Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1739

Chapter 1739: Sword Spiri

In the blink of an eye, another half a month had passed. A gleam of light suddenly flashed through the eyes of master Chanlong, who had been devoting himself to studying the formation outside Godking Duanmus dwelling. He said, Right here. Everyone attack here with your full strength.

Without any hesitation, the several dozen Overgods all struck out at the point of weakness specified by master Chanlong.

Even though it was a weak point, the formation was still one Godking Duanmu personally cast down after all. Smashing through it as Overgods was not an easy feat.

The several dozen Overgods barraged the point of weakness crazily for ten days and nights straight. Only then was the formation destroyed. However, the stone gate remained closed. The light of formations continued to flicker outside. There was more than a single formation there.

There are a total of eighteen formations on this stone door. Theres seventeen left, so allow me to study and try to predict the features of this second formation, master Chanlong swung his sleeves and continued to study the formation by squatting before it.

This person is quite accomplished with formations. If this continues, the formations cast down by Duanmu will be destroyed sooner or later, uncle Qin said calmly from afar.

A year later, eight of the eighteen formations had been destroyed. Only ten remained, blocking everyone from entering.

At the same time, Shen Jian awakened from his state of comprehension within Godking Duanmus dwelling. With the period of comprehension, his Way of the Sword had reached the great perfection of Sword Origin. On the other hand, Jian Chen remained in his state of comprehension and had not roused.

Shen Jian did not disturb Jian Chen. He walked out of the stone hut silently. The longer a person spent comprehending, the more they would benefit. Jian Chens Way of the Sword had already reached the great perfection of Sword Origin before him. He had been comprehending for longer as well, so coupled with Jian Chens talent, Shen Jian realised that Jian Chen was probably making a breakthrough with the Way of the Sword.

Afterwards, Shen Jian sat down outside the building. Then he placed the Cloudstream sword on his knees and formed seals with his hands. He began to cultivate again.

Without much delay, a mysterious power began to radiate from him. In the end, it gradually turned into translucent specks of light, flickering as they revolved around him. The glimmering specks of light seemed to form a star chart of the night sky

Shen Jian was a huge giant who currently sat within a galaxy!

His cultivation had reached the level of Gods, so he had fulfilled the conditions required to grasp the second move of A Will that Splits the Heavens. Although he had used the move in the battle against the evil spirit once in the past, he had paid a huge price to forcefully use it. Not only was its power reduced, but it did not possess the core essence of the move. He was nowhere near grasping the essence of the move back then.

As a result, he needed to carefully comprehend the second move after becoming a God.

This battle skill is of quite a high grade. Looks like Shen Jian has also inherited the legacy of someone great, or it would be impossible for him to learn such a high grade battle skill. At the same time, his sword is nowhere near as simple as it seems, fairy Hao Yue stared at Shen Jian from the distance and the light in her eyes flickered.

Just like this, another half a year passed. Suddenly, a powerful sword intent appeared within the Sword Comprehension Building. Sword Qi currently revolved around Jian Chen who stood inside the stone hut. The sword Qi were finger-sized and silver-white, swimming around happily like little fishies.

Compared to the sword Qi Jian Chen previously used, this sword Qi was no longer as rigid. Instead, it seemed more intelligent as if each strand of sword Qi possessed its own life.

Jian Chen had finally made a breakthrough in his Way of the Sword after this period of comprehension, formally advancing to Sword Spirit.

Thats the comprehension of an Overgods laws of the world, gleams of light flickered through fairy Hao Yues eyes when she sensed the disturbance in the building. She was quite surprised.

Jian Chens comprehension of the laws of the world had already become equivalent to an Overgods now.

Jian Chens affinity for comprehension even makes me a little jealous, fairy Hao Yue said rather emotionally. Jian Chen was still a cultivator at Sainthood when she first met him on the Tian Yuan Continent. He had not even comprehended the laws of the world back then. Only so much time had passed since then, yet he had made his way up, step by step, to an expert that was equivalent to an Overgod now.

The only aspect he lacked in was his personal cultivation. It was too low. The ninth layer of the Chaotic Body was only equivalent to a Deity.

Even with the entire Saints World in perspective, there was probably only Jian Chen who possessed the cultivation of a Deity and the comprehension of an Overgod.

This was because it was just too difficult for his Chaotic Body to progress to a new layer. He required tremendous amounts of cultivation resources.

The sword Qi in Jian Chens surroundings settled down very soon. However, he did not make his way out of the building. Instead, he directly went to the second floor.

The second floor was extremely spacious as well. There was a stone table in the centre with a scroll on it.

Jian Chen arrived before the stone table and looked around carefully. Only after confirming that there were no dangers did he pick up the scroll and slowly unfurl it.

Jian Chens eyes suddenly narrowed the moment he unfurled the scroll. He felt like the scroll was enlarging right before his eyes, becoming boundless in the blink of an eye. It had transformed into a world with mountains and rivers, while he himself stood in a world like that.

A green-robed, middle-aged man had appeared silently before him. The middle-aged man stood tall and straight. His appearance was dashing; he possessed sharp eyebrows that were as straight as swords and eyes that shone like stars. He radiated with surging sword intent.

The sword intent was so powerful that even Jian Chen who had reached Sword Spirit felt greatly pressured.

Godking Duanmu! Jian Chen shuddered. Even though he had never seen the man before him before, he was extremely certain that the man was the owner of the dwelling, the supreme Godking Duanmu.

However, this was not Godking Duanmus true body. It was just an image he had left behind.

Godking Duanmu probably used this scroll to teach his disciple, thought Jian Chen.

At this moment, Godking Duanmu began to use the sword in the empty space. His style of the sword was swift and brutal. Every single strike contained sharp sword Qi. All the attacks were extremely terrifying. Whenever he stabbed out, the sword seemed to follow the natural trajectories of the world. It seemed to have fused with the world, possessing the power of laws.

This was a scroll Godking Duanmu left behind to pass on his ways. He had engraved all his comprehension of the Laws of the Sword into the scroll, passing it on selflessly.

The person he wanted to pass it to was not Jian Chen but his disciple. It was just that Jian Chen had touched the disciple today, so he was brought into this illusionary world instead. Naturally, he was treated as Godking Duanmus disciple.

After all, the scroll was only a scroll. It did not possess any consciousness. It was naturally unable to tell who was who.

Jian Chen remained in the illusionary world as he devoted all his attention to Godking Duanmus sword techniques. It seemed like his mind had sunken into it as he closely comprehended every single detail of Godking Duanmus usage of the Laws of the Sword.

Godking Duanmus sword style doesnt only contain the Way of the Sword, but the Laws of Space as well, Jian Chen realised something and became filled with admiration. Not only were Godking Duanmus accomplishments in the Laws of the Sword impressive, but his Laws of Space had reached an extremely profound level as well.