Chaotic Sword God Chapter 171

Chapter 171: The Sensation Caused by the Class 5 Magical Beast (Two)
Chapter 171: The Sensation Caused by the Class 5 Magical Beast (Two)

The difference between a Class 4 and Class 5 Magical Beast was only one level, but there was a huge distinction between the two. Class 4 Magical Beasts werent anything special on the Tian Yuan Continent, but a Class 5 Magical Beast was very precious. This was because a Class 5 Magical Beast was a great deal stronger than a Class 4 Magical Beast, which made them that much harder to capture or kill.

Class 5 Magical Beasts were gifted with a certain level of intelligence. The fifth stage Magical Beasts were born with an advantage, in that their strength would be greater than their human counterparts of the same level. Thus under an situation of a one on one, it would be very difficult for a human expert to kill a Class 5 Magical Beast. In addition to that,, Class 5 Magical Beasts had an established hidden rule; if they fought and killed among themselves, other Class 5 Magical Beasts wouldnt interfere. However, once a human expert disturbed them, they would call upon each other, and unify together to retaliate against the threat. That was why the body of a Class 5 Magical Beast was so rare.

Jian Chen felt that the beating of the gong outside on the streets was unexpected. Although he knew that the Heavenly Phoenix Auction House would announce the Class 5 Magical Beasts, he didnt think that they would announce it in such a manner.

The sounds of the gong being beaten and firecrackers going off filled the streets. The declaration of the annual Heavenly Phoenix Auction House was officialized. With this declaration outside, in less than half a day, the entire Phoenix City would know about the Class 5 Magical Beasts being sold at the auction.

A Class 5 Magical Beast being sold in a Class 2 City was a rare event that shocked many people. Something like this was an unprecedented event for the Heavenly Phoenix Auction House, and it could be said that they were sparing no expenses. Not only did the entire Phoenix City know about the Class 5 Magical Beast, but even the cities that were in the vicinity of Phoenix City knew.

Some time later, the news that the Heavenly Phoenix Auction House would be auctioning a Class 5 Magical Beast had spread to 500 kilometers away. Soon enough, every influential power had heard about the Class 5 Magical Beasts and set off for Phoenix City.

At the center of Phoenix City, there was a quiet mansion that towered over the others. By the gates of the mansion, 10 armored guards stood perfectly still like statues. On top of the gates was a board with the three words, City Lords Mansion. Those golden words gave anyone reading it a feeling of power.

This mansion was truly the mansion of the lord of Phoenix City.

Within the beautiful garden behind the mansion, a white robed, middle aged man was practicing his martial arts with a giant blade. His movements were quick and fluid as he moved around the flower garden. His blade danced around and left shadow trails as each swing filled the air. With how fast the blade was traveling, it was almost impossible to catch the blades exact position as a large amount of Saint Force filled the air as well.

A moment later, an elderly housekeeper walked forward and watched the man in the rose garden practice his martial arts, My lord, some news just came in. There will be two Class 5 Magical Beasts auctioned off at the annual Heavenly Phoenix Auction House.

What!? A Class 5 Magical Beast! The blade in the middle aged mans hands suddenly stopped as he turned around to look at the housekeeper with a stunned expression, Housekeeper Cheng, what did you just say?

The housekeeper repeated his swords, causing the middle aged mans face to grow more and more shocked. With an expression full of disbelief, he asked with some doubt, Housekeeper Cheng, the Heavenly Phoenix Auction House is truly selling a Class 5 Magical Beast?

My lord, that was the news given by the Heavenly Phoenix Auction House themselves. Elder Xiu himself confirmed it as well, so this was absolutely true.

For the past dozen years, Ive only seen Class 5 Magical Beast in Phoenix City thrice. So hearing that a Class 5 Magical Beast is being sold in the auction is a first in many years. The middle aged man furrowed his eyebrows in thought before asking, Housekeeper Cheng, do you know who was responsible for these two Class 5 Magical Beasts? To have such precious cargo come into our Phoenix City is quite strange.

Elder Xiu does not know!

This answer was already anticipated by the middle aged man, and his face revealed no surprise. Tilting his head for a moment, he said, Housekeeper Cheng, go to the Heavenly Phoenix Auction House and invite Boss Zhou Tian to the mansion.

Yes, my lord.


In the residence of another place in Phoenix City, an elderly man with a scholarly air sat in his study reading a few books. At that moment, a knock was heard from the door.

The man furrowed his eyebrows and said with some dissatisfaction, Who is it? Did I not say that I am not to be disturbed while in the study?

Father, it is your son with a report.

Come in then!

The door opened, revealing a black robed, middle aged man who strolled in. Father, some news just came in. A Class 5 Magical Beast will be auctioned off later at the Heavenly Phoenix Auction House.

What! A Class 5 Magical Beast?! The elderly man was shocked. Immediately putting down the book in his hand, he turned away from his table to look at his son, Jian Er, is that true?!

Your son personally went to the Heavenly Phoenix Auction House to confirm it; this is undeniably true. The middle aged man nodded his head with certainty.

A Class 5 Magical Beast is extremely uncommon in a Class 2 City. The Heavenly Phoenix Auction House, just where and how did they get a Class 5 Magical Beast? The elder murmured. There was a flash in his eyes as he looked at the middle aged man, Jian Er, do you know if the Heavenly Phoenix Auction House is selling the Class 5 Monster Core, a Class 5 Magical Beast cub, or the body of a Class 5 Magical Beast?

Your son does not know. The Heavenly Phoenix Auction House would not divulge that information. Only a few figures know that answer, and your son was unable to find out.

Find it out immediately! The elder said.


The news of the Class 5 Magical Beast had not only interested the people in Phoenix City, but the influential people of power in the area as well.

For the next few days, a countless stream of people came into Phoenix City from every direction. Even more waiters and workers for the inns and restaurants hurried around as the buildings filled up completely. Along with the amount of guests, the prices of the inns rapidly soared to ten times the usual price. At the same time, the security of the city was intensified as groups of soldiers could be seen patrolling around every area.

Every so often, Jian Chen would observe the situation by the sidelines. The other few moments were spent cultivating. He was still hard at work trying to refine his Saint Force completely. Despite the price of the room going up by ten times the original price, it was not an issue for Jian Chen.