Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1722

Chapter 1722: Changes To The Situation
Chapter 1722: Changes to the Situation

Mo Yan seemed to have seen a sliver of light in the gloom when she heard Jian Chens words. She immediately became hopeful.

Is that true? Youre really willing to take me along with you? Mo Yan looked at Jian Chen excitedly.

Jian Chen nodded with a smile, I can take you with me, but you have to understand that the place were going to right now is extremely dangerous, so I cant leave you outside. You have to listen to me and stay in my divine hall obediently. I can only ensure your safety like that.

Jian Chen did not care about the other people of the Mo clan, but he had to take Mo Yan with him into Godking Duanmus dwelling. She would probably be doomed if she remained outside with her strength at Sainthood. She was also the patriarchs daughter, so if the powerful clans in the Dongan province learnt about Godking Duanmus dwelling, she would not be able to escape.

Without much delay, everyone in the clan disguised themselves and dispersed. Even though all of them were doubtful, they knew that the Mo clan was facing unprecedented trouble since the ancestor wanted them to disperse like mist and hide.

Four hours later, the entire Mo clan was emptied. All the clansmen had left and only a few elders and the patriarch were left. They all hovered in the sky as they had watched everything unfold with mixed feelings.

Brother Jian Chen, lets go, Mo Ling said to Jian Chen.

Jian Chen glanced past Mo Yan. With a wave of his hand, the Bright Moon Divine Hall immediately appeared from nowhere, hanging in the sky as a huge divine hall.

The appearance of the divine hall immediately attracted the attention of everyone present. Whether it was the elders of the Mo clan or the Ando clan, they all stared at the structure with much interest. They all wondered why Jian Chen carried such a fragile divine hall despite the great strength he possessed.

This was because the elders could all tell with a single glance that the Bright Moon Divine Hall was not tough. Even Origin realm cultivators could smash through the divine hall, while just the shockwaves from a fight between Godhood experts could reduce it to pieces. It was just fragile.

Miss Mo Yan, please remain in the divine hall for some time, Jian Chen said to Mo Yan. At the same time, the door of the divine hall slowly opened.

Jian Chen, you have to let me out once you get to a safe place, or Ill suffocate to death in there, said Mo Yan before bidding farewell to the patriarch and Xi Yu. She pouted and made her way into the Bright Moon Divine Hall reluctantly.

The patriarch opened his mouth. He wanted to say that he had an even better storage treasure that could withstand several attacks from Deities without being destroyed. It was countless times stronger than the Bright Moon Divine Hall, but just when the words reached his mouth, he swallowed them back down. This was because once they entered Godking Duanmus dwelling, it did not matter if it was the Bright Moon Divine Hall or his own divine hall. They would all be as fragile as paper before any attack once they entered the dwelling. It would be the same regardless of the divine hall Mo Yan stayed in. The important part was whether the person who carried the divine hall had the power to protect it or not.

Everyone became fully prepared before longer. Just as they were about to set off, Jian Chens face changed. He immediately became grim and soon afterwards, Mo Ling and Ando Fus faces changed slightly as well. They all turned their heads in the same direction. To no surprise, it was where the Dark Cloud Mountains stood.

Two powerful presences suddenly appeared where they were looking, shooting towards the Mo clan with lightning speed. The presences were tremendous, causing the clouds to churn and winds to rise. Clearly, they were Gods.

Its the ancestors of the Nanyun clan and Huo family from the provincial city! Mo Ling said with a stern voice. He had discerned their identities before they had even appeared through their presences alone. There were only so many Gods in the Dongan province and every single one of them had lived for many years. As a result, even if the Gods had never spoken to each other before, they knew each other.

People from the provincial city have actually come to the Mo clan. Has the Lu family really leaked the news about Godkind Duanmus jade and the news is already spreading across the Dongan province? Jian Chen thought. Cold light flickered in his eyes.

In just a few seconds, the two Gods arrived above the Mo clan. They stood a hundred meters away from Jian Chens group.

As expected, the two people were two of the three Gods who were sent to watch over the Dark Cloud Mountains. They had left the mine at the same time. One of them had headed to the Ando clan, while the other two directly went to the Mo clan.

Mo Ling, Ando Fu, where are you planning on going? Hmm? What has happened to your Mo clan? Why have all your people left? Whats happening? A white-robed young man acted like he was surprised as he looked around with some uncertainty.

He was a God from the Nanyun clan. Even though he only seemed to be in his twenties from his appearance, he had already lived for several tens of thousand years.

The God from the Huo family beside him studied the surroundings constantly as well. In the end, his gaze focused on Mo Ling and Ando Fu and the light in his eyes flickered as well.

That is an internal affair of my Mo clan. There is no need for other clans to interfere. Sirs, I still have important matters to attend to, so I wont be spending any time with you. Farewell, Mo Ling clasped his hands and said calmly.

Stop! Just as Mo Ling finished speaking, the God from the Huo family called out. With a flash, he arrived behind Jian Chens group, pincering them with the God from the Nanyun clan.

Huo Lian, what are you trying to do? Mo Lings face sank. He stared at the God from the Huo clan sharply.

The God smiled indifferently, Mo Ling, Im only curious about the important matter that you have to attend to. Its so important that you even had to disperse the entire Mo clan. Please quench my curiosity.

That is a matter of my Mo clan. Even if your Huo family is one of the more powerful clans in the Dongan province, you have no right to interfere with my clans matters, Mo Ling said coldly.

The God from the Huo family stood with his arms crossed. He smiled confidently and said, Mo Ling, if you dont do as I wish and satisfy my curiosity, I cant let you leave.


Just when the God from the Huo family finished speaking, the crisp resonance of a sword rang out in the sky. The temperature in the surroundings plummeted and snow filled the sky.

A silver-white sword shone brightly as it shot towards the ancestor of the Huo family with lightning speed.