grasped the identities of all the people you’ve stationed in the city. Don’t you think about threatening us with leaking news about Godking Duanmu’s tomb.”


There was a very large manor in the provincial city of Dong’an province. A dignified, middle-aged man in luxurious robes currently sat in a study as he read a book. He was focused, and his brows would furrow from time to time.

“Patriarch, Zhan Yi wishes to see you,” at this moment, a deep voice rang out from outside.

The middle-aged man gathered his attention when he heard that. He immediately closed the book and said, “Come in.”

The door to the study was pushed open gently, and a man in black clothes walked in. As soon as he entered the study, the middle-aged man erected a barrier around the entire room with a wave of his hand. He stared at Zhan Yi with much interest and asked, “Zhan Yi, what other important news is there?”

Zhan Yi bowed towards the middle-aged man and said, “Patriarch, we’ve grasped the identities of the two people that the Lu family have been searching for. Shen Jian only broke through to Godhood recently, and the two of them currently reside in the Mo clan.”

“He only broke through to Godhood recently? Doesn’t that mean that this Shen Jian was only at Reciprocity before? I don’t believe the Lu family will find any interest in an Origin realm cultivator for no reason. Zhan Yi, have you understood why the Lu family is searching for the two of them,” the middle-aged man asked.

Zhan Yi said, “We still haven’t found out the Lu family’s intentions in searching for the two of them yet, but they were saved by the young miss of the Mo clan, Mo Yan, when they were heavily injured. Then recently, Shen Jian broke through to Godhood in the Mo clan. The patriarch had even specially erected an elder’s residence for him.”

“The two of them were saved by the young miss of the Mo clan while they were heavily injured? Do their wounds have something to do with the Lu family?” The middle-aged man murmured as he pondered.

“Patriarch, I’ve also learnt that recently, Jian Chen and Shen Jian visited Maple Leaf City and were interested in the Flying Snow sword, but they did not buy it at that time. Once they left Maple Leaf City, the sword was bought by the Mo clan. And yesterday, the Dark Cloud Mountains of the Lu family was attacked by a mysterious expert that was believed to be a God. The mysterious expert comprehended the Laws of the Sword, and when he fought, heavy snow began to fall. I’ve specially investigated this and found out that there are no famous experts who have comprehended the Laws of the Sword who are accompanied by snow when they fight. As a result, we can be certain that it was caused by the Flying Snow sword,” said Zhan Yi.

The middle-aged man’s eyes narrowed. He said, “Zhan Yi, are you saying that the mysterious expert who attacked the Dark Cloud Mountains was Jian Chen who was saved by the Mo clan?”

“That is only my guess,” said Zhan Yu. He paused before continuing, “Patriarch, there’s something else that’s very important that I need to report to you. High grade divine crystals have appeared in the Lu family’s Dark Cloud Mountains.”

“What! High grade divine crystals?” The middle-aged man was stunned before becoming surprised. Low grade mines basically always produced low grade divine crystals, while a few mid grade divine crystals would appear from time to time. However, they numbered extremely few. If high grade divine crystals could be mined, it would mean that the mine had reached mid grade at the very least or even high grade.

“Has this piece of news been leaked?” The middle-aged man immediately asked. He was extremely stern.

“All the miners from the mountains were slain, as well as a major portion of the guards. The remaining people are all under the Lu family’s control, so no one else should know aside from the upper echelon of the Lu family and the suspected God,” said Zhan Yi.

“Good, good, good! Zhan Yi, you’ve done something great. However, we can’t let the news of the high grade divine crystals leak out no matter what. Although the Lu family has locked down the news as well, there still might be ways it can be leaked, so Zhan Yi, I want you to mobilise all the power you can to assist the Lu family in locking down the news of the high grade divine crystal. You have to ensure that the news does not spread across the province,” said the middle-aged man.

“Don’t worry, patriarch. I understand the severity of the matter, so I’ve made arrangements long ago,” said Zhan Yi. After hesitating slightly, he continued, “Patriarch, according to the information I possess, I suspect that the ancestor of the Lu family failed to retrieve the treasure of the Lu family stolen by Lu Fei. Instead, I believe that it has ended up in the hands of Jian Chen and Shen Jian. It’s extremely likely that they battled the ancestor, which was why they became heavily injured in the end and were saved by the young miss of the Mo clan. This can explain why the Lu family is secretly searching for the two of them.”

“If the person who attacked the Dark Cloud Mountains really is Jian Chen, your suspicions are reasonable. He indeed has that power,” the middle-aged man said in thought. The light in his eyes flickered, and after thinking some more, he gave Zhan Yi a firm order, “Zhan Yi, make the Mo clan a target of heavy surveillance. If the treasure of the Lu family really has ended up in their hands, the Mo clan should possess two pieces now. They only lack the piece from the Ando clan.”