Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1777

Chapter 1777: Escape

After using the two strands of Profound Sword Qi, Jian Chens power of the soul was completely drained. Dizziness descended, making him seem tipsy.

Jian Chen bit down on his tongue, and heart-wrenching pain immediately flooded out, causing his head to immediately quiver. His consciousness snapped back from the dizziness and sleepiness.

Daluo Sword!

Taiyi Sword Technique!

Determination flooded Jian Chens eyes as a sliver of madness appeared in them. He used his sword techniques as quickly as possible, sending out two strands of sword Qi.

Boom! Boom!

Jian Chens two strands of powerful sword Qi collided with two chains of energy. Even though his sword techniques possessed extraordinary power, the power of the Laws of the Sword he could use right now clearly could not compare to the power he wielded at his peak condition. After all, the power of his soul had been completely drained. As a result, the sword Qi was far weaker than usual.

Jian Chens two strands of sword Qi dispersed, while the two chains of energy continued onwards without slowing down at all. They hurtled towards Jian Chen, only becoming much weaker.

Jian Chen circulated Chaotic Force as he pushed the defences of the Chaotic Body to the limit. He used his body to stand before the injured fairy Hao Yue. Along with an angry roar, he swung his fists toward the two chains of energy. Chaotic Force surrounded the fists, radiating with a destructive presence.

It was very difficult for him to use his Laws of the Sword at the level of Overgod now that the power of his soul was drained. He had blown up the Flying Snow sword as well, so the only weapon Jian Chen possessed right now were his fists.

Using the twin swords before so many Overgods was just asking for trouble. Although it was unlikely that Overgods would recognise the twin swords as even many Godkings would not recognise them, he was afraid that the news would make it out and experts who did recognise the swords would get wind of it.

Jian Chen struck the two chains of energy heavily with a boom. His body shook violently as his hands turned into bloody messes. They bled profusely.

Jian Chen frowned from the intense pain. At that moment, he could feel that he had almost lost all sensation in his hand. Numbness accompanied the pain, and it even made him wonder if his arms remained or not.

At the same time, the chains of energy from the four other mid Overgods landed on Jian Chens body. He immediately vomited blood and was blown away.

Behind Jian Chen was fairy Hao Yue. He naturally struck her immediately, and the two of them basically stuck together as they were blown into the distance.

Jian Chen could smell the special fragrance of a woman and some softness against his back, but he was in no position to think about these things right now. His face had paled, and he coughed up blood. He was heavily injured.

His Chaotic Body was very powerful, but his opponents right now were mid Overgods, and there were over a dozen of them.

Jian Chen did not possess any advantages in the Laws of the Sword before mid Overgods, and his personal cultivation was much weaker as well. He did not possess a weapon either. Aside from the toughness and regeneration of his Chaotic Body, he basically possessed no more advantages.

Jian Chen, you clearly already made it out alive, so why did you return? Fairy Hao Yues voice rang out in Jian Chens head.

Even though fairy Hao Yue was heavily injured and basically in a hopeless situation, she remained extremely composed. She was not flustered at all as if she did not realise just how hopeless the situation she faced was.

What do you think? Ive come back for you, or you probably would have fallen for master Chanlongs trap already. You would've been sent to a place he has already prepared. Dont talk so much now. You go first. There are too many of them. I cant last for too long, Jian Chen said sternly. Afterwards, he pushed fairy Hao Yue far away. At the same time, he swallowed a healing pill he had obtained from Godking Duanmus dwelling and rapidly circulated his Chaotic Body, healing as quickly as he could.

Fairy Hao Yue watched Jian Chen push her far away with rather mixed emotions while he faced off over a dozen Overgods. She sighed gently inside and immediately stopped. She quickly charged back towards Jian Chen.

Whatre you coming back for? Were not their opponents.

Jian Chen panicked when he saw fairy Hao Yue actually return, and he called out with some frustration. He could last a short while against over a dozen Overgods with his Chaotic Body. Once fairy Hao Yue had fled, he could run away with the Linear Lightning Release.

However, now that fairy Hao Yue had returned, Jian Chens plan for escape fell through. He was no longer able to use it. He did not feel confident about escaping from the Overgods with fairy Hao Yue at all.

What do you think? Ive come back to save you. Do you think you can still escape from the pursuit of over a dozen Overgods? Moreover, there are even late Overgods among them, fairy Hao Yue said sarcastically. She quickly arrived before Jian Chen, and before he could react, her arm grabbed around Jian Chens waist. At the same time, she burned her vitality through a secret technique, and a huge moon immediately appeared. It enveloped Jian Chen and fairy Hao Yue, shining with blinding light.

The light was so bright that no one dared to stare at it directly. Even the Overgods could not help but close their eyes before the light. The light came and went quickly; when it vanished, the huge moon had vanished as well, along with fairy Hao Yue and Jian Chen.

Oh no, weve let them escape

The Overgods all swore as they stared at the empty space with sunken faces. The senses of their souls blanketed the region as they searched for traces of the two. However, they found nothing in the end.

Let alone their traces, they even failed to find their presence in the region enclosed by the senses of their souls.

Clearly, Jian Chen and fairy Hao Yue had departed from the region that they could cover with their souls in a short instance.

Master Chanlong flew over from afar with a sunken face. He stared at where Jian Chen and fairy Hao Yue had vanished from as his entire body shook from anger.