Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1699

Chapter 1699: Shen Jians Strength
Chapter 1699: Shen Jians Strength

Mo Yuns voice gradually became cold. He had failed to reach any good conclusion with Mo Shan in the discussion hall before and coupled with how the young master had been treated, his opinion of the Mo clan had changed slightly.

If it were before, before Xi Yu had fully matured, the Atomos Sword sect would have never tried to offend the Mo clan. Even if the young master had suffered wounds like today, they would have never fallen out with the Mo clan over this disappointment of a person. They would have tried to downplay the matter as much as possible. However, now that the Mo clan was facing the threats of the Lu family and the Ando clan, the Mo clan would suffer heavy losses even if they avoided destruction once the two clans moved against them. Under such a situation, there was no reason for them to fear the Mo clan at all.

This was because they were certain that the Mo clan would not fall out with their Atomos Sword sect, let alone offend their Atomos Sword sect.

The patriarch felt fury surge in his heart. He snorted coldly, Yu Fan laid his hands on Yaner first. Am I supposed to let my Yaner be hurt while preventing your young master from being hurt instead? Not to mention that Yu Fan has only lost an arm. Its nothing significant. Recovering an arm is nothing but a simple matter.

Patriarch, are you trying to say that you plan on protecting the person who injured our young master? Mo Shans voice gradually turned cold as well; this directly affected the pride and dignity of his sect, so he could never let the patriarch have it his way. Not to mention that he was certain that the Mo clan would way give in in the end. After all, if the Mo clan offended their Atomos Sword sect, they would become surrounded by enemies in this region.

Jian Chen is an esteemed guest of my clan. Just the two of you wont be able to take away anyone in my clan. Please take Yu Fan and leave, the patriarch said plainly.

Xi Yu who stood to one side snorted coldly as well. She was extremely furious. The Atomos Sword sect was responsible for hurting Mo Yan first, yet they completely ignored what had happened to her and made a fuss over who injured Yu Fan. Since when did the Mo clan become so easy to be abused, where even two elders of the Atomos Sword sect could make trouble in their territory?

The Mo clan fears the Atomos Sword sect. Strange. With the Mo clans strength, they should be no weaker than the Atomos Sword sect. I wonder why the Mo clan fears the Atomos Sword sect so much. Looks like the relationship between the four organisations in this region is not as peaceful as it seems, Jian Chen thought. Jian Chen acted as if he was in thinking of something before clasping his hands towards the patriarch. He said, Patriarch, this matter was caused by me, so why dont you let me handle it? Id like to see how the two Godhood elders from the Atomos Sword sect handle me and if they have the power to take me back or not.

The two elders hesitated instead when they saw Jian Chens composure. They stared at Jian Chen in both surprise and doubt because they could not tell what strength Jian Chen possessed. Originally, they believed him to be at the Origin realm, as Godhood experts would not be so unknown to the public. Moreover, there were only so many Godhood experts in the region. They had basically seen images of every single one, and Jian Chen was not among them. However, seeing how reassured Jian Chen seemed, the two of them became rather uncertain now.

Suddenly, Mo Shan seemed to think of something. He said to Mo Yun through a communication technique, The Godhood expert who recently broke through in the Mo clan seems to have quite a good friend. I think the persons name is Jian Chen. Is he it?

Mo Yuns face changed, and he responded, I remember as well now. Thats indeed the case. Looks like this Jian Chen is so reassured against us because he has the support of that new person called Shen Jian. After saying that to Mo Shan, Mo Yun smiled coldly and said to Jian Chen, So your reassurance comes from your friend who has just become a Deity. If your friend possessed strength at late Deity, we really might not have been able to do anything to you today, but its a pity that hes only an early Deity. Do you think that a single early Deity can protect you? We obviously would not cause him any problems if he decides to remain within his residence. However, if he dares to come out and protect you, I can only teach him a proper lesson. I will let him understand that even after reaching Godhood, he cant just go around provoking anyone. As for you, youll be returning to our Atomos Sword sect obediently and be judged by the sect master. As he said that, Mo Yun directly grabbed towards Jian Chens shoulder.

What boldness. Id really like to see how you, a mid Deity, can teach me, a mere early Deity, a lesson. Mo Yun, receive my attack first. If you cant receive my attack, Ill take your arm as well. However, just when Mo Yun finished speaking, a voice filled with energy rang out from one of the residences. It was extremely loud, exploding like a clap of thunder.

Before the voice had finished, a powerful sword Qi emerged. A dark, metal sword shot out of an elders hall with lightning speed, accompanied by a sword Qi. It shot towards Mo Yun with a flash, directly cleaving towards the hand that Mo Yun was using to grab towards Jian Chen.

The patriarch and Xi Yu were both shocked. Their pupils had narrowed to the size of a pinhead in a single moment as they stared fixedly at the sword that shot towards Mo Yun. Their faces were filled with shock and disbelief.

This was because both of them experienced a suffocating pressure from the sword. The glow from the sword had even made their hearts leap in fright. They could sense an extremely great threat from the light, where it had reached a level enough to threaten their lives.

Both the patriarch and Xi Yu were astounded. They were both late Deities, while Shen Jian was only someone who had become an early Deity a few months ago, yet someone who had recently advanced like him was actually able to deliver such an unbelievable strike.

Mo Yun did not pay too much attention at the start. He did not truly treat someone who had only reached early Deity recently with any importance. However, his face changed very soon. He became extremely stern and also displayed great shock.

Mo Yun basically drew his sword out reflexively. The sword shone with an earthen-yellow glow. What he comprehended was the Laws of Earth.

Mo Yun swung his sword, and the yellow light immediately brightened. The huge figure of a mountain seemed to hover behind him while he seemed to have fused with its power completely. He radiated with a monstrous aura and stabbed out as hard as he could.

Mo Yuns sword clashed with the incoming metal sword, erupting with a great boom. Just this single attack had caused Mo Yun to turn pale. The figure of the mountain behind him shattered and blood spurted into the air from his mouth. He staggered backwards uncontrollably; with each step, the ground would shake. His valuable shoes turned to dust while his bare feet were now firmly embedded in the ground.

The metal sword continued onwards without weakening at all. With a clear thrum, it shot past Mo Yuns arm with surging sword Qi; then the sword flew back into the elders residence without any blood on it at all.

Mo Yun grunted as a look of pain became plastered across his pale face. The right arm that he used to wield his sword had already been sliced off. Even his treasured sword had fallen to the ground, causing blood to spurt out of the wound like a fountain.

Mo Shan stared at Mo Yun in a daze after the latter lost his arm. He was completely stupefied.

The patriarch and Xi Yus eyes both widened as they stared at the armless Mo Yun. They were astounded.

Mo Yun, you cant even receive an attack from me, so what are you going to use to teach me a lesson? The door of the seventh hall had opened, and Shen Jian walked out indifferently from there. The dark, metal sword hovered beside him, thrumming clearly.

However, in the ears of everyone in the Mo clan, the thrumming sword sounded like an extremely great deterrence.

At the same time, the doors to the five other halls all opened. The five elders all stood at the entrance as they stared at Shen Jian in shock. Their hearts churned.