Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1696

Chapter 1696: The Sea Of Flowers
Chapter 1696: The Sea of Flowers

Jian Chen stopped and turned around to look at Mo Yan who had run over. He seemed to be in thought.

Mo Yan ran over to Jian Chen. With a sad frown, she looked at Jian Chen pitifully and said, “Jian Chen, I’m in trouble. Can you help me?”

Jian Chen smiled and glanced at the young master in the distance. He said, “Sure, tell me how I can help you. Do you want me to chase away that young master?” Jian Chen agreed extremely straightforwardly. After all, Mo Yan had saved he and Shen Jian when they were outside before, so Jian Chen had always felt some gratitude towards her. It was not like it was anything difficult for him to help her with the problem right now anyway.

Moreover, he could tell with a single glance that the young master was up to no good. He naturally did not want Mo Yan to be harassed by him.

Mo Yan immediately leapt in fright when she heard that Jian Chen would chase away the young master. She whispered, “No, no, don’t. You can’t do that. He’s the young master of the Atomos Sword sect after all. He has quite the status, so you can’t offend him. He’s not a kind-hearted person just because he doesn’t get mad at me. If people provoke him and they don’t have a certain background, he’ll never let them go.”

“Then how do you want me to help you?” Jian Chen asked with a smile.

Mo Yan tilted her head in thought and said, “Dad wants me to receive him properly, so I obviously can’t just abandon him. But I don’t want to be alone with him. Why don’t you come with me as my friend? If you can do that, I think Yu Fan will understand and not always stick around me.”

“Sister Yan’er, who’s this? Why don’t you introduce him to me?” At this moment, the young master walked over. He smiled brightly, but his gaze was cold and rather envious when he glanced at Jian Chen.

“Why have I never heard of this person before? Not only is he more handsome than me, but he also possesses a certain level of determination that I don’t possess. God dammit. This type of presence can encapture the hearts of girls the easiest. Why don’t I have it? Why?” The young master grumbled inside. He had already been comparing himself to Jian Chen secretly and discovered that he paled in comparison in all aspects apart from his background.

Mo Yan frowned. She stared at Yu Fan impatiently and said coldly, “Yu Fan, how many times do I have to tell you? Don’t call me sister Yan’er. Only Jian Chen can call me sister Yan’er and no one else.”

Yu Fan gritted his teeth and looked at Jian Chen with much hostility. He asked arrogantly, “Is this Jian Chen? Jian Chen, may I ask which clan you come from? And why has my sect never heard of you?” Yu Fan directly referred to his father’s sect as his in attempt to dominate Jian Chen.

Jian Chen remained composed. He smiled gently, “I’m only a nameless independent cultivator, so it’s natural for the young master to have not heard of me.”

Yu Fan let out a breath of relief inside after learning that Jian Chen was just a nameless cultivator. He naturally would not place any particular attention on a nameless cultivator, nor did he believe that a nameless cultivator could steal the young lady of the Mo clan away from him.

“But sister Yan’er really does treat Jian Chen closely. Otherwise, why would she say that only he can refer to her as sister Yan’er? Hmph, you’re just a puny independent cultivator, and yet you want to go against me. I’ll shut you up forever in a few days,” Yu Fan sneered inside and a hostile light flickered through his dull eyes. However, his expression did not change at all. His smile remained the same, and he said to Mo Yan, “Sister Mo Yan, let’s go check out the sea of flowers in the Mo clan instead.”

A sliver of disgust appeared in Mo Yan’s eyes. She glanced at Jian Chen before immediately forcing out a smile, “Let’s go, Jian Chen. Let’s go see the sea of flowers. The sea of flowers is the prettiest and most beautiful place in our Mo clan. It’s said that my mother personally tended to it.” Mo Yan’s face became gloomy as soon as she mentioned her mother; there was also some sorrow and pain.

Mo Yan, Jian Chen, and Yu Fan arrived in the sea of flowers within the Mo clan. As the name suggested, the sea of flowers was a ‘sea’ composed of various precious and rare flowers. A dense fragrance would surge forth when they approached the area. As all the flowers planted there were nothing short of extraordinary, the mixture of their fragrances was extraordinary as well. With just a single whiff, it could calm the souls of people and fill them with comfort all over.

“Look, Jian Chen. These are White Spirit Flowers. These are Red Moon Flowers. These are Sun-facing Flowers, while these are Turad Flowers. I heard from my father that they were all brought into the clan by my mother, who planted them personally here.” Along the way, Mo Yan introduced all the flowers planted there enthusiastically. She smiled brightly, except there was a smear of sorrow within her smile.

As for the young master, Mo Yan had directly ignored him. Originally, he had asked Mo Yan to take him to see the sea of flowers, yet Mo Yan had completely placed her attention on Jian Chen, whether intentionally or otherwise. She did not even glance at him.

Originally, he thought that Jian Chen was just Mo Yan’s attendant at most, yet he discovered that he seemed to have become the attendant instead.

Yu Fan’s face became more and more sunken, while his gaze towards Jian Chen became colder and colder. He had even revealed a heavy killing intent.

Yu Fan’s killing intent obviously could not be hidden from Jian Chen, which made him smile bitterly and helplessly. Mo Yan was still inexperienced after all. Although she could come up with a lot of strange ideas, she was still unable to consider everything with her thoughts. Even if she wanted to find a scapegoat, she had to think it through. Fortunately, she had chosen him. Otherwise, if she had chosen someone else who was not as important as the young master, her actions would have basically led them to their deaths.

Yu Fan could no longer endure it any longer. Although he was filled with fury and killing intent towards Jian Chen, he still maintained his appearance as a young master before Mo Yan, forcefully restraining his unhappiness. He said, “Sister Mo Yan, I’ve already seen enough of the sea of flowers. Why don’t we spar with the sword? Let’s see whether the Precision Sword Style of your Mo clan or the Atomos Sword Style of my Atomos Sword Sect is better. I heard that in the past, my father and your father sparred many times and they used the Precision Sword Style and Atomos Sword Style. They wanted to see who was stronger, but it was a draw in the end, unfortunately.”