Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1771

Chapter 1771: Separation

However, Jian Chen did not defend against Shen Jians attack at all. He smiled as he stood there leisurely with his hands behind his back. He wanted to use the toughness of his body to resist Shen Jians attack.

With dazzling light, Shen Jians Cloudstream sword landed on Jian Chens chest. It radiated with powerful sword Qi, and Jian Chens clothes were immediately reduced to dust; not a single shred remained. It revealed his stature, which was rather slender.

The dark Cloudstream sword pressed against Jian Chens chest with its sharp edge as it shone brightly. However, to Shen Jians disbelief, Jian Chen stopped the attack with his body and emerged completely unscathed. Shen Jians attack that was even stronger than the attack of regular mid Gods had failed to even leave a mark on Jian Chen.

The surging light around the Cloudstream sword completely failed to injure Jian Chen as well.

Shen Jians eyes narrowed suddenly at this sight as disbelief flooded his face. He already knew that Jian Chens body was extremely tough. Back when Jian Chen fought Xiong Zhong on the Tian Yuan Continent, he was clearly not as powerful, yet he managed to drive back Xiong Zhong thanks to the toughness of his body and superior regeneration.

Afterwards, Shen Jian personally fought Jian Chen in outer space. The battle had cleaved the moon in half. Back then, Shen Jians strength had completely exceeded Jian Chens, but in the end, Jian Chen managed to cause heavy wounds to both sides thanks to the toughness of his body and unimaginable regeneration.

However, Shen Jian had never thought that Jian Chens body would reach such an unbelievable toughness today. His full-powered strike had failed to harm Jian Chen at all.

This left Shen Jian utterly shocked.

Looking at his unscathed chest, Jian Chen was pleased with himself and nodded. He said, I estimate that mid Gods are unable to harm me at all. Only when attacks have reached the level of late God can they draw blood.

What a tough body, Shen Jian could not help but sigh in amazement as he drew back the Cloudstream sword. Let alone Overgods, even Godkings could not endure an attack from a mid God and emerge unscathed without blocking at all. In fact, even some Primordial realm experts might not be able to achieve that.

Gods were unable to threaten Overgods or Godkings because the origin energy they possessed was far more powerful. Even the laws they had comprehended were more powerful. Overgods and Godkings only needed to use origin energy or the power of laws to cast down a layer of defence and Gods would struggle to get through it.

If they did not use origin energy or the laws and used their body instead, even Godkings would probably end up having the sword driven through their entire body. Even some weaker Primordial realm experts would not be able to endure an attack from a God.

Of course, that was unless they practised a cultivation method that forged the body, making their bodies extraordinary tough.

It was also exactly because of this that in both the Saints World and on the Tian Yuan Continent, people who were clearly much weaker could kill a few heavily-injured experts, even if the disparity in strength led to the weaker party being looked down upon as ants.

It was exactly due to the fragility of their bodies. Once they lost their powerful cultivation, even the existences that they had treated as ants in the past could threaten their lives.

However, Jian Chens Chaotic Body was an exception. Even if he was heavily injured, even if he was unconscious, mid Gods would not be able to kill him thanks to the current toughness of his Chaotic Body. They would fail to even leave a mark on his body.

Im confident about facing late Gods with my current strength. Even if I cant defeat them, I can last for quite a while with the recovery of my body and healing pills. The only pity is that my abilities with Radiant Saint Force have fallen behind, Jian Chen said confidently. His Radiant Saint Force remained at the 9th Class, making it equivalent to Saint Emperor. However, his cultivation had already reached the level of Gods. Class 9 Radiant Saint Force was unable to help him much anymore.

Shen Jian nodded sympathetically, If your Radiant Saint Force can catch up to the strength of your body, your recovery rate will be even more impressive. Any wounds you receive will probably recover before youre able to receive a second wound. They wont be able to kill you unless they completely exceed you in strength.

Oh right, why cant you continue to progress with the cultivation of your Radiant Saint Force? Shen Jian asked again. He felt like the weakness of the Radiant Saint Force had become a flaw in Jian Chens defences.

Jian Chen furrowed his brows as he sank into his thoughts. He said, After I condensed my soulcore with Radiant Saint Force, Ive been unable to advance any further. I heard from fairy Hao Yue in the past that once I condense the soulcore, the seven-colored flower must bloom, and I must condense a soultree.

Making the seven-colored flower bloom and condensing a soultree should be the upcoming cultivation levels for Radiant Saint Force. Its just that no one has ever reached such a level on the Tian Yuan Continent, and Ive only learnt a limited amount of information from fairy Hao Yue, so I dont know what its about.

After a moment of silence, Shen Jian said, I think you just lack the cultivation method for Radiant Saint Force. Your Radiant Saint Force will only continue to progress after you find the cultivation method.

Thats what I was thinking too, Jian Chen agreed. Not only did he lack the further cultivation methods for Radiant Saint Force, but he also lacked the techniques and method to use Martial Soul Force.

Nodding gently, Jian Chen stopped thinking about the matter. It was useless if he thought about it right now anyway. Soon afterwards, he waved his hand and two blocks of high grade divine crystals suddenly appeared. They landed on the ground with heavy thuds.

Jian Chen had directly taken out two of the three blocks of high grade divine crystal he had obtained from the dwelling of Godking Duanmus disciple. He pointed towards the two blocks and said to Shen Jian, Im going to Godking Duanmus dwelling immediately, and I might be able to help fairy Hao Yue in time. Shen Jian, take these two blocks. You can break them up in the royal city into mid grade divine crystals for cultivation.

A block of high grade divine crystal was a meter in length, width, and depth, while a standard divine crystal was one centimeter in length, width, and depth. As a result, a block of divine crystal was equivalent to one million of the corresponding standard divine crystals. Two blocks of high grade divine crystals would be equivalent to two hundred million standard mid grade divine crystals.

Shen Jian did not hold back. He put the two blocks away straightforwardly.

He would probably be unable to reach mid God if he directly absorbed the two blocks of high grade divine crystals, but once he broke them up, it would be enough for him to reach late God.

Afterwards, Jian Chen and Shen Jian decided to separate for the first time after coming to the Saints World. Jian Chen directly headed off for Godking Duanmus dwelling while Shen Jian headed to the royal city with the two blocks of high grade divine crystal.

The two blocks of divine crystal were very valuable, but with Shen Jians current strength, no one was able to threaten him unless he encountered Overgods.