Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1753

Chapter 1753: Opportunity

All the Overgods who attacked the power of laws that protected Godking Duanmu stopped. They stared at the hovering golden sword sharply as they became rather stern.

Just a single flying sword had claimed the life of an early Overgod, and it had even knocked back a second Overgod, causing the Overgod to vomit blood. Even the late Overgods slightly feared such strength.

More importantly, they had not sensed where the flying sword had come from at all.

Jian Chen stared at the flying sword and frowned. He became suspicious and thought, Why does that flying sword seem so familiar?

Who is launching sneak attacks? Please show yourself, Yang Kai called out.

Hmph, what sneak attack. That sounds horrible. Baobao is killing you out in the open, a rather childish voice rang out.

The voice stunned all the Overgods. They collectively turned around and stared at the golden flying sword in surprise.

Clearly, the voice had come from the sword.

It was also at this moment that a young girl suddenly appeared above the sword. She seemed only four or five years old. Her skin was white, and she was extremely cute. However, she was currently glaring at the Overgods furiously.

Its actually a sword spirit! Is this sword Godking Duanmus treasure? Bing Lou said with some surprise.

Jian Chen came to a realisation as well. The reason why he found the sword to be rather familiar was because it was the sword Godking Duanmu wielded.

You do have some insight. Correct, Godking Duanmu is Baobaos master. Since youre unwilling to follow his rules, you obviously lose the right to masters legacy. Please leave immediately. Baobao will never show any mercy to anyone who disturbs masters slumber. Baobao will kill them all, the sword spirit said coldly. Although she did not seem old, her childish voice was filled with killing intent.

Clearly, the sword had followed Godking Duanmu for countless years. It had gone through battles everywhere with him and had grown with him.

Hahahaha, a flying sword is actually threatening us. This is just hilarious, a late Overgod sneered before directly charging towards the golden sword. He grabbed the handle, attempting to subdue the sword.

The other Overgods moved at that moment as well. They all charged towards the flying sword. It was Godking Duanmus treasure, so to them, it was something that could watch over and protect their entire clan.

Jian Chen, its extremely likely that Godking Duanmus legacy is related to the flying sword. It might even lie in the artifact spirits hand. If you want it, I can help you obtain it once I recover my body, said fairy Hao Yue.

Fairy Hao Yue, thats not a priority. Lets think about how we can get you close to Godking Duanmus remains instead, said Jian Chen. He did not become interested at all. He had come to Godking Duanmus dwelling this time mainly because of fairy Hao Yue as well as to find some treasures for his cultivation so that he could break through with the Chaotic Body as soon as possible. Godking Duanmus legacy was just some cultivation methods and battle skills.

For cultivation methods, he had the Chaotic Body. Let alone Godking Duanmus cultivation method, but even the cultivation method of a few Primordial realm experts would not interest him.

For battle skills, he had the ones from the artifact spirit. Many of the battle skills were created by the old master of the sword spirits. He had even grasped the God Tier sword technique, the Profound Sword Qi. He naturally felt no interest towards a Godkings sword techniques.

Several dozen Overgods began fighting against the golden sword on the other side. Not all the Overgods had taken part in this battle, but close to thirty people were now involved in a fierce struggle.

After all, the sword spirit controlled the flying sword. She had no need to fear anyone present if she fought against them individually, but she could only flee when up against close to thirty Overgods. The sword turned into a streak of light as it flitted about, dodging everyones attacks and only fighting back once in a while.

However, those with insight could tell with a single glance that the flying sword had completely lost the upper hand. It completely relied on its speed to dodge and weave between the Overgods.

The shockwaves from their fighting are too intense. I wont be able to endure it just as a soul, so you have to find a way to stop them from fighting. Only then can I come out, fairy Hao Yue said grimly.

But theres a powerful barrier of laws around Godking Duanmus remains. How will you get past that? Jian Chen asked with a frown.

Ill pay a price and temporarily suppress the power. However, Ill need half a minute.

Jian Chen became stern when he heard that. He knew that fairy Hao Yue wanted him to buy half a minute for her. During this time, she could not afford to suffer any injuries at all. After all, she was just too fragile as a soul. Even an Origin realm expert could heavily wound her, let alone Overgods.

Although half a minute was short, he had to endure the attacks of all the Overgods. Not a single Overgod present would let fairy Hao Yue approach Godking Duanmus remains.

Jian Chen looked around and discovered that there were over a dozen Overgods who did not take part in the fight against the flying sword. At the same time, extremely terrifying pulses of energy were emitted from the battle between the sword and the Overgods. Even the Gods struggled to gain their footing, so it was inconvenient for fairy Hao Yues soul to move around under these circumstances.

At this moment, the flying sword turned into a golden streak of light and vanished from the space in a single instance. It had fled outside. Clearly, it was not the opponent of close to thirty Overgods.

The Overgods did not give up. They all pursued it. The power of laws protected Godking Duanmus remains anyway, so no one could enter. As a result, they did not worry about someone taking away Godking Duanmus Space Ring in the meantime at all.

In the blink of an eye, only Jian Chen and the other Overgods who did not take part in the fight remained. A few of them were early Overgods and knew that before mid or even late Overgods, it would be very difficult for them to obtain the flying sword. As a result, they saved their strength and accumulated power instead, preparing for one last fight.

This is a great opportunity! Jian Chens eyes lit up. He knew that a opportunity had presented itself. However, he did not move immediately. Instead, he said to the Overgods of the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian, Guhun Xue, Bing Lou, Feng Bule, theres something I want to discuss with you.

Guhun Xue, Bing Lou, and Feng Bule were all early Overgods, so they did not take part in the battle for the flying sword.