Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1732

Chapter 1732: The Second Strand Of Profound Sword Qi

Over thirty Overgods struck out at the same time. The shockwaves of energy formed terrifying storms. Only other Overgods could keep their footing within the storms. Gods had already retreated to several hundred kilometers away. Even at such a distance, there were still many Gods who had to use all their power to remain where they were.

However, there were two exceptions in the space there. One was a handsome young man in white clothes. He held a fan and smiled impudently. He stared at the Overgods who attacked the formations in interest.

The young man was clearly only a God, yet he remained as stable as a mountain in the storms of energy caused by the Overgods attacks. The powerful ripples failed to even touch his hair. Upon closer inspection, it was quite obvious that the ripples of energy could not even get within three meters of the young man.

Behind the young man stood a burly man. He seemed extremely ordinary, just like a mortal. However, he was able to hover in the air, and the ripples of energy were unable to get within three meters of the man as well.

In that region of space, only where the young man and burly man stood was peaceful. The other places were like a surging ocean.

Their existence naturally attracted the attention of all the Overgods present. They directly looked past the young man and saw the burly man behind him. All their eyes narrowed.

This was because they could not tell the cultivation level of the man. He seemed just like an ordinary person who had never cultivated before. However, they did not look down on him. Instead, they became fearful, paying particular attention towards the two of them.

Although they knew that the man had used a secret technique to keep his strength hidden, he was able to stand there, which meant that his strength was extraordinary.

However, what the young man did next made the complexions of all the Overgods darken slightly.

The young man actually pulled out a table several thousand meters in the air. The table was filled with various delicacies. The young man sat before the stable. He began eating as he watched them attack the entrance to Godking Duanmus dwelling. He was enjoying himself.

On the other hand, the burly man stood beside the young man quietly like a guard.

Uncle Qin, how long do you think theyll take before they get through to the entrance of the dwelling? The young man asked with some interest as he smiled indifferently.

Duanmu has achieved some mastery over the Laws of Space. It really is difficult to find the entrance of his dwelling since he hid it in space. However, they already know its precise location now. Itll be difficult to say how long theyll take to open the dwelling. If its just forcing out the entrance, its much easier. All you have to do is destabilise the space there, and the entrance will naturally appear, replied the burly man referred to as uncle Qin.

Uncle Qin, why dont we have a gamble? Lets gamble how much time itll take for them to force out the entrance. Im gonna bet that they cant do it even with three years time, the young man said to the burly man as he enjoyed his delicacies leisurely.

I refuse, the middle-aged man turned him down flatly.

Youre boring, the young man shook his head and he immediately became less interested.

Although the Overgods did not hear the conversation, they gained a rough understanding of it through lip-reading, and what they gathered made all of their faces sink slightly.

Who are those two?

I dont know. Ive never seen them before or even heard of them. But seeing how they can remain in the area affected by energy, theyre probably Overgods.

The young man is only a mid God, and he isnt using any power at all. The ripples of energy arent stopped by him. Looks like its the person behind him.

A few of the Overgods communicated with each other secretly. Without any doubt, the scornful actions of the young man had annoyed all the Overgods present. They would not have minded it if he just wanted to watch. There were many others that were watching, and there were many more Gods in the distance. However, he just had to take out a table of delicacies as well. That completely changed everything.

He was not observing or learning. He was watching a show!

Although they felt indignant, the Overgods did not dare to cause trouble. They could already tell that the powerful man was only an attendant or a guard. They could not afford to provoke an organisation who even had Overgods as guards.

Even if he was not an Overgod but a late God, they still could not afford to provoke an organisation that used late Gods as guards.

The young man spread his fingers, and his fan immediately opened up, perhaps due to the fact that he sensed that more and more Overgods were directing their attention over to him. He said with a smile, You dont need to look at me. Ive just come out to enjoy myself, not to get in your way. Continue! Continue! The young man remained calm and composed before so many Overgods. However, his behavior had confirmed what the Overgods were doubting even more.

Ignore him. Lets keep going, an Overgod said with a sunken face. All of them could tell that the young man had quite an impressive background.

The Overgods continued to try to force out the entrance of the dwelling and booms constantly rang out.

Time passed quickly. In the blink of an eye, five years had come and gone. Four formation discs shone with dazzling light inside Godking Duanmus dwelling, guarding a particular region of space. They were extremely eye-catching in the dwelling.

Within the regions enveloped was the space where Shen Jian, Jian Chen, Mo Ling, and Ando Fu cultivated. Unknowingly, they had already remained there for five years.

At this moment, a powerful sword Qi suddenly appeared within Jian Chens space. The formation disc that could withstand several attacks from gods collapsed and shattered in a split second. Even the formation disc itself was reduced to fragments, revealing Jian Chen.

A finger-sized sword Qi hovered above Jian Chens head. It shone with pressing cold light and just the sword intent it radiated with shattered the formation disc. As the sword intent continued to spread, even the formations discs that guarded Mo Ling, Ando Fu, and Shen Jian began to tremble violently. The formations collapsed at a visible rate, alarming Shen Jian, Mo Ling, and Ando Fu.

In the next moment, the sword intent vanished. The tiny sword Qi above Jian Chens head had been stored into Jian Chens soul, erasing all the sharp light.

Jian Chen opened his eyes slowly and smiled. The second strand of Profound Sword Qi had finally been condensed.

Since he already had prior experience, he used even less time to condense the second strand.