Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1712

Chapter 1712: Gods Step In
Chapter 1712: Gods Step In

Booms rang out in the Mo clan, and it was to the point where even the surroundings changed in color. The ferocious shockwaves of battle had littered the ground within several tens of thousand kilometers with web-like cracks. If it were not for the fact that everything in the Saints World was extraordinarily tough, a single ripple would have easily destroyed an entire planet.

The Lu family and the Ando clan attacked non-stop for an entire day and night. The Mo clan had exhausted a large number of divine crystals as well to maintain their formation.

We probably dont have enough divine crystals to last much longer, the patriarch said sternly while hovering in the air.

The six elders of the clan all became stern too. They had clearly realised this problem as well.

Father, I still have over ten thousand low grade divine crystals on me. If there isnt enough, you can use them to keep up the formation, Xi Yu said. She was the first to offer up all her divine crystals.

I still have a few thousand on me

I also have over ten thousand

I have thirty thousand


After Xi Yu, the other elders all took out all the divine crystals they possessed. As elders of the Mo clan, they received quite a large amount of divine crystals during every interval, but they would use the divine crystals to cultivate. Coupled with a few other expenses, all of them only had a minimal amount left. There was even an elder with only several hundred low grade divine crystals, which was quite a sorry sight.

Shen Jian hesitated slightly before also passing a Space Ring to the patriarch. He said, I have close to a million divine crystals here, with many at mid or high grade. Please use these for your formation. Most of the divine crystals came from the Lu familys mine, while a tiny portion of them was originally gifted to Shen Jian by the Mo clan. They were leftover after Shen Jian had broken through.

Shen Jian had taken out close to a million divine crystals, with mid and high grade ones within; his wealth had stunned all the elders. They all stared at Shen Jian in disbelief. Since when did Shen Jian become so wealthy? Even their Mo clan did not possess high grade divine crystals.

The patriarchs eyes lit up. He did not try to turn down Shen Jian; he simply accepted the Space Ring and personally replenished the divine crystals in the foundation of the formation.

Lu Tian hovered outside the formation as he stared coldly at the Mo clan. If the three Gods struck out together, they would be able to smash through the formation with just a little effort, but they were unwilling to spend energy like that. They were all building up energy, silently adjusting themselves so that they were at their peak condition at all times. As soon as the barrier shattered, they would launch a barrage of attacks.

However, when Lu Tian saw that most of the divine crystals from the patriarchs Space Ring were mid or even high grade, his face immediately paled. Killing intent rose up from his chest, and he could not help but bellow out in the end. He began to attack the barrier.

All the mid and high grade divine crystals belonged to his Lu family, yet the Mo clan was actually using them to maintain their formations. Lu Tian was absolutely furious at the sight of this.

Flames roared around Lu Tian, dyeing the world red. He erupted with a surging presence while wielding a fire-red sword, directly cleaving the barrier.

With a boom, the barrier over the Mo clan almost collapsed directly from the strike. The barrier quickly faded in color while a large number of divine crystals were drained of all their origin energy in just a few seconds, reduced to powder.

Quick, add in the divine crystals! With the call, guards immediately went forth to replenish the supply of divine crystals.

Ando Fu, Poison God Datura, lets do it together and wipe out the Mo clan as soon as possible. I dont want the Mo clan to exist for even a day longer in this world, Lu Tian said coldly. He hated the Mo clan dearly, If that person called Jian Chen didnt attack the Dark Cloud Mountains, would the appearance of high grade divine crystals be leaked so quickly? With our Lu familys strength, we would be able to keep the news a secret for several years, or even longer.

Ando Fu and Datura looked at each other and no longer stood by. The immediately started to attack the barrier of the Mo clan together.

Daturas weapon was a green staff. It shone with a strange, green light, filled with toxicity. She gently extended her staff and the weapon rapidly expanded, slamming into the barrier as a huge log that was several dozen meters in diameter.

Ando Fu also struck out with his hand, forming a huge palm of several hundred meters across that slammed into the barrier.

Lu Tian also launched a second attack. The flames of his sword surged as his presence soared, slashing at the barrier again.

The activity from the attacks of three Gods was simply shocking. It made all the elders in the Mo clan feel like they were suffocating; they felt like they could not put up a fight at all.

This is the might of Gods. Before Gods, Deities are as insignificant as ants. The elders all paled slightly, and they all felt bitter inside.

With the simultaneous attacks of three Gods, the barrier of the Mo clan could no longer last much longer.

Lu Tian, let me try you, Shen Jian said at this moment. He was expressionless as he radiated with surging sword intent. He directly stepped out of the barrier with the Cloudstream sword.

Shen Jian, you must not

Brother Shen Jian, come back. Youre not a Gods opponent

Shen Jian, come back

The expressions of the elders of the Mo clan all changed when they saw that Shen Jian actually wanted to leave the barrier and fight Lu Tian. They all cried out in surprise.

Shen Jians sturdy body stood outside the barrier. His hair ruffled despite the absence of any wind while the image of a flaming sword rapidly approaching him was clearly reflected in his eyes. However, he showed no fear. Instead, he boiled with battle intent as he called out, Sword-breaker! The Cloudstream sword immediately stabbed out with a resplendent glow.

Hes done for. Shen Jian is done for

He has such great talent, yet he has to pass away here. Its just such a pity

Shen Jian, your talent is very great. Not even late Deities may be able to defeat you, but youre facing a God after all. How can you be his opponent with your strength at mid Deity

The elders were all filled with regret as they felt remorse for Shen Jian. No one believed he was Lu Tians opponent. After all, one of them was a Deity, while the other was a God. There was an enormous disparity between the two.

The Cloudstream sword finally collided with Lu Tians sword with a bright glow. There was the screeching of metal, and Lu Tians sword immediately erupted with a fire that contained the Laws of Fire. The surrounding temperature immediately skyrocketed, and the violent flames swallowed Shen Jian.

Sigh, these are a Gods laws, and in particular, the Laws of Fire, which are one of the most offensive laws out there. Shen Jians probably going to be reduced to nothingness The elders of the Mo clan all shook their heads.