Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1733

Chapter 1733: Venturing Into The Dwelling

What powerful sword intent. It even made me shiver in fear. Brother Jian Chen, youve broken through again! Mo Ling arrived before Jian Chen and said in shock. Jian Chens strength increased just too quickly. It had increased once again in this short amount of time.

Ando Fu put his formation disc away and stood up. He also stared at Jian Chen in shock.

Shen Jian also stopped cultivating. He opened his eyes and gazed at Jian Chen.

Jian Chen shook his head in response to Mo Ling, Ive only increased my understanding of a sword technique. My personal strength has not broken through. Soon afterwards, Jian Chen looked towards Shen Jian. He discovered that Shen Jian had actually become a God.

Jian Chen was not surprised at all by how quickly Shen Jian had become a God. After all, his comprehension of the laws of the world had already reached mid God. He only lacked personal cultivation. Jian Chen had basically left all the divine crystals and pills on him to Shen Jian when he entered seclusion, so with Shen Jians talent, becoming a God in five years was no problem.

However, Shen Jian had also used up all the divine crystals after breaking through to God. There was only an insignificant amount left for recovering origin energy. After all, it was impossible to replenish origin energy through the standard method of absorbing the energy in the surroundings here. Once someone ran out of origin energy, they would have to use divine crystals, pills, or recovery heavenly resources to replenish it all.

However, Xi Yu and the other elders of the Mo clan were unable to calmly accept the fact that Shen Jian had become a God so quickly. They had personally witnessed Shen Jian attain Godhood from Reciprocity, yet he had already risen up to God in just a few years. He was a like a rocket, stunning them all with his speed.

If they had not personally witnessed this, they would have never believed someone could cultivate so quickly no matter what they heard.

In particular, Xi Yu became filled with extremely mixed feelings. Originally, she had been labelled as a deviant with her talent, but now she realised that she was nothing when she compared herself to Shen Jian.

Since everyone is ready, lets venture into the dwelling, Jian Chen said to everyone before looking around. He found a set of formations that was stood out and directly sent a strand of sword Qi towards it with the Flying Snow sword. There was an immediately boom, which was rather obvious in the quiet dwelling.

Jian Chen put his sword away after sending out the sword Qi. He remained where he was as he waited.

Seeing how Jian Chen did not go anywhere, Mo Ling, Ando Fu, and the Deity elders did not move by themselves. They basically all followed Jian Chens lead now.

Before long, the illusionary fairy Hao Yue flew over from the depths of the dwelling. She arrived before Jian Chen after a while.

Fairy Hao Yue, your soul has become even more powerful. Congratulations, said Jian Chen. Fairy Hao Yues soul was now as strong as a Deitys. Her soul was only at the Origin realm five years ago.

Fairy Hao Yue ignored his words. She said, Ive gained a basic understanding of this dwelling. The dwelling where Duanmu cultivated is in the very depths, and the formations there are the most powerful. I cant get through them either. There are three other regions besides that. Theyre probably where the three disciples of Duanmu cultivated. The formations are weaker there as well. Besides that, there are other formations hidden in the depths of the dwelling. Even Overgods will be doomed if they fall into some of the killing formations, while Godkings will struggle to break free. As a result, you must be careful as you move through the dwelling. Any carelessness will doom you.

Fairy Hao Yues appearance startled Mo Ling, Ando Fu, and the others. They could tell just how weak fairy Hao Yue was with a single glance, yet she was able to move around the dwelling freely and even understand so much. She had basically moved through the entire dwelling, so they could not help but hold her in high esteem.

Fairy Hao Yue, may I ask if youve seen any other people in the dwelling? Mo Ling asked nervously. He did not recognise fairy Hao Yue, so he just copied how Jian Chen had referred to her.

Fairy Hao Yue glanced at Mo Ling and said, Youre asking about the ancestors of your three clans, right? I did indeed see them. Its all because they smashed through so many formations that I could venture so far in.

Are the ancestors still alive? Mo Ling asked with great interest.

Ando Fu became interested as well. His gaze was fixated on fairy Hao Yue, and it was also filled with the same eagerness.

Theyre dead. Their corpses are all in the depths of the dwelling. They died to a killing formation, replied fairy Hao Yue.

Mo Ling and Ando Fu immediately became rather sorrowful when they heard that. Although they had already expected this, they could not help but experience some sorrow once their doubts were confirmed.

Two of the three dwellings for Godking Duanmus disciples have been opened up, and theyve been cleaned out. Only one remains. Ill take you there, fairy Hao Yue said to Jian Chen and Shen Jian before leading them into the depths of the dwelling.

Very soon, Jian Chen and the others arrived at where the third disciple of Godking Duanmu cultivated without any obstructions. Jian Chen discovered a large number of destroyed formations along the way. Every single one of them seemed ancient, clearly left behind by the ancestors of the three clans in the past.

It was exactly because so many formations had been destroyed that Jian Chens group was able to move through the dwelling so smoothly. They basically encountered no obstacles at all.

According to the ancestor, only this is the place where Godking Duanmus disciple cultivated. The disciple was an Overgod and possessed quite impressive achievements in formations. The ancestors had tried to remove these formations in the past, but due to their power, the ancestors would have to devote a tremendous effort to remove them. They were unwilling to devote so much time and energy into doing that, so they never bothered with this place because the items of an Overgod were not enough to draw in the ancestors. The other two dwellings were presumably where the grand disciples of Godking Duanmu cultivated according to the ancestors. As the two other grand disciples were only Gods, the formations were not powerful, so the ancestors managed to remove all the formations without any difficulty at all. Everything inside has already been taken away by our three clans, Mo Ling explained as he stood before the dwelling.

Although theyre grand disciples of Godking Duanmu, theyre much more powerful than Mo Ling and me. There are traces of their cultivation in their dwellings as well as marks for comprehending laws. Comprehending these marks are beneficial to me and Mo Ling and even better for Deities. Of course, that would depend on your personal affinity. If you dont have the affinity, you wont benefit at all, added Ando Fu before glancing at the elders of his Ando clan. He really wanted them to go to the dwellings of the grand disciples to cultivate.

Lets get through these formations first. An Overgod cast down these formations and they are extremely well designed. Even early Overgods would not be able to get through them if they did not understand formations. Theyre as tough as a steel wall to you lot, but Ive found the weakest point in the formations. As long as you all pour your strength together, you might be able to smash through the formation with my assistance, said fairy Hao Yue.

A gleam of light immediately flashed through Jian Chens eyes. There was an Overgods treasure in there, and it belonged to a disciple of Godking Duanmu. It would contain far greater wealth than the abode of any regular Overgod.