Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1778

Chapter 1778: Reunion

Impressive, impressive. That kiddo really is just too impressive. I really must hold him in high esteem. He clearly hasnt been cultivating for long, yet he possesses such great strength. What a prodigy! He must be a prodigy, a supreme prodigy as a matter of fact, the trapped soul flew over from afar and constantly muttered beside master Chanlong, Master Chanlong, you really have caused trouble for yourself now. You actually offended a supreme prodigy.

The soul acted as if he had sunk into his thoughts and said seriously, With my eyes that can see through the mysteries of the world, I can tell that the kid hasnt cultivated for a thousand years. No, no, no, a thousand years is too long. It should only be a few hundred. Even a few hundred is a little long. It should be even shorter

Are you trying to say he has only cultivated for a century? Master Chanlong could not help but sneer in response to the souls exaggerated praise from Jian Chen. He snickered at the soul's words.

Yeah, it should be a hundred years. That shouldnt be too far off, the soul nodded seriously. However, he soon became stunned. He said in complete surprise, Hmm? Chanlong, how did you know that the kid has only cultivated for a hundred years? Can you see through the mysteries of the world like me?

Master Chanlong laughed scornfully. He no longer bothered with the trapped soul. His hand seals changed, and the huge python before him immediately turned into several formation banners, which he now clutched in his hand.

Chanlong, I havent even told you yet. How did you know that kid has only been cultivating for a hundred years? A mental pulse emerged from the formation banners.

Reaching Overgod in a hundred years? Do you think Im as easy to trick as a kid? Master Chanlong sneered. He stared at the soul like it was an idiot check, and with a wave of his hand, he directly put the formation banners away in his Space Ring.

Jian Chen and fairy Hao Yue sat beneath a large tree in a mountain range that stretched for millions of kilometers. They had consumed healing pills, and we're currently working on their wounds.

Although Jian Chen had withstood the attacks from several mid Overgods, he used just two hours to make a full recovery thanks to the toughness of his Chaotic Body.

Jian Chen opened his eyes after healing. He saw fairy Hao Yue sitting nearby and knew that it was very difficult for her to achieve a full recovery without a few days to do so. As a result, he arrived somewhere nearby and took out the Bright Moon Divine Hall from his Space Ring. He entered it by himself.

Big brother, youve finally come to see us. We havent seen you in so long. I miss you so much.

A familiar voice rang out as soon as Jian Chen entered the Bright Moon Divine Hall. Xiao Ling in a white dress bounded over excitedly, and she tightly clung onto Jian Chens arm.

Jian Chen glanced over and discovered that everyone was not actually cultivating. They sat in a hall as they spoke with the people from the Mo clan and the Ando clan. However, everyone was looking at Jian Chen now.

Muer, youve reached late Reciprocity? Jian Chens gaze landed on the purple-dressed Shangguan Muer first, and he immediately beamed.

Shangguan Muer could not help but smile when she saw Jian Chen. She said, You better look carefully. Im not the only one who has reached peak Reciprocity.

Jian Chen immediately looked around carefully when he heard that and discovered that indeed, Shangguan Muer was not the only one who had reached peak Reciprocity. Houston, Xiao Jin, Xiao Ling, the white tiger, and the Seven-colored Heaven-devouring Beast had all reached peak Reciprocity. Although Rui Jin, Hei Yu, and Hong Lian had not reached peak Reciprocity yet, they had reached early Reciprocity.

Even Nubis, who always wore golden robes, had reached early Reciprocity.

Among the five people from the World of Forsaken Saints, Xiong Zhong had reached peak Reciprocity. The strengths of the four other Returnance elders had increased drastically as well, reaching mid Reciprocity.

Although it had not been very long since they came to the Saints World, everyone had progressed extremely quickly. It was something that was unimaginable if they remained in the lower world.

Good, good, good! Looks like there are going to be Godhood experts among the people from our lower world, Jian Chen was extremely pleased and could not help but laugh aloud.

Were only able to cultivate so quickly because of big brothers divine crystals. Our cultivation speed would be far slower without them, said Xiao Jin. He had grown now that a few years had passed. He seemed around eight or nine now.

Of course, that was not his actual age. It was just that he was a metal spirit, a natural spirit of the world, so his body grew extremely slowly.

If it were not for how fragile this divine hall is, I could have reached Godhood at any time, the white tiger said proudly. The laws of the world were the key to Godhood, but he had already grasped them back on the Tian Yuan Continent.

Houston also walked over. He stared at Jian Chen benevolently and said, Jian Chen, hows the situation outside? Its best if you find a time to let us all out. Quite a few of us have reached the limits of cultivating here. Continuing to cultivate would be pointless. At the same time, we need to comprehend the laws of the world to reach Godhood. We can only become Deities sooner outside. At that time, this old bag of bones will be able to help you out with your problems.

Although its very difficult for a Deity to help, dont forget that I cultivate the Empyrean Demon Arts. Coupled with the Empyrean Demon Orb, Ill be able to share a part of your burden.

Jian Chen laughed aloud, Uncle Xiu, just focus on your cultivation. Your current strength isnt much if you compare it to the Saints World as a whole, but itll still be enough for you to gain a stable footing in the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian. Youll all be able to go outside and see the Saints World before long. Jian Chen also became filled with eagerness as he said that. He really could reign supreme in a region within the divine kingdom with his current strength. He planned on settling down in the Dongan province with everyone once the matters of Godking Duanmus dwelling were resolved. He could potentially settle them down there for the time being.

After all, he could not run around all the time. Moreover, even Jian Chen had no idea if he could continue to keep his special identity a secret. Once it was revealed, he was worried that he would become the public enemy of the Saints World.

Afterwards, Jian Chen provided guidance to everyones cultivation and shared his own personal experiences with cultivation and comprehending the laws of the world. He also searched through the Space Rings of the Gods and Overgods he had slain, removing some helpful cultivation methods, battle skills, and so on. He handed it all over, hoping that it would be helpful to them.

He did not let them out immediately, as he had just managed to escape from the hands of over a dozen Overgods earlier. He had no idea whether the Overgods would come looking for him. Right now, he still had not completely evaded danger, so letting them out now would be extremely inconvenient.

This was because what he worried the most about was their breakthroughs being disturbed. If an Overgod just happened to arrive when they were all breaking through, it would pose a great problem.