Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1767

Chapter 1767: The Tenth Layer Of The Chaotic Body One
Chapter 1767: The Tenth Layer of the Chaotic Body (One)

The hearts of the two old men immediately sank when they saw how Jian Chen showed no fear when they mentioned the entire Dongan province. They could sense that this was a horrible situation.

Especially when Jian Chen described the Dongan province like it was nothing; the two old men seemed to realise that the mine had probably drawn in an extremely powerful adversary.

The faces of the two old men darkened. They looked at each other. Soon afterwards, a sliver of determination flashed through the eyes of the gray-robed old man. He sneered towards Jian Chen, Defeat the two of us first if you want to take the mine. As he said that, a black sword appeared in his hand. He wielded the sword and immediately sent out streaks of darkness. As the darkness expanded, it blotted out the sun, causing the world to descend into darkness.

Jian Chen was undeterred. He stood where he was, remaining as still as a mountain. He did not even become surprised as if the darkness around him was nothing. Extending a finger, a strand of sword Qi shot out with dazzling light. At the same time, a terrifying sword intent that was enough to cause the two early Gods to pale permeated the surroundings.


All the darkness in the surroundings immediately dispersed while the gray-robed old man vomited blood. He was blown away like a broken kite. He became haggard, no heavily injured.

The white-robed old mans face changed at the sight of this. He immediately flew over to stop the gray-robed old man. However, when his hand came in contact with his back, the white-robed old mans face suddenly changed again. He only sensed an extremely powerful and sharp sword Qi emerge suddenly, making his hand ache. His hand had been reduced to a bloody mess.

The white-robed old man was astounded. He stared at Jian Chen in utter shock. The young man before him was just too terrifying. Just the slight movement of a finger possessed such unbelievable force. No one in the Dongan province could achieve that with just a single finger.

This strength has completely exceeded late God. Is this young man an Overgod? The white-robed old man realised in surprise. His heart immediately leapt in fright when he reached this conclusion. Without any hesitation, he fled with the gray-robed old man and also sent a message to all the people in the mine to leave as quickly as possible.

Gods were equivalent to the ancestors of powerful clans in the Dongan province. No one doubted people like that. All the miners immediately fled as quickly as possible when they received the message.

An Overgod has come to take over this mine. Everyone run. Flee

An Overgod wants to kill us! If we dont run, well die! Well be stuck here for all of eternity if were a little slow

Immediately, panic-stricken cries rang out everywhere. The miners had all paled in fright as they fled even faster for their lives.

Jian Chen calmy watched on from the top of the mountain. He did not stop them. Only when all the miners had fled did he reach the bottom of the mine gently. With a wave of his hand, the Bright Moon Divine Hall landed on the ground heavily with a thud.

As the door to the divine hall slowly opened, Shen Jian emerged wearing black robes.

Shen Jian had mostly healed up while Jian Chen was making his way back to the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian from the Divine Kingdom of Nine Stars. However, due to the heavy price he paid by consuming the Firecloud Pill, his complexion was still sickly pale. Clearly, he had not completely recovered.

Jian Chen could not help but praise the power of the Ninerefined Lifegiving Pill again when he saw how Shen Jian still had not fully recovered. He had also consumed the Firecloud Pill and was supposed to pay the same price. He was supposed to be sapped as well, but not only had he healed from his wounds after consuming Tong Tians pill, he had even recovered all of his vitality.

Shen Jian, are you fine? Jian Chen asked Shen Jian in concern.

Shen Jian looked around nonchalantly and said, Cultivate without worry. Breakthrough in the shortest amount of time possible. Leave the problem of safety to me. However, once Overgods appear personally, youll have to deal with them yourself.

Jian Chen clasped his fist towards Shen Jian. After putting the divine hall away, he directly made his way towards the very depths of the mine.

Jian Chen sat down in the depths of the mine and began to practise his cultivation method. The origin energy in the surroundings immediately surged over, forming wisps of mist that revolved around Jian Chen. Jian Chen seemed to become a bottomless hole as he devoured the pure origin energy in the surroundings rapidly.

As he absorbed the energy, the high grade divine crystals hidden within the rock immediately dulled, being reduced to simple stone.

Jian Chen urgently needed to increase his strength. Even if it were simply too wasteful for him to cultivate using high grade divine crystals, he had no other choice.

Shen Jian sat down on the top of a mountain outside. He observed the abnormal movements of energy in the depths of the mine, and his face immediately changed, The cultivation method that Jian Chen practises really is impressive. It actually allows him to absorb origin energy so quickly, and he can even absorb the origin energy of the entire mine.

This high grade divine crystal mine is the lifeblood of those powerful clans in the Dongan province. Theyll never give up on it so easily. I wonder what theyre going to do.

As Jian Chen absorbed the high grade divine crystals, the two supervising Gods made their way back to the provincial city as quickly as well. They told all the powerful clans in the city about what had happened in the Dark Cloud Mountains without hiding any details at all.

All the clans immediately became angered when they heard how the Dark Cloud Mountains had been taken away. The ancestors of over ten powerful clans gathered together as they discussed how they were supposed to handle the situation with darkened faces.

The powerful clans had begun to treat the mine in the Dark Cloud Mountains as their lifeblood long ago. This was because the mine was directly connected to the future developments and hopes of their clans. It was extremely important.

Bai Ziqi, is that true? Was the person who took over the mountain range really an Overgod, a red-robed middle-aged man asked in a firm voice.

The white-robed old man did not dare to hesitate at all. He immediately stood up and answered, I couldnt see through his strength, but he defeated the two of us with a casual strike. Thats strength that has exceeded late God, so he must be an Overgod. He also comprehended the Laws of the Sword.

The red-robed middle-aged man was a late God, and he seemed to be close to becoming an Overgod. He was one of the ancestors of the three most powerful clans in the Dongan province, the Huo family. He comprehended the Laws of Fire.

An Overgod who has comprehended the Laws of the Sword? Are you talking about Ling Hougong from the Swordseeking province? The middle-aged man became extremely stern.