Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1698

Chapter 1698: Ill Take Your Arm
Chapter 1698: Ill Take Your Arm


The sword Qi struck Yu Fans sword and caused the sword to resonate crisply. It had been directly knocked aside.

Yu Fan also felt an indescribably tremendous force in his sword when the sword Qi collided with his weapon. It surged up his right up wildly, immediately making his arm throb violently. He could not help but cry out miserably. At the same time, the blood had completely drained out of his sickly, white face.

Yu Fans cry was astonishingly loud. It rang across most of the clan while his entire right arm had already completely vanished. There was only a mess of flesh and blood on the ground now.

Young master! Before the Origin realm guards could return to their senses from the shock of Jian Chens punch, they were startled back to their senses by Yu Fans cry. When they saw Yu Fan in the distance, their faces all changed, and they ran over as quickly as possible.

Go fetch the two elders! Immediately, a disciple of the Atomos Sword sect cried out in a panic. The young master had lost an arm under their watch. They simply could not imagine just how severe their punishment would be once they returned.

This was because they all knew just how much the sect master spoilt the young master. Although he did not grow up to amount to anything great, he was still the sect masters beloved and only son.

What happened?! At this moment, a rather heavy voice rang out. The two elders of the Atomos Sword sect made their way over from afar with broad steps. They easily crossed several hundred meters with each step, so they arrived before Yu Fan with just a few steps.

The patriarch and Xi Yu arrived as well. They arrived before Mo Yan slightly faster than the two elders. Their faces became completely sunken when they saw how Mo Yan had almost become completely naked.

Sob sister Xi Yu, Mo Yan threw herself into Xi Yus chest. Her eyes had reddened, and she cried aloud. She cried extremely sadly, and she was filled with a sense of being wronged.

Since a young age, she had basically been treasured by people wherever she went. She had never been bullied, so she had never felt so abused before.

Xi Yu hugged the sorrowful Mo Yan tenderly. Her face was terrifyingly sunken while heavy killing intent had appeared in her eyes. She did not try to hide her killing intent at all, allowing the two elders to sense it clearly.

Dont be scared. With sister Xi Yu here, no one can harm you. If they even touch a hair on you, Ill immediately cripple them, Xi Yu gnashed her teeth, basically placing stress on every single syllable. Seeing how Mo Yan had almost been stripped bare, she had become truly angered.

The patriarch stood to one said with a sunken face silently. His gaze was also extremely cold. He stared at the severed arm that belonged to the young master of the Atomos Sword sect and felt secretly surprised.

He could obviously tell with his insight that Yu Fans arm had not been cut off but forcefully ripped off by an extremely great force. The force had reduced his arm to meat paste.

This Jian Chen is pretty powerful. He has already mastered his usage of sword Qi. Looks like hes an expert of the sword, thought the patriarch. However, just this was not enough for him to tell whether Jian Chen was at Reciprocity or Godhood.

However, he was unable to see Jian Chens strength. Just from the vague presence he gave off, Jian Chen seemed to be at Reciprocity, yet not at the same time. He also seemed to be at Godhood, but he did not appear to be at Godhood either. In the end, he had discerned Jian Chens strength to be at the Origin realm because of how Shen Jian referred to him as brother before Shen Jian had broken through.

Mo Shan and Mo Yun naturally heard Xi Yus vicious words. The two of them understood that although she said these words to comfort Mo Yan, she was actually directing it towards the two of them.

However, the two elders were in no mood to pay any attention to Xi Yus threats. They stared at Yu Fans severed arm, and their faces were rather ugly. Although Yu Fan had gone rather overboard, he was still the young master of the Atomos Sword sect. Even if he had gone slightly overboard, there was no need to remove his arm.

Yu Fan represented the Atomos Sword sect after all. The Mo clan was basically slapping the Atomos Sword sects face by treating the young master so brutally.

Greetings to the two elders, the seventeen disciples who stood around Jian Chen all ran over. They all felt unsettled and dread covered their faces.

I got you to protect the young sect master properly, so how has he become like this? You must know how important the young master is to the sect master. We cant afford anything to let anything happen to him, but now youve done it. He has lost an entire arm. Tell me, how are we supposed to explain this to the sect master? How are we going to calm the sect master down from his rage? Elder Mo Yun lectured furiously. He placed particular focus on the sect masters rage. He was scolding the disciples of the Atomos Sword sect, but he was really just reminding the Mo clan of the young masters status in the Atomos Sword sect, hinting that they needed to give a satisfying explanation over how injured the young master had become. Otherwise, it would directly affect the friendship between the two organisations.

The patriarch of the Mo clan frowned. He could obviously tell what elder Mo Yun was trying to imply, but he did not say anything. Now that the Mo clan was about to face the pressures from the Lu family and the Ando clan, he could not afford to become enemies with the Atomos Sword sect at a time like this.

Xi Yus eyes had almost begun to burn with flames of fury. However, she also felt a deep sense of helplessness. She was tempted to kill Yu Fan with a single stroke after seeing how much abuse Mo Yan had suffered, but her rational mind told her that she could not do that.

Why arent I a God? If Im a God, would there still be any need for our Mo clan to place so much emphasis on the Atomos Sword sect? If I was a God, the Atomos Sword sect wouldnt dare to say anything even if I kill Yu Fan, Xi Yu thought with self-blame. She only resented the fact that she could not cultivate faster.

Speak, who injured the young master? Seeing that his words were effective, Mo Yun immediately stopped worrying. His tone changed and became extremely direct. He glared at everyone.

Jian Chen walked over from afar steadily. He stared at the two elders indifferent and said easily, I injured him.

Mo Shan glared at Jian Chen and asked coldly, And who are you? Dont you know what status the person you just injured possesses?

It doesnt matter who he is. You have to come back to the sect with us, so that you can be judged by the sect master. You cut off the young masters arm after all. Thats a heinous crime, elder Mo Yun said coldly. Then he turned to the patriarch of the Mo clan and clasped his fist, I believe the patriarch should have no problems with us taking this person back with us, right?