Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1703

Chapter 1703 Origins Of The Jade

Chapter 1703: Origins of the Jade

A mysterious presence enough to cause the depths of everyones souls to shiver immediately permeated the surroundings as soon as the jade was exposed. It pressured the souls of everyone. Let alone Deities, even Gods would feel pressured before it.

The moment the patriarch and the ancestor caught sight of the jade, they became stunned. Disbelief flooded their faces. They were no longer able to remain composed when they sensed the extremely familiar presence from the jade. Their faces suddenly changed and theyleaptout of their seats. Their eyes had widened to the size of dinner plates in disbelief.

Its Godking Duanmus jade! Mo Ling cried out uncontrollably. The presence the jade emitted could not be faked. He had even begun to doubt his eyes.

Godking Duanmus jade? Looks like fairy Hao Yue was right. This piece of jade really is the key to a Godkings dwelling, while the fortune that Mo Ling was speaking of before must be this Godkings tomb, Jian Chen celebrated secretly. This really was a case of searching around fruitlessly only for what they were looking for to find them. What he had been most disappointed about when he obtained the piece of jade was that he did not know where the other pieces were, or the location of the Godkings dwelling, so he had deemed the piece of jade as a useless piece of trash.

However, he had never thought that the patriarch of the Mo clan would just happen to know about the jade. Moreover, from the look of things, he seemed to know quite a lot. He even seemed to know where the other pieces of the jade were.

Brother Jian Chen, how do you have Godking Duanmus jade? Where did it come from? Mo Ling asked urgently. Even though he had already thought of the possibility, he still wanted to confirm it from Jian Chens mouth.

It really was a coincidence now that we mention it. The treasure of the Lu family was actually stolen by a traitorous elder of theirs, Lu Fei. When Lu Fei fled with the treasure, we just happened to come across him. He wanted to use his unique cultivation method to devour us so that he could recover his wounds, but in the end, not only did he fail, he was slain by us instead. As a result, the treasure he stole ended up with us as well, Jian Chen said slowly as he smiled plainly. He had truly obtained the treasure through such coincidence.

This Godking Duanmus jade really is the lifeblood of the Lu family. They cannot afford to lose it. Lu Tian must have tried to take it back with everything he had. Brother Jian Chen, brother Shen Jian, if Ive guessed correctly, you encountered Lu Tian soon after you had obtained the treasure and your wounds came from him, said Mo Ling. Only now did herealisethat the Jian Chen he did not pay particular attention to was probably not as simple as he seemed.

A treasure like Godking Duanmus jade was held by Jian Chen and not Shen Jian, who had reachedmid Godin his comprehension of laws. Just that showed that Jian Chen was no weaker than Shen Jian.

The patriarch of the Mo clan alsorealisedthis. At that moment, his gaze towards Jian Chen became rather surprised and doubtful.

Jian Chen nodded, Youre right. Soon after we killed Lu Fei, the ancestor of the Lu family came in pursuit. He was certain that someone was scheming for Lu Tian to steal the treasure secretly, so he treated us as the people behind it all. As a result, we engaged him in a great battle. The battle was extremely dangerous, where we almost failed to make it out alive.

Brother Jian Chen, brother Shen Jian, youre actually able to put up a fight against a God when you work together?! The patriarch cried out. Only now did he suddenlyrealisethat Jian Chen who everyone missed actually possessed very great strength. Even before a God, he had the power to fight back.

Shen Jian said, The patriarch really has overestimated me. Although my comprehension of the Laws of the Sword has reached the level of God, my personal cultivation was just too weak. Back then, I was only at the peak of Reciprocity, so I could not fight back at all. Jian Chen handled the ancestor of the Lu family completely alone, but unfortunately, that fellow managed to escape in the end.

What! Lu Tian escaped!? Mo Ling and the ancestor both became stunned as disbelief flooded their faces. Their hearts churned wildly. Not only had Jian Chen fought against a God all by himself, but he even managed to chase the ancestor of the Lu family away in the end. This was just too astounding to them.

At that moment, Mo Ling and the patriarchs opinion of Jian Chen changed completely. The patriarch, in particular, now looked towards Jian Chen with admiration from the bottom of his heart.

Jian Chen did not dwell on the ancestors topic. He pointed at the box on the table and said, Patriarch, brother Mo Ling, may I ask for some information regarding the jade?

Of course you can. Ill answer all your questions to the best of my knowledge, Mo Ling agreed straightforwardly. He calmed himself down before tidying his thoughts. Memories flooded his eyes, and he said, We know this piece of jade as Godking Duanmus jade because the jade contains a sliver of the power from Godking Duanmus soul. As a result, its also the only key to Godking Duanmus dwelling.

We dont know much regarding Godking Duanmu himself. Weve onlylearntfrom some ancient records passed down by our ancestors that Godking Duanmu had passed away in his dwelling for some reason. He had a disciple before he died. Soon after Godking Duanmu passed away, the disciple faced the ambush of six experts outside the dwelling. Although the disciple was an Overgod, the six experts were also Overgods, so none of them were any weaker than Godking Duanmus disciple. As a result, the disciple could not even flee against the encirclement of the six Overgods. He died in the end.

After the disciple died, the jade that he used to enter the dwelling ended up with the six Overgods. However, as the Overgods all possessed selfish motives, they all began fighting over the ownership of the jade, resulting in an intense battle in the end. In that battle, half of the six Overgods died, leaving only three people alive in the end. The three people all suffered different wounds as well, while the Godking Duanmus jade was shattered into three pieces, where each Overgod possessed a piece.