Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1772

Chapter 1772: Fairy Hao Yue Recovers

The Dark Cloud Mountains were several million kilometers away from Godking Duanmus dwelling, but it was really nothing to Jian Chen. Before long, Jian Chen had crossed the distance and arrived outside Godking Duanmus dwelling.

The entrance to the dwelling was opened up many years ago, so the dwelling that had been hidden away for countless years was now revealed before everyone. Anyone could enter and exit without obstructions.

Originally, there was no origin energy in Godking Duanmus dwelling, but as the entrance was opened up, the space inside was reconnected with the outside world. All the dense origin energy in the outside world poured into the dwelling, causing it to become filled with origin energy. In the past, there was only Radiant Saint Force inside.

Jian Chen erased his presence and stood outside the dwelling with a low profile. He gazed around, observing the surroundings habitually.

Although the Godkings dwelling had been open for many years now, there were still many people gathered in the surroundings; these people ranged from the Origin realm to Gods. Without any exception, the people would glance towards the entrance from time to time, and even when they conversed with the people beside them, they would pay attention to the entrance.

Jian Chen hovered in the sky. There were people all around him, and people would enter or leave the dwelling from time to time. As a result, his arrival was nothing special and did not catch anyones attention.

This was because people would constantly arrive or leave the dwelling.

Jian Chen only glanced around out of habit, but his face changed very soon. Even though many people moved around, he could clearly sense that a few of the people who stood without moving seemed to be in positions that followed certain laws as if they stood in a tremendous formation.

Theres someone setting a trap here? Jian Chen was surprised inside. He carefully observed where the people were standing without his expression changing at all and confirmed his thoughts even more. The people just happened to be standing in position for a tremendous formation.

This formation does seem rather familiar. Why does it seem like a teleportation formation Jian Chen became rather stern. After checking it again, he finally confirmed that the people were standing in a teleportation formation. As he had studied the teleportation on the Tian Yuan Continent a little, he was able to recognise it very quickly even though he did not possess any mastery over formations.

Someone is scheming against fairy Hao Yue or the Overgods in the dwelling. Once people enter the formation, theyll be sent to somewhere else; itll be extremely dangerous, or even a zone of danger. Jian Chens expression became ugly as he felt relieved that he had made it here in time. Otherwise, someone would probably ambush fairy Hao Yue once she emerged from the dwelling.

Fairy Hao Yue was very powerful in her former life, a Primordial realm expert, but Jian Chen refused to believe that she could recover her peak strength from Godking Duanmus possessions alone.

At the same time, over thirty Overgods barraged the layer of power from laws in the depths of the dwelling. The layer of power was powerful, but it was only being worn away as it had no way to replenish itself. As a result, the layer had become extremely fragile after withstanding against attacks for so long.

Fairy Hao Yue was no longer an illusionary soul now. She had condensed her body, and after a period of recovery, her cultivation had reached peak God as well. She was only a step away from Overgod.

Godking Duanmus remains beside her had vanished, replaced by a white pile of ashes.

Quick, everyone put in some more force. The layer of power is about to be dispersed, and Godking Duanmus possessions are going to end up in our hands

A late Overgod called out among the Overgods who were attacking the layer of power. He immediately struck out as hard as he could, hitting the thin layer of power heavily.

All the other Overgods gathered their energies as well and struck out with full force. Although fairy Hao Yue had taken away Godking Duanmus Space Ring, were they really supposed to fear a soul that had just condensed a body with so many people present?


The layer of power finally collapsed after withstanding everyones full-powered attacks, and it slowly dispersed, finally exposing fairy Hao Yue who had always been protected in there.

As soon as the power of laws collapsed, late Overgod Yang Kai turned into a blur and shot towards fairy Hao Yue as quickly as he could. His powerful hands directly reached towards the Space Ring in fairy Hao Yues hands as his eyes burned with desire.

Everyone present could sense that fairy Hao Yue was only a late God, so they did not take her too seriously.

As soon as Yang Kai moved, the other late Overgods moved as well as they rushed towards fairy Hao Yue. They were no slower than Yang Kai.

Behind them were the mid Overgods, and there were even a few other early Overgods. They were slower, so they fell behind.

Even though they were not as powerful as the late Overgods right now, they felt no fear, deciding to take part in the fight for the Space Ring.

Very few of them were bold enough to provoke late Overgods during other times, but they had all abandoned their fear now that Godking Duanmus treasures were presented before them.

How dare you! At this moment, fairy Hao Yues eyes snapped open from her seated position in the sky. She stared coldly at the fierce Overgods, and her face appeared dignified.

At that moment, she seemed to have become a great god as if she could look down on everything like ants. Even her gaze towards the Overgods was as if she was looking at ants she could crush with a finger.

The Overgods immediately shivered from her gaze. Even though fairy Hao Yue had not recovered, the dignified manner she possessed remained. With that, just a single glance was enough to cause the Overgods to experience chills.

However, she had not recovered her strength yet. The Overgods knew that she was only a late God, so she was unable to deter them.

Fairy Hao Yues face turned cold. Even though she had only recovered to the point of late God right now, she felt no fear against over thirty Overgods. She raised a finger and a bright full moon condensed in a single moment.