Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1747

Chapter 1747: The Three Stone Huts

Where Godking Duanmu cultivated seemed extremely simple. There was no extravagant display or any luxurious decor. There were only three extremely ordinary stone huts and nothing else.

It was very difficult to believe that this was a Godkings dwelling, and a supreme Godkings at that. After all, it just seemed too ordinary.

In fact, it was not even as great as the cultivation places of small clans with Gods.

The place where a mighty Godking cultivated was actually composed of three ordinary stone huts. This sight took all the Overgods by surprise.

To them, Godking Duanmus dwelling would definitely be extravagant, well-decorated, and covered in treasures as a supreme Godking. However, only three regular stone huts were presented before them.

The stone used to build the huts were the most common material in the Saints World. They were nothing valuable, and the passage of time had already left behind irremovable traces. They were not protected by any formations.

Is this really where Godking Duanmu cultivated? Have we come to the wrong place? An early Overgod asked within the group. He was the ancestor of a clan from the Divine Kingdom of Qingyang.

He was not the only one who felt doubtful as similar thoughts crossed the heads of all the Overgods present. Where Godking Duanmu cultivated was just a little too shabby, and it was even worse than their personal space for cultivation. They found it very difficult to believe that a supreme Godking would actually cultivate in a place like this.

Master Chanlong looked around and said, This is already the very depths of the dwelling, so it must be where Godking Duanmu normally resided. It cant be wrong.

Master Chanlong had been of great help along the way. Without him, the Overgods would not have even managed to enter the dwelling, so he had already become a person of prestige among all the Overgods. Everything he said carried weight, so his words just then had confirmed this place to be where Godking Duanmu cultivated.

Uncertainty flickered through the eyes of many Overgods. They observed the surroundings carefully, and they allowed the senses of their soul to envelope the region, filling the entire space. Although they were unable to extend their senses into the stone huts, they had found that no formations existed there either.

Many of the Overgods wanted to move. They yearned for the three stone huts, but none of them moved by themselves. Instead, they all looked towards master Chanlong and were extremely cautious.

Although they had failed to sense the existence of any formations, they all understood that this did not mean there were no formations hidden from their senses.

If master Chanlong did not move, they did not dare to move either.

Master Chanlong closed his eyes and the eight trigrams disc in his hand shone with black and white light. Vaguely, a huge taiji diagram revolved around him as mysterious inscriptions flickered.

A while later, master Chanlong opened his eyes. A gleam of joy flickered through his eyes before he quickly hid it. However, under the attention of all the Overgod present, his sudden change was captured by them all.

Please wait. I will go ahead and check first, master Chanlong said to everyone as if nothing had happened. His eight trigrams disc hovered above his head and shone with resplendent light as he walked forwards.

The Overgods all followed behind master Chanlong as uncertainty flickered through their eyes.

At this moment, master Chanlong sped up abruptly and turned into a blur. He charged towards the first stone hut quickly.

Master Chanlongs every single movement weighed on the minds of everyone, so when they saw him suddenly speed up, a gleam of light flickered through the eyes of all the Overgods behind him. Without any hesitation, their speeds exploded, and they turned into blurs as well as they charged towards the first hut as quickly as they could.

Jian Chen was not an exception. He also planned to charge towards the stone hut, but as soon as he began to move, fairy Hao Yues voice rang out in his head.

Dont go over!

These three short words caused Jian Chen shiver inside. He watched the Overgods around him charge towards the first stone hut in a hurry while he halted without any hesitation. At the same time, he secretly communicated with Ling Hougong and the other Overgods of the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian.

Ling Hougong and the other Overgods became stunned when they received Jian Chens message. Ling Hougong immediately halted. The other Overgods did not stop immediately after receiving Jian Chens warning, but they did slow down.

Master Chanlong, who was just about to reach the first hut, smiled slyly. He came to a sudden halt before rapidly retreating.

It was also at this moment that the space ripped open silently. A streak of light that was several dozen meters in length emerged and cleaved towards everyone with surging sword Qi.

The expressions of all the Overgods changed drastically from the sudden turn of events. Before they could even curse the slyness of master Chanlong, they all came to a halt and retreated even faster than they had run before.

Not everyone managed to escape. Under the sword Qi, over a dozen Overgods became immobilised. They were unable to dodge the sword Qi, so they could only take it on forcefully.

The Overgods were all experienced, so they bellowed out together. They used their entire strength to launch their strongest attack towards the sword Qi in an attempt to disperse it with the force of over a dozen people.

However, Godking Duanmu had left behind the sword Qi before he passed away. It was so powerful that even Godkings were unable to endure it, let alone Overgods.

The huge sword Qi tore through the attacks from the Overgods like they were nothing and sliced down in a flash.

Eight Overgods turned to dust silently and not even any blood or flesh was left behind. The other Overgods were closer to the edge of the sword Qi, so they had not been directly struck and fortunately survived.

However, they all vomited blood and were heavily injured. Three of them were only left with a small part of their body; they were extremely heavily wounded.

Master Chanlong, youre despicable! The surviving Overgods all became furious as they swore at master Chanlong before immediately ingesting a large number of healing pills to recover.

The other Overgods who had managed to retreat in time looked at master Chanlong furiously. They understood very well that they had fallen for master Chanlongs schemes. If they had been a little slower before, they probably would have died to the huge sword Qi.