Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1702

Chapter 1702: Information Regarding The Treasure
Chapter 1702: Information Regarding the Treasure

The patriarch directly arrived before the seventh hall. He did not directly enter and instead got a guard to pass on the message to Shen Jian. He would only take the black-clothed person behind him into the hall after obtaining Shen Jians permission.

Jian Chen and Shen Jian sat on chairs within the hall. They seemed like they had been waiting for quite some time already. There were two large and empty chairs placed before them.

Please, Shen Jian sat on his seat and gestured for the patriarch and the black-clothed person to sit down while he studied the black-clothed man.

Although Jian Chen did not say anything, he also stared at the black-clothed man.

The patriarch laughed aloud and clasped his fist, Brother Shen Jian, brother Jian Chen, looks like you already knew we were coming. I really must apologise that weve come so late. Weve made you wait.

Theres no need to be so polite, patriarch. Weve disturbed you for several months now, with today in particular, causing quite a lot of problems. The patriarch is already kind enough for not chasing us away, Shen Jian clasped his fist back at him.

The patriarch shrugged indifferently and said, Brother Shen Jian is exaggerating. Its all because the two of you that my daughter didnt suffer too much abuse. Really, it should be me thanking you instead. The patriarch paused slightly after reaching this point. He looked at the person beside him, and he revealed an expression of reverence. He said, Brother Shen Jian, brother Jian Chen, Id like to introduce you to the ancestor of our Mo clan.

The black-clothed person removed the veiled hat and revealed his bald head. The bald head shone brightly under candle-light, making it quite eye-catching.

To no surprise, the man was the God of the Mo clan. With his strength, he did not need to give any prior warning when entering the halls. He could even directly enter the halls if he wished and the guards would not discover him either. However, to show respect for Shen Jian, he had gone through the usual process in this visit.

I am Mo Ling. The two esteemed guests are far too polite, the ancestor clasped his fist towards Jian Chen and Shen Jian. He did not put on a haughty appearance at all.

Jian Chen and Shen Jian both stood up to return the greetings of the ancestor. They asked about each others well being before all sitting down.

Ive been spending the recent years in secluded cultivation so that I could deepen my comprehension of the laws of the world and thus break through to mid God. It has already been a very long time since Ive paid attention to the affairs of the Mo clan. When brother Shen Jian struck out today, your powerful Laws of the Sword stirred me and only after leaving seclusion did I discover that our Mo clan actually had an esteemed guest like brother Shen Jian. I have been impolite, so please forgive me, the ancestor said sincerely. He was telling the truth. If he had known Shen Jians strength earlier, he definitely would have emerged from seclusion much earlier on to receive him personally.

Brother Mo Ling is just too polite. Speaking of which, the two of us were saved by the young lady of your esteemed clan. We still havent been able to thank her, Shen Jian said.

Did something like that happen? Mo Ling purposefully acted surprised. He became slightly curious and asked, Brother Shen Jians comprehension of the laws of the world has completely exceeded mine, so I believe no Deity is still brother Shen Jians opponent. Was the person who injured brother Shen Jian a God?

Shen Jian did not reply. He looked at Jian Chen as if he was directing the question to him.

Jian Chen thought through everything quickly before nodding back at him.

However, Shen Jians actions had caught the interest of the ancestor of the Mo clan. He studied Jian Chen secretly and tried to guess what was going on. This was because he could not tell Jian Chens strength accurately. Just from the vague presence he gave off, he felt that Jian Chen was at the Origin realm, yet also at Godhood. He was unable to tell clearly.

Brother Mo Ling is right. The person who injured the two of us back then was indeed a God, said Shen Jian.

There are only so many Gods in our Dongan province. May I ask who the God was? I might just happen to know them, so Ill be able to provide some information or even provide some secret help, said the ancestor. His face had already become rather stern. He had to be cautious about being drawn into the disagreements between other Gods.

Its the ancestor of the Lu family, Jian Chen said very calmly.

Its actually Lu Tian! Mo Ling beamed with joy. He seemed slightly ecstatic.

The patriarch who sat beside him smiled happily as well. At that moment, he suddenly felt his entire body lighten by a substantial amount.

He still felt rather nervous when he learnt that the person who injured Shen Jian and Jian Chen was a God. He was afraid of accidentally provoking the Gods of other organisations. However, after learning that the God who injured Shen Jian and Jian Chen was actually the ancestor of the Lu family, both of them became extremely relieved.

Currently, the greatest threat that the Mo clan faced came from the Lu family. The Lu family had already become the greatest enemy of the Mo clan, yet Shen Jian, whose comprehension had already reached mid God and possessed extremely terrifying strength, just happened to have grievances with him as well. With that being that case, there was nothing they needed to fear when trying to rope in the two of them. They could even work together.

If Shen Jian wished to assist the Mo clan, then even if the Lu family and the Ando clan banded together, they would still be able to hold their ground.

Jian Chen immediately became interested when he saw how relieved and joyful the patriarch and the ancestor had become. He asked, Does your Mo clan have grievances with the Lu family?

Thats right. The Lu family is indeed the enemy of our Mo clan, Mo Ling said happily. After a moment of hesitation, determination flooded his eyes, and he said, Brother Shen Jian, brother Jian Chen, Ill tell you the truth. Our Mo clan, the Lu family, and the Ando clan all possess a treasure. Through this treasure, we can enter a secret place that possesses great fortune. Originally, our three clans possessed rather similar power, so we were at peace with each other. However, ever since Yuer appeared in our Mo clan, the balance was broken.

Jian Chens interest was piqued when he heard Mo Ling mention a treasure because he had also obtained a treasure from the hands of the Lu family.

A gleam of light shone through Shen Jians eyes as well, but he did not show anything on his face.

Mo Ling continued, Yuers talent is very great. She reached Godhood in an extremely short amount of time, and if she were to continue with this speed, she would become a God before long. However, it was exactly because of Yuers existence that the Lu family and the Ando clan became uneasy. They were afraid that Yuer would be able to grow to a point where she would directly threaten the two clans, where they might not even be able to keep their treasures any longer. As a result, the Lu family and the Ando clan had begun collaborating secretly in the past few years. Theyll be waging a destructive war against our clan at any time.

The collaboration between the Lu family and the Ando clan would mean that they possess two Gods. Holding any one of them back with my own strength is no difficulty, but Ill only be able to flee desperately if I have to face both of them.

Mo Ling looked at Shen Jian and Jian Chen and asked sincerely, Brother Shen Jian, brother Jian Chen, since you already have grievances with the Lu family, I hope you can work with us in fending off the two clans. As long as brother Shen Jian is willing to assist our Mo clan, well be willing to share the fortune granted by the treasure with you.

Brother Mo Ling, may I ask if you recognise this? At this moment, an exquisitely-crafted box appeared in Jian Chens hand. He opened it without any hesitation. An incomplete piece of jade lay inside quietly.