Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1738

Chapter 1738: The Entrance Appears

The young man sat up slowly. He spread his fingers and opened the fan in his hands with a fwap. He gently fanned himself as he gazed at the several dozen Overgods who had cast down formations under master Chanlongs instructions. Interest immediately flooded his eyes again, and he said, Uncle Qin, do you think they can force out the entrance this time?

The burly man shook his head gently, Although its not a bad idea, its still a little too little to force out the entrance hidden in space. Duanmu comprehended the Laws of the Sword and the Laws of Space. He had basically reached the limits of Godking with them, so itll be difficult for these Overgods to force out the entrance he hid.

The young man stood up from the lounge lazily. He stretched a little before glancing at the two beautiful Deities standing obediently to one side. He could not help but smile indifferently, and with a flip of his hand, a jade bottle appeared in his hand.

The burly man glared at the young man when he saw the jade bottle, and the muscles on his face twitched unnaturally.

The young man poured out two pills from the bottle, and the pills floated slowly towards the two women under an invisible force.

The two women both looked at the pills excitedly.

I am a man of my word. Since youve served me for five years, I would never mistreat you. Here are two Ten-thousand-year God Origin Pills, one each, the young man said indifferently. He was extremely lavish.

There was only a single Ten-thousand-year God Origin Pill in the entire Divine Kingdom of Pingtian, and it had been brought over from another divine kingdom by the divine king. It was so expensive that it still had not been sold. Even though there were extremely great disadvantages to consuming Ten-thousand-year God Origin Pills, there was a second reason why the pill had not been sold, which was its price.

Thank you, young master. Thank you!

The two women thanked him. They were in especially good spirits. They carefully put the pill away like a treasure.

Alright, you two can go. Go do whatever you have to do. Ill let you go early, the young man said as he fluttered his fan.

The two women thanked him again and no longer remained. They left happily. They had used just five years to obtain a precious Ten-thousand-year God Origin Pill. It was just too worth it of a deal for them. They felt like the pills had basically fallen into their laps.

Young master, how come I dont remember when you obtained the Ten-thousand-year God Origin Pills? And with your talent, the clan would never give you pills like that. Have you secretly snuck into elder Gus pill room? Uncle Qin asked after the two women had left.

The young man closed his fan in a single moment and glanced at uncle Qin with guilt. He said, Of course not. Uncle Qin, youre thinking too much. Not to mention that even you would struggle to enter elder Gus pill room, so how would I get in there, right?

Then where did your Ten-thousand-year God Origin Pills come from

Alright, alright. Uncle Qin, lets not talk about the pills anymore. Arent they just Ten-thousand-year God Origin Pills? With my status, getting them is a piece of cake, the young man cut off uncle Qin. Then he looked away and stared at the entrance to Godking Duanmus dwelling. He said, Even with so many people, theyve still failed to make the entrance appear after five years. I dont have that much time to wait for them. Uncle Qin, go help them out. If they continue like this, theyll just be wasting my time.

Uncle Qin glanced at the young man rather helplessly and nodded slightly.

Blow up the formations!

It was also at this moment that master Chanlongs voice rang out. Soon, a serious of thunderous booms followed. The formations cast down around the entrance had all been blown up, forming a powerful attack that ripped at the space there.

The space immediately trembled gently. However, it was still a little lacking for the terrifying attack from the explosion of so many Overgod level formations to rip open the space there.

It was also in the moment that the formations had been blown up that the uncle Qin beside the young man moved. He only extended a finger towards the entrance gently.

His action immediately created a series of ripples in the space before him silently. His movement seemed extremely ordinary, just like a mortal casually raising a finger. However, it managed to move the space there.

However, everyones attention was gathered on the dwelling at that time. No one had noticed uncle Qins actions.

It was also with uncle Qins movement that the space around the entrance to the dwelling shook violently. Space seemed to rip open there, revealing a stone door hidden in space.

The powerful attack from the explosion of several dozen formations struck the stone door and failed to move it at all.

The entrance has appeared

Its the entrance to Godking Duanmus dwelling

Master Chanlong really is a master of formations after all. You really are impressive to have actually forced out the entrance of the dwelling.

Master Chanlong, you have my admiration

The Overgods nearby all praised master Chanlong. Meanwhile, master Chanlong smiled deeply with the eight trigrams disc in one hand as he stroked his white beard with the other. His face was filled with confidence.

The young man also smiled deeply when he saw this from afar.

Theres another powerful formation on the stone door. Master Chanlong, please assist us in getting through it

Master Chanlong, well all be depending on you

The surrounding Overgods all asked master Chanlong to continue breaking through the formations. They spoke even more politely than before.

As long as the entrance has appeared, the formations will be much easier to deal with. Any formation cannot lose its source of energy. As long as you drain its source of energy, any formation will fall apart by itself no matter how powerful it is. Allow me to find the weakness of this formation, master Chanlong said loudly. He arrived before the stone door with his chest held high as he stared at the door with much focus.

The moment the entrance to the dwelling appeared, the space within the dwelling trembled gently as if it had received a powerful attack.

Fairy Hao Yue gazed in the direction of the entrance from outside the Sword Comprehension Building. She became grim and murmured, The remaining time is only decreasing.