Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1715

Chapter 1715: Crushing Lu Tian
Chapter 1715: Crushing Lu Tian

On the other side, Ando Fu and Poison God Datura became greatly shocked as well when they saw how Lu Tian had lost his left arm from a single clash. They became astounded and immediately stopped bothering with Mo Ling, immediately guarding against the mysterious expert that possessed shocking strength.

Hahaha, brother Jian Chen, Ill leave Lu Tian to you. Ill keep these two busy. Come to help me after you kill Lu Tian, Mo Ling chucked aloud while blood still flowed from the corner of his mouth. He ignored his wounds, sticking to Datura and Ando Fu closely.

Ando Fus face became sunken. He used his full strength in an attempt to break free from Mo Ling. However, he felt bitter inside. Previously, he and Datura had kept Mo Ling busy to prevent him from helping Lu Tian so that they could earn precious time for Lu Tian to kill Shen Jian. However, in the blink of an eye, the situation had been completely reversed. Originally, they kept Mo Ling busy, but now, Mo Ling was keeping them busy.

Daturas face became sunken as well. The light in her eyes flickered with uncertainty as she began to contemplate retreat. Mo Lings bountiful promise had persuaded her, which was why she agreed to assist Lu Tian against the Mo clan. From Lu Tian, she had also learnt that there was another mysterious expert that was akin to a God in the Mo clan aside from Mo Ling. Lu Tian and Ando Fu would deal with Mo Ling, while she would deal with the mysterious expert.

Datura originally believed that with the combined force of three Gods, there would be no pressure in dealing with the Mo clan. Even if the Mo clan possessed two Gods, they could only face defeat, and she would be able to obtain half of the Mo clans wealth easily. That was why she had agreed.

However, she could clearly sense that the Mo clan was probably extremely different to what it seemed along the way. As a result, she always remained on guard, afraid of falling for Lu Tians tricks. In particular, when they began fighting, it was different from what they had initially agreed on. Lu Tian engaged the mysterious expert she was supposed to fight, while she and Ando Fu fought Mo Ling. She had sensed that something was wrong when that happened, which was why she never used her full strength. She fought Mo Ling with complete reluctance.

However, now that Lu Tian had lost his arm to a single strike, combined with Mo Lings cry, she suddenly understood everything. As it turned out, the mysterious expert she was supposed to fight was not Shen Jian but the shockingly-powerful Jian Chen.

I see, Lu Tian. You really did have ill intentions and actually schemed against me. Looks like youre still hung up about the matters of the past. Youre not confident enough to personally deal with me, so you want to deal with me through someone else. Hahaha, Lu Tian, but why do I feel that the mysterious expert you mentioned is far greater than what you described him to be? Even you probably dont know how powerful that person is from your expression, Datura sneered inside while her eyes became as icy as a vipers.

A white-robed young man steadily flew out from the seventh hall in the Mo clan. Under the stunned gazes of all the elders, he slowly made his way through the barrier; he wielded the Flying Snow sword that had cut off Lu Tians arm in his hands.

W- what is happening? How is Jian Chen so powerful?

Wasnt Jian Chen at the Origin realm? How did he become so powerful in the blink of an eye

He took Lu Tians arm with a single strike. Oh my god, Lu Tians a God after all. Jian Chen can heavily injure Gods so easily

The elders of the Mo clan all stared at Jian Chen with widened eyes. At that moment, they even struggled to believe the sight before them.

Jian Chen had never garnered any attention from them in the clan. The elders had never even properly looked at Jian Chen. If it were not for Shen Jians existence, they probably might have even forgotten that a person called Jian Chen existed in their Mo clan. However, they had never thought that it would be this same Jian Chen that actually possessed such terrifying strength.

Lu Tian also stared at Jian Chen in shock. His face was filled with disbelief. According to what he understood, Jian Chen was nowhere near as powerful as this.

Lu Tian, I let you escape last time. Id like to see how you escape this time. Jian Chen stared at Lu Tian coldly. His voice was icy-cold and filled with heavy killing intent.

Ando Fu, you keep Mo Ling busy. Datura, lets handle him together, Lu Tian called out to Datura in the distance.

Lu Tian, no one can save you today, Jian Chen said coldly. Wielding the Flying Snow sword, he directly stabbed towards Lu Tian.

The attack was simple and ordinary, without any special tricks. However, when he stabbed out, the attack seemed to hide the endless mysteries of the world inside, where the entire world seemed to lose its color before the strike, making it the only existence in the surroundings.

This was the power of the Laws of the Sword. Jian Chens current Laws of the Sword were no longer at the major achievement of Sword Origin. Instead, they were at great perfection!

The major achievement of Sword Origin was equivalent to mid God, while Jian Chens breakthrough in his comprehensions had elevated his laws to late God.

Lu Tian became extremely grim. Origin energy surged out wildly from his body, mixing with the Laws of Fire. He poured all the power he could use right now into his sword, causing it to immediately flare up. He swung out as hard as he could to receive Jian Chens attack.


The two swords collided and immediately produced a screeching of metal. The Flying Snow sword immediately began to shine brightly, exploding with surging sword Qi. The sword Qi directly dispersed Lu Tians Laws of Fire. Even his God level origin energy rapidly dispersed before the Laws of the Sword. The Flying Snow sword knocked Lu Tians sword out of his hand before continuing without weakening at all, driving straight into Lu Tians chest.

Spurt! Lu Tian vomited blood as he became extremely pale. He retreated in a horrible shape. However, as he retreated, his hands constantly formed seals before he bellowed out, Blazing the Heavens! The Laws of Fire in the surroundings rapidly condensed. At that moment, a sea of fire filled the entire sky, turning the surroundings into a world of fire. The temperature skyrocketed rapidly.

At that moment, the entire world seemed to become filled with fire. It scorched the space until it distorted as if it became a formation that trapped Jian Chen to slaughter him.

Jian Chen kept his cool and remained composed. He swept his Flying Snow sword through space, immediately making it explode with light. It shot through the air with lightning speed as a streak of light.

Rumble! Dazzling sword Qi weaved between the flames, producing a thunder-like boom. The sea of fire began to disperse. A single blow from Jian Chen had destroyed Lu Tians battle skill.

Impossible, this is impossible. You werent my opponent a few months ago. Its impossible for your strength to increase so much in such a short amount of time, Lu Tian roared out. Jian Chen had become so powerful that he was no longer his opponent. Lu Tian could not accept this.