Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1754

Chapter 1754: Hao Yues Migh

Guhun Xue, Bing Lou, and Feng Bule all looked towards the seated Jian Chen when they heard his voice.

Jian Chen, what do you have to discuss with us? Feel free to go ahead, the hunchbacked Bing Lou smiled.

Jian Chen, what is it? Is it good or bad? If its something good, you cant forget about me, Guhun Xue giggled. She spoke like Jian Chen was an old friend of hers.

Jian Chen, feel free to mention it. If its within our abilities, we will definitely assist you, Feng Bule also replied.

No one else knew about their conversation, but Bing Lou, Guhun Xue, and Feng Bule all treated Jian Chen rather politely. They were extremely friendly, unwilling to give up any opportunity.

Jian Chens cultivation was a great weakness in their eyes, so if he really started fighting, it would be impossible for him to defeat an early Overgod with just the Laws of the Sword at Overgod. However, they knew even more that as long as Jian Chen had some time, he would be able to cultivate his way up. Once he reached the same level of cultivation as his comprehension, there would barely be anyone who was his opponent at the same level thanks to the strength of the Laws of the Sword. He might even become a second Ling Hougong, using his Laws of the Sword to reach a stalemate against a mid Overgod as an early Overgod.

If Jian Chens terrifying sword Qi that could kill early Overgods instantly was considered, there would probably be no mid Overgods that were Jian Chens opponent.

The three Overgods would naturally try to get as close to an expert like that as possible. They spoke to him as if even if they could not befriend him, they wanted to avoid becoming enemies.

After a while of silence, Jian Chen replied secretly, Bing Lou, Guhun Xue, Feng Bule, I hope that you can assist me by keeping three early Overgods busy to the best of your abilities. Jian Chen had asked the three of them because he trusted them the most out of the Overgods present. Although a few of the other Overgods did want to befriend him, he simply did not trust him, even if there were a few from the royal city of the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian.

Jian Chen did not dare to ask Yang Kai even more so, as he was a late Overgod. He was just too powerful, so Jian Chen could not afford to trust him.

Keep three early Overgods busy? Jian Chen, what are you trying to do? Guhun Xue asked in surprise.

You will naturally understand in detail later. What is important is that its extremely likely for the Overgods to attack me. I only need you to keep three Overgods busy for half a minute. As remuneration, I will give you a Soul Recovery Pill each, said Jian Chen.

What! A Soul Recovery Pill? The three Overgods were all startled when they heard that. They became filled with disbelief.

Soul Recovery Pills were extremely valuable. Only a single pill was needed for an early Overgod to recover all of their power of the soul in a few seconds. It was extremely valuable, to the point where it could not be purchased in the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian.

Aside from the Soul Recovery Pill, Ill give you each two droplets of liquid lime, and Ill owe you a personal favor. All you need to do is keep three early Overgods busy for half a minute, said Jian Chen. He did not hold back at all to allow fairy Hao Yue to approach Godking Duanmus remains.

Alright, well agree. Well keep three Overgods busy for half a minute, but well be helpless against the other Overgods.

After a moment of hesitation, Bing Lou, Feng Bule, and Guhun Xue all agreed. Although they could vaguely sense that Jian Chen wanted to lay his hands on Godking Duanmus remains, they did not really care. They knew that it was impossible for them to obtain Godking Duanmus Space Ring and his legacy. Even if they managed to stop Jian Chen, the objects would still end up in the hands of a late Overgod. With their strength at early Overgod, it was very difficult for them to benefit at all.

If that were the case, they would be better off agreeing to Jian Chen. Not only could they improve their relationship with him, but they could also benefit from him. Of course, what they truly valued was the favor that Jian Chen owed them.

Jian Chen was extremely frank as well. He gave the three of them the Soul Recovery Pills and the droplets of liquid lime on the spot.

Jian Chen only had ten Soul Recovery Pills in total. He had given Ando Fu and Mo Ling one each and split the remaining pills between him and Shen Jian, so he and Shen Jian both got four each. He had already consumed two of the four pills earlier, so he only possessed two pills on him. As a result, he had taken two pills from Shen Jian out of the three he had given to the three Overgods. He kept one last pill on him just in case.

Jian Chen could utilise the pills he had given away better by consuming them himself, allowing him to kill six early Overgods in total. However, he needed a period of time to recover the power of the soul after consuming a pill. Jian Chen definitely would not have the time to recover in the upcoming battle. As a result, he needed the three Overgods to keep three other Overgods busy so that the pressure on him would be reduced. The only thing he possessed that would interest Overgods were the pills.

Although the other pills on him were valuable, they were nothing to Overgods.

Jian Chen had paid quite the price for fairy Hao Yue to be able to condense her body.

So what if youve lost a few Soul Recovery Pills? Once fairy Hao Yue gets through successfully and obtains Godking Duanmus Space Ring, Ill be paid back by countless folds. My Chaotic Body might be able to break through successfully as well, thought Jian Chen as he comforted himself.

The Overgods who chased the golden flying sword could return at any time, so Jian Chen did not dare to waste any time. Immediately, he let out the Bright Moon Divine Hall from his Space Ring. As the doors swung open, fairy Hao Yue slowly emerged in the form of a soul; Shen Jian also came out.

The other Overgods nearby naturally noticed Jian Chens actions. None of them behaved carelessly.

Jian Chen immediately put away the Bright Moon Divine Hall as well. However, the moment he put it away, fairy Hao Yue suddenly became a blur that directly charged for the power of laws around Godking Duanmu.

A mere soul desires Godking Duanmus possession. What a joke! Aside from Guhun Xue, Feng Bule, and Bing Lou, all the other Overgods sneered scornfully.

However, what happened next made their mouths drop. When fairy Hao Yue approached the screen of power, she was not directly destroyed as they had expected. Her illusionary body began to shine extraordinarily bright at that moment. The light seemed to be a layer of white flames that burned away at her soul, causing her soul to dull at a visible rate.On the other hand, her soul slowly fused into the power of laws under the burning light.

All the power that came in contact with her body shuddered gently before slowly moving away as if it was afraid of coming in contact with her.

The shudder was only what people on the outside saw. In reality, the layer of power trembled in fear.

At that moment, none of the Overgods had sensed that an unimaginably terrifying pressure had appeared from fairy Hao Yue. It was just that fairy Hao Yue had used the pressure with great skill, so it all surged towards the power of laws.

The pressure seemed to be the might of the heavens. It had completely surpassed the power of laws, causing the power there to shy away.

Of course, fairy Hao Yue had also paid an unimaginable price to use this terrifying pressure. Her soul was being burned away, becoming weaker and weaker.