Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1713

Chapter 1713: Shen Jians Strength
Chapter 1713: Shen Jians Strength

However, the elders of the Mo clan had failed to notice the patriarchs reaction. The patriarch also watched Lu Tians flames swallow up Shen Jian, but he showed no signs of regrets at all. Instead, he watched the terrifying, roaring flames eagerly. He thought, Although Shen Jians cultivation is only at mid Deity, his comprehension of the Laws of the Sword has already reached mid God. Its even greater than Lu Tians, so I wonder if he can stop Lu Tian or not.

The patriarch was not completely certain whether Shen Jian possessed the power to fight a God or not either.

At this moment, a dazzling white light exploded from within the flames that had swallowed Shen Jian. With the appearance of the light, the flames immediately began to shake violently, no, tremble violently. The white light shone brighter and brighter before becoming extremely sharp, piercing through all of the flames with a powerful sword intent.

The flames contained Laws of Fire that were at the level of Gods, so they were extremely powerful. Even late Deities would suffer certain death if this fire swallowed them up, and they would be unable to avoid the fate of being burnt to a crisp. However, the dazzling white light had split the flames in half.

The elders discovered the white light in the flames as soon as it appeared. Their eyes all narrowed as they became fixated.

The white light is sword Qi. Its an extremely powerful sword Qi

Is it Shen Jians sword Qi? Shen Jian hasnt been burnt to a crisp?

Thats impossible. Shen Jian is clearly a mid Deity, so its impossible for him to survive

The elders all cried out as they revealed expressions of disbelief.

Xi Yu also stared at the white light that split the flames apart. The light in her eyes wavered as she thought, So fathers confidence comes from him. I never thought that Shen Jian would be so powerful

The flames gradually subsided while Shen Jians figure had already vanished. There was only a ball of white light, radiating with surging sword intent against Lu Tian. A hazy figure was barely visible through the white light.

Lu Tians face sank. He stared at the figure bathed in light and said coldly, I sure have underestimated you. Shen Jian, your cultivation is limited, but your comprehension of the laws of the world has already surpassed mine. You really do possess the right to fight me.

The elders of the Mo clan immediately became stunned when they heard that. They all stared at the ball of light in disbelief as their hearts churned.

Shen Jian had clearly only reached Godhood recently, yet his comprehension of the laws of the world had already surpassed Lu Tians; this was just far too unbelievable.

They had already spent so many years to reach Godhood. Basically, everyone would be stuck at peak Reciprocity by the laws of the world before they broke through, assuming they ever did break through. Any progress for minor cultivation realms would require the accumulation of comprehension over many years. Some people would not even be able to break through once they reached a certain cultivation for the rest of their lives, so they understood extremely well just how difficult it was to make any progress with ones comprehension of laws.

However, Shen Jians comprehensions of laws had surpassed Lu Tians, a God, while he was at mid Deity. All of them felt envious of such talent.

With a boom, Mo Ling appeared outside the barrier as well. He stopped Ando Fu and Daturas attacks by himself.

Brother Shen Jian, Ill leave Lu Tian to you for now, Mo Ling called out. His presence surged as he charged towards Ando Fu and Datura without any fear. He fought against the two of them all by himself.

Deafening booms constantly rang out as violet shockwaves wreaked havoc in the surroundings. The battle involving Lu Tian, Ando Fu, and Datura had made even the world pale in comparison.

Mo Ling used his full strength. He shone with dazzling golden light as he wore quite an impressive armor of light. He wielded a huge sword that he swung towards Ando Fu and Datura. The laws he had comprehended were the Laws of Metal among the five elements.

Ando Fu did not hold back either. He wielded a fencing sword that was only a finger wide. He turned into a wisp of wind as he moved around Mo Ling, moving extremely quickly. The sword in his hand turned into various blurs as well as it stabbed towards Mo Ling with unbelievable speed.

Ando Fu had comprehended the Laws of Wind.

The Laws of Wind possessed an absolute advantage in terms of speed. There was rarely anyone who could rival people who comprehended the Laws of Wind in terms of speed, and it was rare for anyone who possessed equal strength to catch up to them if they fled. However, the Laws of Wind also possessed a weakness, which was weaker attacks.

Although Poison God Datura was also fighting Mo Ling, she was the only God who did not use her full strength. Every time she struck out, there would be a large commotion, but basically nothing in strength. She only dealt with the attacks coming her way and did not do anything else. However, even with that being the case, she and Ando Fu still managed to keep Mo Ling suppressed so that he could only defend. He had completely lost the upper hand, unable to counterattack at all.

There should still be one person in the Mo clan who hasnt appeared, seeing how fearful Lu Tian is of him. He must be extremely powerful. I have to be careful so that I dont fall for Lu Tians ruse. Although half of the Mo clans wealth is extremely shocking, its not enough for me to go all out, thought Datura. Her eyes flickered with uncertainty as she observed the surroundings cautiously at all times.

On the other side, Shen Jian and Lu Tian fought intensely as well. Lights flickered, and sword Qi surged about. Both of them used their full strength in an attempt to kill each other as quickly as possible, so their battle became extraordinary intense.

Back when he was at the peak of Reciprocity, he still could not fight back against Lu Tian even when his comprehension of laws had reached mid God. Now that he had become a mid Deity, he was able to put up a fight with his comprehension of his Laws of the Sword and his powerful techniques despite his weaker cultivation.

Presence-breaker! Shen Jian called out. His eyes were extremely sharp as he stabbed out with lightning speed.

At the same time, Lu Tian stabbed towards Shen Jian as his sword roared with flames. When it struck Shen Jians protective glow, the Laws of Fire on the sword immediately dispersed. Lu Tian was not as great as Shen Jian in terms of laws. However, the sword also possessed Lu Tians strength as an early God. Shen Jians protective glow became extremely weak after stopping the Laws of Fire, so the light shattered in the face of the swords power.

Spurt! Lu Tians sword stabbed into Shen Jians chest. The terrifying heat in the sword immediately melted a gaping hole in Shen Jians body.

At the same time, Shen Jians sword landed on Lu Tian. It only managed to penetrate an inch deep before being forcefully stopped by Lu Tians Laws of Fire and power of cultivation, which prevented his sword from advancing any further.

However, Lu Tians face suddenly changed as the presence of his entire body became rather messy. His wound from the attack was clearly nothing severe, yet the Cloudstream sword possessed a mysterious power that actually made a quarter of his origin energy vanish in a single moment.

What is this strange technique? Lu Tians face changed in surprise. He immediately shot backwards as he experienced shock inside. The strike had made a quarter of all his origin energy disappear. If he took another three such attacks, would that not mean all his origin energy would vanish? How would he still fight once he lost all his origin energy?