Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1709

Chapter 1709: Poison God Datura
Chapter 1709: Poison God Datura

With the ancestor of the Lu familys orders, the entire Lu family began to move. Seven of their nine Deities, comprised of the patriarch and the eight elders, were mobilised. They only left behind the patriarch and the injured Lu Yun. Close to a thousand guards and clansmen were mobilised, directly using ninety percent of their force. They only left behind a hundred people to protect the clan.

At the same time, basically all the precious treasures that the Lu family had accumulated across the years were used. They distributed various powerful formation discs, healing pills, and recovery pills among the people.

The Lu family had already been preparing for quite some time for the battle against the Mo clan, so they moved extremely quickly once the orders were given. Very soon, a large group of Origin realm cultivators was assembled under the lead of several elders. All of them were prepared, stern and radiating with killing intent.

The grey-robed Lu Tian hovered in the sky at the forefront of the group. With his back towards the group, the powerful presence of a God radiated from him. It immediately caused the clouds to churn and the wind to blow. His gaze filled with killing intent was fixed towards the east. That was where the royal city of the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian was located.

Before long, a vague figure appeared in the distant horizon. They flew over with extremely great speed.

The appearance of the figure made Lu Tian reveal an indetectable smile as if victory was within his grasps. Even if the Mo clan possessed an additional God of mysterious origins, he was still confident about emerging victorious in the end in his operation to destroy the Mo clan.

A few seconds later, the figure arrived before the ancestor of the Lu family. It was a young lady in a green dress. She seemed to be around twenty-seven or twenty-eight years old. She gave off a mature feeling, except a strange pattern on her face destroyed her beauty, making her seem rather strange.

Hehehehe, Lu Tian, I havent come late, have I, the lady giggled. She directly called Lu Tian by his name. She had no fear in doing that, clearly indicating that she was also a God.

Poison God Datura, youve come on time. Now that everyone is here, lets set off, Lu Tian said expressionlessly. With a wave of his hand, he set off with the Lu family and headed towards the Mo clan aggressively.

Lu Tian, dont forget about your promise. Ill help you keep the Mo clans recruited God busy, and once the matter is finished, Ill be taking half of the Mo clans wealth, the lady referred to as the Poison God Datura giggled.

Dont worry, Ill naturally fulfill my promise, just that I can choose what I take. The remainder will all go to you, said Lu Tian.

Poison God Datura giggled and glanced at Lu Tian lovingly and said with a rather coquettish voice, Lu Tian, youre so nice to me. I really dont know how to thank you. Its just a pity that youve become so old. If you were still as handsome as you were before, I might even let you go wild on my body one more time. Sigh, its just such a pity. How did you turn out like that? Look at Mo Ling. Hes so masculine.

Hmph, Lu Tian snorted coldly, and his face became rather sunken.

Poison God Datura smiled even more resplendently when she saw Lu Tians reaction. Her voice was filled with charm, and she said, My little Tian, do you still dwell on the past? You cant blame me. Back then, you were the one who forced yourself onto me. I didnt lure you in purposefully.

Enough! Lu Tian came to a sudden halt, and he stared at Poison God Datura with a sunken face. He was filled with regret in regards to what had happened in the past. If he had known that her entire body was poisonous, he would have never approached her. Ever since that incident, he had never been able to father a son again.

Poison God Datura giggled. She glanced at Lu Tian teasingly before focusing on travelling. She thought, Looks like Lu Tian still hasnt gotten over the matter that happened in the past. He still holds resentment for me, so the matter against the Mo clan probably wont be as simple as he described it to be. I have to be careful and not fall for Lu Tians tricks.


Several hours later, the people from the Lu family met with the people from the Ando clan. The Ando clan had also mobilised over seven hundred Origin realm cultivators and six Godhood elders, so there were a total of one thousand six hundred Origin realm cultivators, thirteen Deities, and three Gods who had set off to wipe out the Mo clan.

A group like this could basically flatten the Mo clan. After all, the Mo clan only possessed a single person who was truly a God, Mo Ling.

Lu Tian, may I ask who this is? The ancestor of the Ando clan did not recognise Datura, so he asked Lu Tian.

This is Poison God Datura. Shes an acquaintance of mine. Ive invited her to take part in the operations against the Mo clan, said Lu Tian.

Thats fantastic. With three Gods and other preparations, the Mo clan is done for, Ando Fu immediately beamed with joy. At the same time, he asked Lu Tian secretly, Can Datura be trusted? We cant let her know about Godking Duanmus jade.

Dont worry, she wont be able to live for long. The mysterious expert invited by the Mo clan is not that easy to deal with, Lu Tian responded without any particular expression. Even now, he felt lingering fear for Jian Chens Profound Sword Qi. However, he also understood that even if Jian Chens Profound Sword Qi was some powerful technique and not a treasure, he could only use it once.

Ando Fu revealed no reaction to the conversation he just had with Lu Tian on his face. After greeting Datura, he continued on his way towards the Mo clan. They stopped several hundred thousand kilometers away from the Mo clan. Lu Tian took out something and immediately, a yellow banner appeared in his hand.

Ive only bought this treasure after paying a great price in the royal city. It can seal up the space within the range of a million kilometers, forming a vast formation that locks up the region. Even Gods will struggle to smash through it. The Mo clan will be done for with this treasure, Lu Tian sneered before raising his hand. The yellow banner immediately fused with the surrounding space, which began to ripple rapidly. This lasted for a few seconds before stopping and in that time, the region within a million kilometers had been completely sealed up. Not only did it prevent anyone from entering or leaving, but it even restricted regular communication techniques.

In the depths of the Mo clan, Mo Ling was cultivating in seclusion to comprehend the laws of the world so that his strength could improve, and he could reach mid God.

Suddenly, Mo Lings face changed. His eyes snapped open, and he gazed outside. He became grim and said with a heavy voice, I never thought that the Lu family would move so quickly. I had thought they would wait for over a hundred years before moving.

Someone else in the clan sensed the minute changes in the surroundings aside from Mo Ling. Shen Jian slowly opened his eyes from absorbing the divine crystals in the seventh hall and behind him hovered a dark, metal sword. It thrummed by his side.

Shen Jian stopped cultivating and emerged from his room, arriving before the room where Jian Chen was cultivating. However, he became stunned when he approached Jian Chens room, You sure know how to pick times. Youre actually breaking through now.

Jian Chen sat in the air in his room. Resplendent light moved around in his surroundings as he radiated with surging sword intent. He had entered a state where he was no longer conscious of his surroundings.