Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1755

Chapter 1755: An Intense Battle

Not only did the Overgods present all become stunned as they watched fairy Hao Yue slowly merge into the power of laws, but even the eyes of Guhun Xue, Bing Lou, and Feng Bule narrowed. Disbelief filled their faces.

The layer of power that protected Godking Duanmus remains were the laws of someone who had a foot planted in the Primordial realm. Even though it could not attack actively and could only protect the remains, this did not mean it was easy to approach the power.

Even most Godkings would become injured if they approached the power of laws, let alone Overgods.

This was because the power had almost surpassed the level of Godking!

However, now that fairy Hao Yue had approached it just as a soul, not only did she avoid dispersing, but she even merged into it slowly. It seemed like she was going to pass through the layer of power.

Naturally, this sight shocked all the Overgods present.

Jian Chen, who is she?

Guhun Xues voice rang out in Jian Chens head. Her voice was filled with shock.

Who she is is not important, but I can tell you that shes a supreme expert, Jian Chen replied to Bing Lou, Guhun Xue, and Feng Bule.

The expressions of the three all changed when they heard that.

At the same time, a pill appeared in Shen Jians hand. This pill was something he obtained from the dwelling of Godking Duanmus disciple. It was known as a Firecloud Pill. It could temporarily raise the consumers cultivation by a minor level, ignoring the laws of the world. However, the price of consuming it was extremely great. No one would be willing to ingest the pill unless it was a life or death situation.

Shen Jian consumed the Firecloud Pill without any hesitation. A powerful presence immediately began to radiate from Shen Jian as soon as the pill reached Shen Jians stomach, and his cultivation rapidly soared at that moment as well. It went from early God to mid God.

A Firecloud Pill appeared in Jian Chens hand as well. He thought, I hope the Firecloud Pill is effective on Chaotic Force as well. Jian Chen consumed the Firecloud Pill without any hesitation as well. At that moment, he felt like his Chaotic Force go on a rampage. Although his Chaotic Force had not reached the level of the tenth layer, Jian Chen could clearly sense that it flowed even more violently than before. It felt like it had gone berserk, and it was clearly more powerful than before.

Firecloud Pills were good things, but the price to consume them was just too heavy, so he did not give the pill to Guhun Xue, Bing Lou, or Feng Bule. Even if he did give it to them, they would not consume it at a time like this.

Oh no, the soul is trying to steal Godking Duanmus things. Stop her! We cant let her succeed! Just as Shen Jian and Jian Chen consumed the Firecloud Pill, the Overgods all responded. Hostility poured from their eyes as they charged towards fairy Hao Yue without any hesitation. Two people swung their hands and sent a beam of powerful origin energy towards fairy Hao Yue.

Bing Lou, Guhun Xue, Feng Bule, move quickly. Youll be assisting a peak expert. Once the peak expert rebuilds her body, youll definitely benefit as well, Jian Chen said to Bing Lou, Guhun Xue, and Feng Bule hurriedly before arriving before fairy Hao Yue in a flash. He used his body as a shield to protect fairy Hao Yue.

At the same time, the Flying Snow sword appeared in his hand. He radiated with surging sword intent as he used his complete comprehension of the Laws of the Sword. He sent out two powerful strands of sword Qi to disperse the incoming origin energy.


The sword Qi and origin energy collided and erupted with a powerful shockwave of energy. Jian Chens feet seemed to be rooted to the ground as he stood there like a mountain. His body had become a tough shield.

The energy all struck Jian Chens body; it had completely failed to reach the fairy Hao Yue behind him.

At the same time, Bing Lou, Guhun Xue, and Feng Bule moved as well. They charged towards the Overgods with gritted teeth and kept three of them busy.

Aside from Jian Chen, there were a total of fourteen Overgods gathered there. Feng Bule, Bing Lou, and Guhun Xue kept three Overgods busy in total, so there were eight remaining.

The eight Overgods all charged towards Jian Chen at that moment. All of them surged with aggression and hostility.

Even though they feared Jian Chen slightly, they had completely forgotten about it with Godking Duanmus legacy presented before them.

A Will that Splits the Heavens: The Sword Shakes and Stars Shatter! Shen Jian roared out and his Cloudstream sword emitted a pulse that quickly expanded towards two of the Overgods.

Shen Jians Laws of the Sword had reached the great perfection of Sword Origin, equivalent to peak God. His cultivation had increased from the Firecloud Pill as well, going from early God to mid God. Moreover, the Laws of the Sword were one of the laws with the greatest offensive power, so his sword technique was enough to kill regular late Gods. Even if it were not enough to threaten early Overgods, they needed to face it seriously.

Aside from Ling Hougong, the other Overgods all comprehended laws that were weaker than the Laws of the Sword in terms of power.

Ling Hougong possessed the power to challenge those stronger than him with his Laws of the Sword. He was able to reach a stalemate against a mid Overgod as an early Overgod, so there was no need to mention the current Shen Jian!

The faces of the two early Overgod turned cold when they saw Shen Jians attack. The pulse did not pose any threat to them, and it only forced them to face it seriously.

Hmph, a mere God dares to challenge Overgods? Your bravery is praiseworthy, but youre just looking to die, the two early Overgods sneered. One of them directly launched a palm strike and origin energy and the power of laws surged forth, dismantling Shen Jians ripple.

Soon afterwards, the two Overgods changed in direction; they no longer charged towards Jian Chen. Their gazes were cold as they charged towards Shen Jian with killing intent.

Shen Jian became extremely grim. Without a doubt, it was a huge challenge for him to fight two Overgods with his current strength. Fortunately, he only needed to last half a minute.

A Will that Splits the Heavens: The Sword Extends and Galaxies Extinguish! Suddenly, Shen Jian roared out and specks of light suddenly began to glimmer around him. It transformed into an illusionary galaxy, radiating with grandeur.

His entire body seemed to have fused with the galaxy, becoming the god in the illusionary starry sky. As he stabbed out with his Cloudstream sword, the enormous force of the galaxy immediately surged out towards the two Overgods with a tremendous and ancient presence.

The two early Overgods became rather stern as they faced this force. At that moment, the two of them could actually sense a sliver of threat from it, which shocked them very much.

They were only facing a God after all!

On the other side, Jian Chen stood with the Flying Snow sword while a damaged piece of armor had already appeared on him.

He had obtained this armor from the sea realm. In reality, it was a god artifact of rather high quality, except it was just too damaged, so it was almost completely worthless. However, Jian Chen could no longer care about whether the armor would be useful or not now that he had to keep six early Overgods busy for half a minute. He had equipped it.