Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1768

Chapter 1768: The Tenth Layer Of The Chaotic Body Two
Chapter 1768: The Tenth Layer of the Chaotic Body (Two)

Ive seen Ling Hougong before. Hes not Ling Hougong. He doesnt even seem like a person from our Divine Kingdom of Pingtian, as aside from Ling Hougong, we dont have any other Overgod who has also comprehended the Laws of the Sword, the white-robed old man said firmly.

Bai Ziqi, do you remember his appearance? This time, the person who spoke was an old man with a regular appearance. The presence he gave off had also reached late God.

The white-robed old man nodded. He extended a finger and began to draw in the empty air. Using origin energy, he drew an image of Jian Chen very soon.

Ive never seen this person before. Even though I havent seen all the Overgods of our kingdom before, Ive heard of a few of them, and theres definitely not a person like that

This person isnt from our Divine Kingdom of Pingtian

Looks like this person came from another divine kingdom

Hmph. The Overgods of other divine kingdoms actually wants to come here and throw their weight around. Do they really think that we dont have Overgods in our divine kingdom

Aside from the God who came from the Wayner clan, all the other Gods expressed how they had never seen Jian Chen before. Their voices were filled with fury.

Clearly, these people had not entered Godking Duanmus dwelling. Even if they did go in, they had not met Jian Chen.

Only the God from the Wayner clan had lost his calm. He cried out inside, How is this possible? How? How is he still alive? He actually made it out of Godking Duanmus dwelling alive? He wasnt this powerful a few years ago either. How did he become an Overgod now?

Do I tell them about Jian Chen? The early God from the Wayner clan hesitated. However, his face darkened soon afterwards, and he thought, The jades bound to the lives of our two mid Gods shattered. Theyve clearly fallen in Godking Duanmus dwelling. Now that the Wayner clan only has two early Gods, its already impossible for us to maintain a stable footing in the provincial city any longer. Well probably have to leave the provincial city once the public finds out about the deaths of Wayner Ti and Wayner Sen.

Whatever. Its not like our Wayner clan can obtain the mine now. Lets not take part in this matter. Since that person called Jian Chen made it out of Godking Duanmus dwelling alive, where even Overgods were unable to handle him, its best if our Wayner clan doesnt try to offend them anymore, just in case it draws in a disaster As for Godking Duanmus jade, sigh. Its all because I treated the matter with too much simplicity.

The early God of the Wayner clan left in dejection. He did not reveal any information regarding Jian Chen.

Only the Wayner clan possessed some information about Jian Chen in the entire provincial city. Naturally, the other powerful clans had no idea if he did not mention it.

Please do not worry, everyone. I have some connections with Overgod Bing Lou from the Yubing clan of the Frigid Snow province. Ill ask him to come over immediately and set things straight for us, said the old man who had questioned Bai Ziyi earlier. Cold light shone in his eyes. Clearly, he had been angered as well.

The old man was from the Nanyun clan, and he was one of the three most powerful people in the Dongan province along with the middle-aged man in red robes.

The Gods of the Dongan province all beamed when they heard that. Overgod Bing Lou was a famed expert. It was said that he had reached the peak of early Overgod and was only a step away from mid Overgod.

Swish! With a gentle, almost undetectable breeze, the late God from the Nanyun clan left the place as he hurried off to the Frigid Snow province.

The Frigid Snow province was covered in snow and ice all year round. Its climate was extremely frigid; it was a world of ice. No matter how harshly the burning sun shone, it was unable to melt the world.

There was an extremely ancient legend about the Frigid Snow province. It was said that before the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian had been founded, a supreme Primordial realm expert had come and a droplet of his frigid blood had fallen on the land, creating this special environment.

It was said that the changes here had attracted many famous experts in the region. Even Godkings had hurried over from afar to investigate the place, but they found nothing in the end. As time went on, the Frigid Snow province lost its mystique and faded out of public view. In the end, it became a part of the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian.

The Frigid Snow province had now become the world of the Yubing clan, as they possessed an Overgod. It was exactly because of their Overgod that the Yubing clan was able to reign supreme in the entire province.

An old man had appeared outside the entrance of the Yubing clan. He was the ancestor of the Nanyun clan who had hurried over from the Dongan province.

The ancestor of the Nanyun clan maintained an extremely low profile after his arrival. With a flip of his hand, an ancient jade appeared in his hand. Just as he took the jade to a guard, a white-robed child happened to walk out. The child was not old, only six or seven years of age. He was only at Sainthood as well, but the eyes of the guards at the entrance of the Yubing clan narrowed with his appearance; their gazes towards the child became polite.

This was because they recognised the child. Although he was not powerful, he served the ancestor of the clan, Bing Lou.

The child directly arrived before the ancestor of the Nanyun clan and clasped his fist towards him, Senior, the ancestor invites you inside. Please come in with me.

The old man from the Nanyun clan was clearly surprised. He thought to himself, I never thought that Bing Lou would know as soon as I arrived here. He even sent someone to receive me, which means he hasnt forgotten about the past at all

With a sigh, the ancestor of the Nanyun clan followed the child and arrived on an icy mountain in the hill. When he arrived there, his eyes narrowed. He stared ahead fixedly. A hundred meters away, the hunchbacked Bing Lou stood with his dragon-headed staff on a piece of ice.

The ancestor of the Nanyun clans face became mixed when he saw the familiar figure. He could not help but think back to the days he spent roaming the world with Bing Lou.

Many years ago, the two of them became good friends. They had roamed the world when they were Gods in the past, yet Bing Lou had already become an Overgod now, while he remained a God.

The difference in strength seemed to have physically separated the two of them, causing them to drift apart unknowingly.

Nanyun Tong, it has been several dozen millennia since weve seen each other, Bing Lou slowly stood up and sighed. Time really did fly like an arrow. He felt slightly unfamiliar when he saw Nanyun Tong today.

Yeah, it has been several tens of thousand years. Time really does fly, said Nanyun Tong. As he looked at his old friend, he suddenly felt that everyone had changed.

If it were not for the significance of the matter that had forced him to run out of choices, he really did not want to disturb his familiar yet now unfamiliar friend.

Bing Lou arrived before Nanyun Tong. With a wave of his hand, a table completely condensed from ice appeared silently. Bing Lou gestured for Nanyun Tong to sit down before slowly sitting down.

Nanyun Tong did not hold back and sat down before Bing Lou. Although there was a huge difference between their strength, there was no need for him to behave as politely as he would to other Overgods before Bing Lou.

Nanyun Tong, youve especially come here today, and it is probably not just because you want to visit me. Tell me what troubles youve encountered. If its within my abilities, I will definitely assist you, said Bing Lou.