Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1742

Chapter 1742: A Gathering Of Overgods

Along with fairy Hao Yues voice, Jian Chen and everyone else struck out with their full strength at the same time. The Deities all stood in formation as they launched their most powerful attack.

Ando Fu and Mo Ling forced out all the power they had, using their most powerful battle skills to attack the weakness of the formation.

Stars glimmered around Shen Jian. As he stabbed out as hard as he could with the Cloudstream sword, a galaxy filled with shining stars appeared. A pure and powerful force surged out from the galaxy, embedded onto the Cloudstream sword. It shot out as a powerful strand of sword Qi.

Shen Jian had used the second move of a Will that Splits the Heavens that he had recently comprehended without any hesitation, The Sword Extends and Galaxies Extinguish.

This time, it was clearly much more powerful than when he used it against the evil spirit. Even late Gods would be doomed before his attack unless they were prodigies as well.

Two finger-sized, silver-white sword Qi appeared above Jian Chens head, and they surged with sword intent. With a thought, the two strands of Profound Sword Qi shot out at the same time. They moved extremely fast as if they had exceeded the speed of lightning, striking the weak point fairy Hao Yue had specified in a single instance.

Everyone had basically launched their most powerful attacks at the same time. With a great boom, the terrifying shockwave of energy forced back Mo Ling, Ando Fu, and the elders. In particular, all the elders spurted blood from their mouths as they paled.

As Jian Chen had used two strands of Profound Sword Qi at the same time, the attack had reached the level of Overgods. Just the shockwaves of energy had heavily wounded the Deity elders, and it even forced Mo Ling and Ando Fu to constantly retreat.

When the violent energies gradually dispersed, everyones faces became extraordinarily ugly. They had used their most powerful attacks without holding back at all, and this even included their greatest trump cards. However, the formation remained intact.

Sigh. Looks like this is our limit. Fairy Hao Yue sighed gently when she saw this. She was filled with frustration.

Jian Chen became rather dejected as well. The formations in the path to Godking Duanmus cultivation area was unimaginably powerful. Even after growing stronger in the dwelling, he was still far from being able to smash through the formations there.


At this moment, the entire dwelling basically rumbled. Violent streams of energy appeared in the distance, causing all their faces to become extremely ugly again.

Including Jian Chen, everyone felt an intense pressure from the ripples of energy. Even late Gods would probably fall before the shockwave.

After all, this shockwave came from the attacks of several dozen Overgods. It was so powerful that even Overgods would have to avoid it.

Afterwards, dense origin energy surged into the dwelling rapidly. The environment within the dwelling became the same as the outside world, and it was now filled with dense origin energy.

The entrance has been smashed through, Jian Chen said with much grimness. With a flick of his hand, a jade bottle appeared in his hand. He directly poured out a Soul Recovery Pill from the bottle and ingested it, ignoring how reluctant he was to use it. He recovered his consumed power of the soul.

He would be facing many Overgods soon, so he had to return to his peak condition.

Enter the Bright Moon Divine Hall, fairy Hao Yue said grimly. Afterwards, her illusionary figure suddenly disappeared, having entered the divine hall. She controlled the divine hall to fly out of Jian Chens Space Ring, falling onto the ground as a grand hall. The divine halls entrance was wide open.

If you dont want to die, come in. Remember, everyone must seal up their cultivation inside my divine hall, fairy Hao Yues voice rang out from the divine hall.

Mo Ling, Ando Fu, and the elders all understood that the Bright Moon Divine Hall was fragile. None of them had any objections, and they sealed off their cultivations and erased their presences before entering the divine hall quickly.

Shen Jian, you should go in as well. The people coming in are all Overgods, Jian Chen said when he saw Shen Jian hesitate.

Shen Jian was an early God, while his comprehension of the Way of the Sword had reached late God. He was still extremely far off when compared to Overgods.

Shen Jian clearly understood this. After a moment of hesitation, he told Jian Chen to be careful before entering the divine hall as well.

Once everyone entered the structure, the Bright Moon Divine Hall shrank rapidly before returning to Jian Chens Space Ring. In the blink of an eye, only Jian Chen remained within Godking Duanmus dwelling.

The dwelling was very large, but there were no places to hide. It was impossible for them to escape from the Overgods searches. As a result, Jian Chen did not hide. Instead, he sat down where he was and waited for the people to come in. The power of his soul that he had drained from using the two strands of Profound Sword Qi rapidly recovered under the assistance of the Soul Recovery Pill.

A few seconds later, tremendous presences appeared at the entrance of the dwelling. The Overgods outside had all entered the dwelling. Several dozen powerful senses of the soul swept through the dwelling recklessly before all gathering on Jian Chen.

Hmm? Theres actually someone inside?

I heard that people entered the dwelling several years ago. Is he it?

A few voices of surprise and doubt rang out from the entrance. The Overgods gathered at the entrance all flew towards Jian Chen.

Overgods moved extremely fast, so in just a few seconds, they all appeared in Jian Chens view. They all gave off powerful presences that were as tremendous as the ocean.

At the forefront of the group was a sagely old man. He held a disc with the eight trigrams. He was master Chanlong.

Jian Chen slowly opened his eyes as well and stood up. After the period of recovery, the power of his soul had completely returned. He slowly glanced past the Overgods gathered there and said indifferently, I never thought thered be over sixty Overgods. That has surprised me. I never thought that Godking Duanmus dwelling would be so attractive. Jian Chen was very mentally pressured, as he had to face against so many Overgods, but he appeared composed and fearless on the surface.

Indeed, the Overgods had increased from over fifty to over sixty. The peak experts of the divine kingdoms in the surroundings had all gathered here. Every single one of them represented an ancestor of an organisation. They were the few peak experts who sat at the very top in their own divine kingdoms.

Little brother, who are you? Which clan or sect do you come from? Master Chanlong stared at Jian Chen calmly. Basically, no one among the Overgods knew the story about Godking Duanmus jade that had been spread or the fact that three tiny clans had once possessed the Godkings jade. They had really suspected Jian Chen to possess a great background when they saw him in the dwelling.