Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1708

Chapter 1708: Movements Of The Lu Family
Chapter 1708: Movements of the Lu Family

Jian Chen and Shen Jian sat on the ground in the seventh hall of the Mo clan as they sorted through what they had obtained this time. They casually threw the several hundred Space Rings on the ground. To one side, a large number of divine crystals had been sorted into three piles according to their grades. They had all formed mountainous piles now as dense origin energy revolved around the three piles, forming a thin mist.

At this moment, the origin energy was so dense that there was no longer any need to absorb the divine crystals. Just sitting around the piles would allow people to cultivate at terrifying speeds.

There were very few low grade divine crystals and many mid grade crystals. There were even quite a few high grade divine crystals. The most eye-catching part was the head-sized high grade divine crystal on top of one of the piles.

The standard for a divine crystal was around the size of a finger, a cube that was one centimeter in length, width, and depth. If a fist-sized divine crystal was cut up, it would amount to several dozen or even hundreds of divine crystal at standard size. With that as a comparison, a head-sized divine crystal would be equivalent to several thousand divine crystals of standard size.

Several thousand high grade divine crystals were equivalent to several hundred thousand mid grade divine crystals and several tens of million low grade divine crystals. Just the single head-sized divine crystal was great wealth to Jian Chen and Shen Jian.

Shen Jian picked up the head-sized divine crystal and stroked it fondly. He clicked his tongue, I never thought that wed harvest so much this time. Just this divine crystal exceeds everything you robbed last time.

Jian Chen also turned his gaze to the divine crystal. He nodded, If you use this high grade divine crystal to cultivate, itll be a little too wasteful. Itll just feel like youre wasting it. In my opinion, we should exchange it for low grade divine crystals. With our current cultivation level, low grade divine crystals are the best for cultivation.

The difference in value between each grade was a hundred times more. However, that did not mean that the origin energy within a mid grade divine crystal was a hundred times denser than the origin energy within a low grade divine crystal. In reality, it was only a few times denser, ten times at most. It was just that the origin energy in mid grade divine crystals was much purer, where divine crystals would become several times more expensive even if they were just slightly purer. This was why each grade was worth a hundred times more than the previous one, even if the origin energy was only several times denser.

There was another reason aside from that. The higher an individuals cultivation, the greater the requirement on the grade of divine crystals became. If a Godking wanted to use divine crystals to cultivate, they would require high or supreme quality divine crystals at the very least. If they used mid or low grade divine crystals, there would be almost no effect. It would not even be as fast as just absorbing the origin energy in the surroundings.

As a result, the higher the grade of a divine crystal, the more valuable it was.

Well keep this high grade divine crystal for now. We can decide to use it or break it into low grade divine crystals in the future, said Jian Chen. However, as soon as he finished speaking, he became stunned and turned around.

A bald man stood there silently. He was the ancestor of the Mo clan.

Mo Ling glanced past the three piles of divine crystals on the ground and became surprised. He clasped his fist and asked, Brother Jian Chen, brother Shen Jian, was the operation successful?

Jian Chen and Shen Jian obviously understood that Mo Ling was referring to whether they succeeded in taking the ancestor of the Lu familys life.

The more powerful clans in the Dongan province have already learnt about the Lu familys mine. Several Gods have gathered in the Lu family right now, so we had no opportunity to do it, said Jian Chen. His voice bore some regret.

Mo Ling became stern. He made his way before Jian Chen by himself and sat down on the ground like Jian Chen. He said, Its extremely bad if several Gods across the Dongan province have gathered in the Lu family. With the Lu familys current strength, theyll definitely hand over the mine, but theyll be able to benefit quite a lot from the powerful clans. What I worry the most about is if the Lu family will get those clans to come to deal with us.

Jian Chen and Shen Jian became stern as well.

After a moment of silence, Mo Ling shook his head, I might be thinking too much. What the Lu family wants the most right now is Godking Duamus jade. They can ask a powerful clan to come to deal with our Mo clan, but theyll also worry that well leak the news of the jade to the powerful clan. Once they learn about the Godking Duanmus jade, they might even turn against the Lu family in order to keep the matter a secret. The Lu family and the Ando clan run the risk of being devastated, so the Lu family will never take that risk.

Regardless, the matter at hand is to increase our own strength as much as possible. As long as were powerful enough, even the powerful clans of the Dongan province wont be able to do anything to us, Jian Chen said with a deep voice.

Mo Ling left very soon, while Jian Chen and Shen Jian both entered seclusion after tidying through the divine crystals. Shen Jian wanted to reach late Deity as soon as possible, while Jian Chen could only continue his comprehension of the Laws of the Sword as he could not further his Chaotic Body right now.

The next day, the high grade divine crystal mine in the Dark Cloud Mountains was leaked to the outside world. It caused an uproar in the Dongan province, while all the powerful clans in the province sent their Gods to personally visit the Lu family.

The Lu family felt extremely helpless towards the situation. The six clans that had sent representatives were only mid or low level clans in comparison. The mid level clans would still maintain their basic courtesy when dealing with Lu family, basically inviting the Lu family to work with them. The high grade crystal mine still belonged to the Lu family at that time, after all. However, as the three most powerful clans entered the scene, the Lu familys ownership over the high grade divine crystal mine became completely irrelevant.

The Lu family did not become angered about this. They had been expecting this outcome, so they had mentally prepared themselves long ago.

After the three most powerful clans in the Dongan province directly took over the mines, all the Gods gathered in the Lu family returned to the provincial city as well. They went there to continue the discussions about the mine.

Even when the three most powerful clans in the Dongan province worked together, they would not be able to claim the mine for themselves because there were over a dozen other powerful clans in total. When the slightly weaker clans worked together, they would be able to pressure the three most powerful clans.

After all, they could become the most powerful clans because they possessed a late God. They could not afford to offend too many Gods.

At the same time, the Dark Cloud Mountains was completely taken away by the Dongan province. The three most powerful clans all sent a God to personally guard the place, while all the people from the Lu family retreated.

Lu Tian sat in the patriarchs seat within the discussion hall of the Lu family. He listened to the reports of the elders.

The Mo clan is getting more and more arrogant. Theyve come time and time again to rob our clan of our divine crystals. Do they really think they can look down on us just because theyve managed to invite a God to their side? Lu Tian said coldly and furiously. Not only had the Mo clan stolen the treasure that belonged to his Lu family, but they had even robbed their excavated divine crystals several times. It had made everyone furious long ago.

Ancestor, lets do it with the Ando clan, the patriarch requested.

Lu Tian sat on the patriarchs seat emotionlessly as cold killing intent wrapped around him. He said icily, With the appearance of the high grade divine crystal mine, the powerful clans are gradually shifting their attention towards our region. We cant delay the operation against the Mo clan any long, or I worry that the existence and information regarding the Godking Duanmus jade will be leaked. After all, our three clans are no longer locked in a stalemate. Its a perfect opportunity for us to deal with the Mo clan while the powerful clans are still arguing with each other over the mine in the provincial city and have not shifted their attention to us.

Lu Tians expression became stern. He called out, Pass the orders to have everyone to prepare for battle. Contact the patriarch of the Ando clan to send troops to the Mo clan.