Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1730

Chapter 1730: The Young Man With A Fan
Chapter 1730: The Young Man with a Fan

Feng Bule squinted when he heard that. He walked around the entrance of Godking Duanmus dwelling a few times and immediately became interested. He said, The entrance is hidden in space. Its so great that even with my eyes, I struggle to tell its existence. However, I just happen to have studied formations a little, so I can try.

At the same time, there was a bustling city in the neighboring Divine Kingdom of Qingyang. A man who only seemed to be in his twenties strolled through the busy streets slowly with a fan in his hand. The corners of the young mans lips were slightly perked. He seemed rather impudent as he observed the surroundings with great interest as if he found it all to be extremely novel.

Behind the young man was a burly man who seemed to be in his twenties. He followed the young man closely. The man was extremely ordinary. He did not give off any presences at all, making him seem like an ordinary person.

The outside world really is colorful. Ive only strolled around on this street and my horizons have already been broadened. Its not like back in the clan, where I see the same faces day and night. It has reached the point where its bothersome. Ive only passed through the trials after much desperation, so the oldies back at home finally allowed me out. This time, Ill have all the fun I can get. Unless they call me back, Ill never return The young man played around with his fan. He was in extremely good spirits.

Young master, youve come out to train and toughen up, not to play, reminded the man behind him.

Uncle Qin, isnt training just playing? And isnt playing training? Isnt it all the same? The young man said slightly unhappily.

Young master, of course, theyre not the same The middle-aged man said seriously.

Before he could finish talking, the young man shrugged and said, Alright, alright. Uncle Qin, I understand. Let me stroll around first, and Ill go train later.

At this moment, a luxurious carriage towed by nine rare beasts ran down the street. The expressions of all the people on the two sides changed when they saw the carriage, and they opened up a path in a hurry.

In particular, the women who had some beauty paled in fright. It was as if they had seen the most terrifying matter in the world, and they all fled in a hurry.

At this moment, a golden rope emerged from the carriage. It unfurled into around a dozen thinner ropes and wrapped around a woman each. As they screamed, they were quickly pulled into the carriage.

All of the women caught were the most beautiful among the females present.

The young master of the Mo family has come out looking for playthings again. Sigh, these women sure are unfortunate to end up in the hands of that young master

Who knows how many women the young master of the Mo family has dirtied. All the women he has captured have never appeared again. Who knows what has happened to them

What can we do? The Mo family reigns supreme in the Blue River province. No one dares to offend the Mo family in the Blue River province. After all, the Mo family is the reason why the Blue River province is one of the five most powerful provinces in the Divine Kingdom of Qingyang

Quite a few passersby discussed this matter on the sides of the street. Many of them pitied the women.

No one stood forward against the young master of the Mo family for kidnapping people publicly. If they did that, they would only end up dead.

My elder sister sister let go of my sister

A child who seemed less than ten years old ran out and charged towards the carriage. He was panic-stricken.

Youre looking to die, a cold voice rang out from the carriage. Without even making an appearance, a long whip emerged from the carriage, directly extending towards the child. The child had only just begun cultivating. He was not even an Earth Saint Master, so he would be dead for sure if the whip struck him.

The eyes of the young man with a fan narrowed at the sight of this. With a clap, his fan was closed, and he directly extended his fan towards the whip from afar. Immediately, a powerful strand of origin energy shot out and knocked the whip aside.

How dare you? Who is getting in this young masters way? Are you sick of living? An arrogant voice rang out from the carriage.

The young man walked over under everyones attention slowly. He tapped the fan in his hand as he smiled impolitely, You dare to call yourself a young master before this young master? You sure are bold. The one whos tired of living is you.

You dare to talk back to this young master? Kill him, the young master of the Mo family said from within the carriage.

The guards around the carriage immediately surged up as they charged towards the young man aggressively.

The corner of the young mans lips perked up disdainfully. He said, How dare you disrespect this young master? You should die for harming innocent women in the eye of the public. You should die for attacking a young child. You should die. The young man spread his fingers and opened the fan in his hand, directly fanning it towards the carriage.


Flames immediately rose up with the wave of the fan, surging towards the sky. Flames emerged from the fan, turning into a violent dragon of fire that enveloped the guards and carriage of the Mo family.

The violent flames came and left quickly. It had vanished in just the blink of an eye. At that moment, all the guards and the carriage enveloped by the flames vanished; only some ash was left behind on the ground.

The street fell silent at that moment. Everyone became stunned. What kind of fire was this, it reduced the young master of the Mo family along with his carriage into ash in a single moment while leaving the surrounding structures and people unscathed?

Everyones gaze towards the young man changed. This was definitely groundbreaking to kill the young master of the Mo family in the territory of the Mo family. After all, the Mo family was one of the five most powerful clans within the Divine Kingdom of Qingyang. They possessed an Overgod and controlled an entire province.

Thank you savior, thank you, the women he had saved all thanked the young man before fleeing with lingering fear. They disappeared into the crowd.

Looks like the Mo family is not up to anything good either. Uncle Qin, lets go. Lets go wipe out the Mo family, the young man put his fan away and walked off indifferently.

Young master, youve already wiped out four clans along the way. The strong prey on the weak. That is the law of the Saints World. If you have to stick your nose into every matter, youll have to wipe out quite a few clans on the entire Cloud Plane, the man beside him said helplessly.

If thats the case, lets leave this Mo family be for now. Uncle Qin, I heard that a Godkings dwelling has appeared in the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian. It seems to belong to someone called Duanmu or something. Lets go check it out, the young man became excited once again.

Duanmu The middle-aged man murmured to himself. A gleam of light flashed through his eyes, and he nodded, Lets go and check it out.

TL note: The Mo family here is different from the Mo clan mentioned before. You can distinguish between the two as one is a clan, while the other is a family. The Mo in Mo family is basically equivalent to demon, while the Mo in Mo clan (the clan that rescued Jian Chen) is basically equivalent to ink.