Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1743

Chapter 1743: Ling Hougong

As a result, the other Overgods said nothing when they saw how master Chanlong had asked the questions they wanted to know the answer to as well. They all stared at Jian Chen coldly.

I am Jian Chen. I do not come from any clan or sect. I am an independent cultivator, Jian Chen said indifferently with clasped hands.

The Overgods were all relieved when they heard that Jian Chen was an independent cultivator. Soon afterwards, their gazes towards Jian Chen became hostile.

Brat, the key to the dwelling is on you. Who knows how many times youve entered this place in the past. You must have found a lot of good things in the past years, right? A skinny, middle-aged man stepped out from the group. He stared at Jian Chen sharply. At the same time, a powerful presence radiated from him and crushed down on Jian Chen.

The skinny man was an early Overgod. Jian Chen immediately felt like he had been thrown into the churning seas when the pressure descended upon him; it was like endless amounts of huge waves were striking his body.

If his Laws of the Sword had not broken through, he would have definitely failed to resist the skinny mans powerful presence. However, he had reached Sword Spirit now, so even though his personal cultivation was lacking, his comprehension of laws was at the same level as the skinny man, or even slightly beyond his.

Jian Chens expression did not change at all. Suddenly, sharp sword Qi radiated from him. At that moment, he seemed to have become a divine sword as the powerful and sharp sword Qi directly dispersed the middle-aged mans tremendous presence. The skinny mans presence could no longer approach Jian Chen.

Jian Chen did not lose the upper hand in a battle of presence because his comprehension of laws was no weaker than the skinny mans.

A gleam of light flashed through the skinny mans eyes. He stared at Jian Chen with some surprise as if he had not considered that Jian Chen could have comprehended the laws of the world to a similar level as his.

Hmm? Youve actually also comprehended the Laws of the Sword! An interjection of surprise rang out in the group. An old man who carried a sword on his back made his way to the front. To no surprise, he was the Ling Hougong from the Swordseeking province of the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian.

Ling Hougong stared at Jian Chen with much interest. His eyes shone brighter and brighter. He smiled, Ive roamed through several divine kingdoms. Finally, Ive found another Overgod who has also comprehended the Laws of the Sword like me. Jian Chen, why dont we find a time to spar once the matter of Godking Duanmu is settled? We can pursue the sword together! Ling Hougongs gaze was straightforward. He radiated with righteousness like a man of noble character. Surprise and joy filled his face.

He was a fanatic of the sword, but ever since he became an Overgod, he had never found another expert on the same level that he could spar with anymore. For the sake of sparring, he had once left the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian and journeyed through the neighboring divine kingdoms. Although he did come across a few other people who comprehended the Laws of the Sword, they were basically all Deities or Gods. He did not come across a single Overgod, which filled him with much regret.

Yet today, he had found an Overgod who also comprehended the Laws of the Sword, which he had spent many years searching for. He was absolutely overjoyed.

As Ling Hougong walked out, a sliver of fear flashed through the eyes of many of the surrounding Overgods. Ling Hougong was only an early Overgod, but he comprehended the Laws of the Sword, which was one of the laws known to possess the greatest offensive powers among the three thousand laws, just like the Laws of Destruction and the Way of Slaughter. As a result, Ling Hougong was extremely powerful, where there were barely any Overgods who comprehended other laws that were his opponent at the same level.

In the past, Ling Hougong had even fought a mid Overgod who comprehended the Laws of Fire to a draw.

Ling Hougongs name had spread through all the surrounding divine kingdoms with that!

Jian Chen could obviously sense Ling Hougong to be a person of noble character, or he would not give off such a sense of righteousness. As a result, Jian Chen clasped his fist in response, If I have the chance some other day, we can definitely study the sword together, senior.

Hahaha, what senior? Jian Chen, you can just call me Ling Hougong, Ling Hougong laughed aloud. He was ecstatic about finding another Overgod who could study the sword with him.

However, Ling Hougongs eyes narrowed soon after. He stared at Jian Chen in both doubt and surprise as he asked, Jian Chen, your cultivation doesnt seem to have reached Overgod? Ling Hougong was extremely surprised when he saw Jian Chens level of cultivation. Although he was unable to properly gauge Jian Chens strength, the senses of Overgods were shockingly great, so not only had he discovered that Jian Chen was not an Overgod, but he found that Jian Chen was not even a God.

You have the level of comprehension of an Overgod, but your personal cultivation is so limited. T- this Ling Hougong was astounded inside. People like Jian Chen were extremely rare in the Saints World because no one was so good at comprehending that their comprehension of laws would end up completely exceeding their personal cultivation.

Moreover, he could tell with a single glance that Jian Chens cultivation was not at such a low level because of injuries. Instead, he had just not cultivated to the level of his comprehension.

Naturally, the other Overgods could notice the abnormalities of Jian Chen if Ling Hougong could sense them. Gleams of light immediately flashed through their eyes with uncertainty.

Looks like youve benefited greatly from Godking Duanmus dwelling, the skinny man sneered. He called out to Jian Chen coldly, So what if your comprehension of laws has reached the level of Overgods? Your personal cultivation is so weak. Before an Overgod, you still cant fight back. Brat, hand over your Space Ring obediently and tell us what kind of fortuitous encounter you had in the dwelling that allowed your comprehension to increase so quickly. If your answer satisfies us, we might spare you. Otherwise, you should know what would happen.

Jian Chens face immediately sank in response to the skinny mans threats. He stared coldly at him and said with a gruff voice, Come get my Space Ring if you want it. Id like to see if you have the right to take it.

Youre looking to die! A gleam of killing intent flashed through the skinny mans eyes. A spear appeared in his hand, and he directly stabbed it towards Jian Chen with the Laws of Wood. Although Jian Chens comprehension of laws was not weaker than his, the skinny man did not treat Jian Chen with much importance at all due to his limited cultivation.

However, the skinny man still did not act carelessly. He used the power of his laws in his attack.

A cold gleam of light flashed through Jian Chens eyes. However, at this moment, Ling Hougong struck out instead. He directly drew the sword on his back, and it shone brilliantly. It landed on the skinny mans spear with surging sword Qi. Just this single attack had forced back the skinny man.

Ling Hougong, what are you doing? The skinny man glared at Ling Hougong, but there was a sliver of fear in the depths of his eyes.

Godking Duanmu is already dead. Those who are fated to will obtain his treasures, Ling Hougong wielded his sword as he said righteously.

The skinny mans face sank. If Ling Hougong wanted to protect Jian Chen, he really would not be able to do anything with his strength. However, when he glanced past the other Overgods around him, he could not help but sneer. Ling Hougong was very powerful, but there were still a few other Overgods more powerful than him present.

Just when the skinny man wanted to ask someone to hold back Ling Hougong, Jian Chens voice rang out, Ling Hougong, since he wants my Space Ring so much, let him come and get it. Lets see whether he had the ability to take my Space Ring or not.