Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1776

Chapter 1776: The Trapped Soul

This python is very difficult to deal with. Master Chanlongs mastery over formations really has reached an extremely profound level. He has broadened my horizons over how formations can be used. He could actually produce something so powerful, Jian Chen thought. He ignored the python and flew towards fairy Hao Yue.

However, the python did not let him go unhindered. Although it had only condensed from a formation, it was extremely intelligent. With a sweep of its tail, the tail turned into a blur and shot over with lightning speed.


The tail struck Jian Chens back with unimaginably tremendous force. It directly reduced his clothes to shreds. His entire body was blown away while his back was reduced to a bloody mess.

Jian Chens gaze turned cold. He circulated his Chaotic Force as the injury on his back immediately healed at an unbelievable rate. It closed up in the blink of an eye.

What a tough body. Thats the first time Ive ever seen such a tough body, at this moment, a mental pulse emerged from the python; its tone was filled with amazement.

However, soon afterwards, another mental pulse emerged, What! How is that possible? Just how did you make a full recovery? My eyes must be seeing wrong. Yes, its my eyes. Ive seen wrong. How can your recovery rate be so fiendish? I must have seen wrong. It must have been my eyes. Sigh, Ive already weakened to a point like this where I see illusions, and it was so realistic as well.

Jian Chens eyes narrowed. He stared at the python that was constructed from flickering inscriptions, and a sliver of surprise gradually appeared in his eyes. He suddenly discovered that the huge python was not just a series of inscriptions. There was quite a powerful soul hidden in the python as well.

Jian Chen estimated that the soul was a late Overgods.

Theres actually a trapped Overgods soul? Jian Chen said in surprise. He could already tell that the late Overgods soul was trapped in the formation to strengthen the formation. At the same time, it seemed to have become the spirit of the formation.

However, Jian Chen's words seemed to have offended the soul trapped within the formation. The trapped soul roared out, So what if Im trapped? Kiddo, let me warn you. Dont look down on trapped souls. Even trapped souls have dignity.

Youre trapped within the formation, so youve become master Chanlongs puppet. It must have been against your will to end up like this. Move. I dont want to fight you, Jian Chen said coldly.

What!? Youre a brat whos still wet behind the ears, yet you want me to move? Hmph, Im not going to move. Im going to stand in your way. What can you do about it? Come hit me if you have the ability, the soul caused a clamour cockily.

On the other side, fairy Hao Yue dodged master Chanlongs attacks closely. She managed to avoid each attack by the skin of her teeth. She was in an extremely precarious situation.

However, she was completely composed and did not become flustered at all. She was ready to burn her soul at any time. However, the price she would have to pay for burning her soul was extremely great. She really did not want to do so unless she ran out of choices.

Jian Chens face immediately turned cold when he saw the dangerous situation fairy Hao Yue faced. With a thought, two strands of Profound Sword Qi appeared above his head, and they radiated with powerful sword intent that even shocked Overgods.

As soon as Jian Chens Profound Sword Qi appeared, it attracted the attention of everyone present. At that moment, whether it was master Chanlong or the other Overgods who pursued fairy Hao Yue, they all focused on Jian Chen. A sliver of fear appeared in their eyes as they became cautious.

Every single Overgod feared Jian Chens Profound Sword Qi, including late Overgods. Although a single strand of Profound Sword Qi was not enough to kill a single late Overgod, it could still deal almost fatal damage to them.

Brat, w- what is that? W- what are you trying to you? If you dont want to die, put that away The soul within the formation stuttered slightly. Anyone could tell that he feared the Profound Sword Qi too.

After all, he was only a fragile soul now. He could only display the strength of a late Overgod through the formations. Once he lost the formation, he would become extremely weak without a body.

Cold light flickered through Jian Chens eyes as he stared at the huge python that blocked his way. He was just about to shoot the first strand of Profound Sword Qi. The soul controlled the huge formation that created the python. If it wanted to keep Jian Chen busy, Jian Chen really could not break free, so he could only use the Profound Sword Qi.

The trapped soul immediately became flustered, perhaps due to seeing the coldness in Jian Chens eyes. He said, D- d- dont look at me like that. W- what are you trying to do? Dont shoot, dont shoot. Brother, please dont shoot. Ill let you through. Ill let you through, alright? If youre still unhappy, just direct it all towards Chanlong. Treat me as if I dont exist, like you hadnt seen me. The trapped soul immediately became cowardly before the terrifying power of the Profound Sword Qi. It fled far away, no longer blocking Jian Chens path.

At this moment, master Chanlong's palm struck fairy Hao Yue in the distance. She vomited blood and became heavily injured.

Jian Chen ignored the fleeing huge python. He glared at master Chanlong, and without any hesitation, he immediately sent out his first strand of Profound Sword Qi.


The Profound Sword Qi turned into a strand of silver-white light as it shot out with unbelievable speed. Even late Overgods were unable to capture it with their naked eyes, forcing them to rely on the senses of their souls to follow its trajectory.

Even late Overgods were unable to dodge this attack that possessed such terrifying speed. They could only face it head-on.

Master Chanlong had raised his guard against Jian Chens Profound Sword Qi long ago. The moment it shot out, master Chanlong pulled back his eight trigrams disc that influenced the space in the surroundings. The disc flickered with profound inscriptions as it turned into a huge shield before master Chanlong.


The Profound Sword Qi struck the disc and emitted a great boom. A terrifying force emerged, which pushed the eight trigrams disc into master Chanlongs body.

Spurt! Master Chanlong vomited blood as he was blown far away with his disc.

The space immediately returned to its previous state without the disturbances caused by the eight trigrams disc. Hao Yue and even the Overgods recovered their speeds.

At that moment, terrifying pressures permeated the surroundings. The Overgods all attacked fairy Hao Yue as chains of energy shot towards her. At the same time, they held treasures in their hands to prepare against Jian Chens second strand of Profound Sword Qi at any time.

Fairy Hao Yues body was not as tough as Jian Chens. Moreover, master Chanlongs palm strike had injured her, so she was now heavily injured. She was unable to dodge all the attacks from the Overgods.

After all, she was just a late God right now.


With a flash of silver-white light, Jian Chen launched his second strand of Profound Sword Qi. However, he did not target a single person within the group. Instead, he aimed at the attacks launched from all of them.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom

With a string of rumbles, the Profound Sword Qi directly tore through ten attacks before dispersing. The chains of energies from six remaining mid Overgods continued towards fairy Hao Yue aggressively.