Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1761

Chapter 1761: The Empyrean Demon Cult One
Chapter 1761: The Empyrean Demon Cult (One)

Although uncle Qin had his back towards them as he rested, his cultivation was remarkable. Even with his eyes closed, Tong Tian was unable to hide his actions from the former.

Tong Tian was surprised inside, and he became even more guilt-ridden. However, he showed none of it on his face and remained composed. He fluttered his fan, Uncle Qin, youre mistaken. Its not like elder Gu is the only one who can refine the Ninerefined Lifegiving Pill. There are plenty of grandmaster alchemists in the Saints World who can refine them. Its not like its impossible for me to get some of them with my identity.

And, its not like you dont know about the power of the formations around elder Gus pill room. How is it possible for me to get in there with my strength?

Uncle Qin shook his head helplessly as he listened to Tong Tians serious analysis. Tong Tians words were completely true, but uncle Qin understood that the young master before him probably really did use some method he did not know to infiltrate elder Gus pill room and steal quite a lot of pills.

Jian Chens expression became rather strange as he listened to the two of them talk. He had realised that the pill that Tong Tian had fed him was probably stolen from his own clan.

However, Jian Chens face changed slightly at this moment. In the next moment, a gentle light began to radiate from him; it enveloped him completely in a single instance. He seemed to have become a huge cocoon as a sweet, medicinal fragrance appeared. Just a single breath of it filled him with an extremely great feeling as if the fragrance had cleansed all the impurities within his body.

Jian Chens wounds actually healed at an unbelievable rate within the white light. He healed so quickly that even Jian Chens expression change, becoming greatly shocked.

In under a minute, the white light around Jian Chen receded and revealed him. However, his complexion had returned to its previous state and he had made a complete recovery as well.

What a powerful pill. Its countless times more powerful than any healing pills Ive ever seen, Jian Chen could not help but sigh in amazement. He understood just how severe his wounds were. Even if he used the Chaotic Body and Radiant Saint Force, he would need a day at the very least to recover completely and that was already an astonishing speed.

However, the Ninerefined Lifegiving Pill had used less than a minute to heal him completely.

Jian Chen rarely consumed pills when he was injured in the past, as the effects of pills would basically be negligible. They would be nowhere near as quick as his Chaotic Body. However, the Ninerefined Lifegiving Pill was more than a hundred times more powerful than his Chaotic Body.

Tong Tian said rather proudly when he heard Jian Chens praise, Of course. Why dont you have a look at what the pill is? Its a Ninerefined Lifegiving Pill. I expended a tremendous amount of effort to get my hands on them and even with that, I only managed to get three. If it were not for the fact that I took a liking to you when I first saw you, I would have never given you it.

Jian Chen stood up and thanked Tong Tian again. Then he said, Young master Tong Tian, my friend is still in Godking Duanmus dwelling. She is in constant danger, so I must hurry back immediately. Please forgive my rudeness.

Jian Chen, there are several dozen Overgods in the dwelling. Are you sure that you can save your friend, Tong Tian said steadily.

Jian Chen became rather stern, If I have enough time, I do have some confidence in achieving that. Jian Chen thought of the small high grade divine crystal mine in the Dongan province. With his current strength, he could hold his ground against all the powerful clans in the Dongan province. It would be extremely easy for him to take over the mine.

As long as he used the mine to reach the tenth layer of the Chaotic Body, his battle prowess would definitely skyrocket. He was confident that he could deal with mid Overgods with the power of his Chaotic Body. Even if he could not defeat late Overgods, he could hold his ground against them.

Qin Zhen walked over and looked at Jian Chen in admiration. He said, You should be talking about that soul, right? You dont have to worry about that. Your friend is far more complicated than she seems. Shes a peak expert that has already reached Infinite Prime. Shes currently using Duanmus possessions to recover, so those Overgods wont be able to threaten her.

Jian Chen finally let out a breath of relief when he heard that. However, he was shocked when he learned about fairy Hao Yues strength. She was actually an Infinite Prime.

However, Jian Chen seemed to notice something soon afterwards. He stared at Qin Zheng in shock. Qin Zhen could actually tell fairy Hao Yues past strength? And he knew that she was using Godking Duanmus possessions to recover? Could he see through the layer of power that protected Godking Duanmus remains?

Jian Chen, since your friend is safe, theres no need for you to leave in such a hurry. Come, drink with me, laughed Tong Tian. With a wave of his hand, a table full of delicacies appeared again, and he said proudly, I carry many delicacies with me at all times. Its enough for us to feast on for a few hundred years. These are all precious in the world. Jian Chen, sit, lets talk and eat.

Jian Chen hesitated slightly when he saw the table full of dishes. He did not want to decline, so he just sat down and began talking with Tong Tian.

Brother Jian Chen, that armor you wore seems to have been taken away by the Overgod from that Mo clan or something. Dont you plan on retrieving it? Tong Tian asked. He sat with one leg crossed over the other like a fool.

A cold light flickered through Jian Chens eyes, and he said, My armor is not so easy to take away. I will personally pay a visit to the Mo family of the Divine Kingdom of Qingyang before long.

The Mo family is nothing good. I find them displeasing to the eye as well. When you visit the Mo family, please dont forget to call me. Ill cover you, Tong Tian said confidently. Even though he was only a mid God, he completely looked down on the Mo family.

Thank you, brother Tong Tian, but I should be enough to deal with the Mo family, Jian Chen clasped his hands in response. Then he thought of something and asked, Brother Tong Tian, may I ask who obtained Godking Duanmus flying sword in the end? Jian Chen stared at Tong Tian in much interest. Now that he had lost the Flying Snow sword, he was in search of a sword of higher quality.

That golden flying sword seems to have been taken away by an old man who also comprehended the Laws of the Sword. Though I have to say, that old man really is brave. Hes actually willing to become enemies with the Empyrean Demon Cult. There are not many organisations who are willing to provoke them even with the entire Cloud Plane in perspective. That old man really is wet behind the ears. He has no idea about the power that the Empyrean Demon Cult possesses. Tong Tian became rather stern when he mentioned the Empyrean Demon Cult.

The Empyrean Demon Cult? Jian Chen was slightly surprised. This was the second time he had heard about the Empyrean Demon Cult, so he could not help but become curiously. He asked, Brother Tong Tian, can you tell me about the Empyrean Demon Cult?