Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1716

Chapter 1716: Lu Tians Death
Chapter 1716: Lu Tians Death

On the other side, Ando Fu also swore to himself secretly, Didnt Lu Tian say that this person could only put up a fight against a God barely? H- h- how is he so powerful? How is that barely? Thats complete domination.

This person is so powerful that he even managed to break through Lu Tians Truth Tier Battle Skill so easily. Seeing how leisurely he did it, even if the three of us work together, we won't be his opponent, let alone the fact that theres still Mo Ling as well. Lu Tian, youve screwed me over, thought Poison God Datura. At that moment, her hatred for Lu Tian had reached a point of no return.

Opposite to the two of them, Mo Ling chuckled happily instead. He was extremely excited and at ease.

Around a dozen banners had appeared in Lu Tians hand. Gritting his teeth, he tossed them towards Jian Chen. Each formation banner radiated with powerful pulses of energy, quickly falling into formation around Jian Chen.

Lu Tians heart ached when he threw out the banners. He had purchased them from the royal city, and they were enough to trap and kill early Gods with ease. They would even pose a certain degree of threat to mid Gods. He had originally bought them to deal with Mo Ling, but he never thought he would be forced to use them on Jian Chen.

The space before Jian Chen suddenly changed and the familiar surroundings disappeared silently. The chaotic formation space replaced it, filled with terrifying killing intent.

The Way of Slaughter? A thought crossed Jian Chens head. He was not unfamiliar with this presence. He had sensed it from the white tiger before. It was the Way of Slaughter that the white tiger had grasped at the Origin realm.

Suddenly, strands of Qi appeared in the surroundings, condensing into Force of Slaughter. They chopped towards Jian Chen with an icy-cold killing intent, moving extremely quickly. The formation space would ripple wherever they passed by.

The person who created this set of formation banners should have comprehended the Way of Slaughter as well, except the formation is a little weak. Its more than enough to deal with early Gods, but it cant pose much of a threat to me, Jian Chen murmured. He made his way through the formation space calmly as he raised the Flying Snow sword high above his head. Laws of the Sword surged and condensed, forming a three-hundred-meter-long ray of light, which he then cleaved forwards with.

The attack was extremely powerful, and it was basically enough to even cleave the sky in half. As he swung out, the entire formation space trembled violently while the Force of Slaughter that surged towards Jian Chen was completely dispersed as the sword Qi swept past.

Crack! Crack! Crack! At the same time, the formation space produced a collapsing sound. The dozen or so formation banners had all become covered in cracks. Before long, they were all reduced to dust.

A single strike had destroyed the formation that could slay early Gods.

After reaching the great perfection of the Laws of the Sword, my Sky-severing Strike has become drastically more powerful as well. Although the sword technique is not of a high grade, I just happen to be able to use the full power of this sword technique with my current comprehension of the Way of the Sword. However, once I reach Sword Spirit, the sword technique definitely wont be that helpful to me anymore, thought Jian Chen. He wielded the Flying Snow sword high in the air as his white clothes ruffled. He radiated with a certain sharpness.

Currently, he no longer seemed ordinary. Instead, he seemed like a drawn, divine sword. Especially when everyone saw how indomitable he seemed, it became a form of deterrence, filling everyones gaze towards him with fear, dread, admiration, and so on.

Lu Tians expression became extremely ugly. With a wave of his hand, he threw out another set of formation banners, creating a killing formation to kill Jian Chen. He had also bought this formation from the royal city for a great price. Originally, he planned to use it against Ando Fu after they destroyed the Mo clan.

Soon afterwards, a palm-sized, grey dagger appeared in Lu Tians hand. With a thought, the grey dagger immediately pulsed with destructive energy, shooting into the formation as a streak of blackness. The grey dagger was worth more than the two sets of formations because it was a consumable treasure that could unleash the full-powered attack of a mid God. It also possessed one of the most offensive laws among the three thousand laws, the Laws of Destruction.

If the dagger was used correctly, it could kill an early God with a single strike. He had also prepared it for Ando Fu originally, but he ended up using everything he had prepared against Jian Chen instead before they had even destroyed the Mo clan.

After using all his trump cards, Lu Tian stared nervously at Jian Chen who was trapped in the formation. He really was prepared in this operation against the Mo clan. He had purchased two formations from the royal city, where any one of them could claim the life of an early God. He had even bought a dagger with the Laws of Destruction, which was even deadlier. Even Lu Tian himself had no confidence in guarding against the dagger if it was used against him. He had not even prepared all these trump cards for the Mo clan but just to kill Ando Fu. However, he had never thought that Jian Chen would actually be so powerful, completely destroying his plans.

Ando Fu secretly nodded to himself as he saw how Lu Tian had prepared so many trump cards to destroy the Mo clan. He thought to himself, Lu Tian really does think through his actions. I thought he would only prepare a single trump card, but he has prepared three instead. He really is willing to pay the price to destroy the Mo clan. If it were not for an unaccounted variable like Jian Chen, the Mo clan really would have been destroyed.


Suddenly, a rumble rang out and the second formation used against Jian Chen shattered as well. Jian Chen emerged as he basked in a bright layer of light, appearing unscathed before everyone. The presence from the Laws of Destruction dispersed around him.

Lu Tians heart immediately sank. Jian Chen was just too powerful. Lu Tian had used all his trump cards, yet he struggled to harm him at all. Lu Tian was heavily injured right now, so he was even less of an opponent.

Swish! With a flash of light, Jian Chens Flying Snow sword was swung out with a flash. It struck Lu Tians waist, bisecting him mercilessly.

Lu Tian groaned and immediately turned around. He grabbed the lower half of his body as he fled quickly. At the same time, he shoved various pills into his mouth.

However, Datura suddenly appeared before Lu Tian. She called out coldly, Lu Tian, how dare you try to kill me! Even if I die here today, Ill take your life with my own hands! With that, the wooden staff in her hands stabbed towards Lu Tians head.

Spurt! Lu Tians head was immediately penetrated. Vicious poison began to spread, melting his head into a bloody mess in the blink of an eye. However, Lu Tian did not die because of that. His soul had managed to escape, but it was contaminated with a sliver of green poison.

Datura, you b*tch Lu Tians soul bellowed out furiously as hatred filled his eyes. Under the corrosion of the poison, his soul rapidly dispersed.

Hmph, you cant blame me. You can only blame the fact that you had ill intentions. You wanted to eliminate me, so why would I go easy on you? Do you really think I fear you? Datura said coldly.

B*tch, I curse you to die a horrible death! Lu Tians soul bellowed out angrily and with great unwillingness before directly dispersing in the surroundings.

Jian Chen watched on coldly from the side. He did not stop Datura from killing Lu Tian. He did not bear any intense hatred towards Lu Tian. Lu Tian only needed to die to protect the secret of the twin swords. It did not matter who killed him.

Senior, I only came here after Lu Tian tricked me. I have no intentions of disrespecting senior. I hope senior can be the bigger person and spare me, Datura clasped her fist towards Jian Chen after killing Lu Tian. However, before Jian Chen replied, she turned around and fled, leaving as quickly as she could. She did not dare to take Lu Tians Space Ring, leaving it where it was.

In her eyes, if Jian Chen did not want to kill her, he would not chase her either. If he did want to kill her, she would flee for a little first. Once Jian Chen really began to pursue her, she would have plenty of time to use a life-protecting skill and pay a certain price to leave the place.

After all, she was not Lu Tian. Lu Tian had already become spent, unable to flee before Jian Chen even if he wanted to. On the other hand, she was still at her peak condition.

Ando Fu did not dare to stay any longer either when he saw Datura flee. He turned into a wisp of wind and fled as quickly as he could. He was much faster than Datura.

Brother Jian Chen, we cant allow Ando Fu to escape. Mo Ling could not catch up, so he could only ask Jian Chen for help. Ando Fu had comprehended the Laws of Wind, so there were barely any people with similar cultivation levels who could catch up to him if he fled for his life.

Jian Chens gaze turned cold. Even without Mo Lings reminder, he would not allow Ando Fu to escape. After all, the third piece of Godking Duanmus jade was still in Ando Fus hands. Once Ando Fu escaped, he would definitely leave the Ando clan. The Saints World was so vast, so looking for him would be almost impossible by then.

Haha. Mo Ling, I admit defeat in this battle, but just your Mo clan doesnt have the ability to make me stay. Although Im only an early God, even late Gods may not necessarily catch up to me, Ando Fu shot off instantly. Just as he was about to disappear into the horizon, his voice rang out loudly, booming through the Mo clan thunderously.

Jian Chens face became rather strange when he heard that. He sneered and called out, Linear Lightning Release!