Chaotic Sword God Chapter 178

Chapter 178: Incoming Trouble
Chapter 178: Incoming Trouble

Seeing the mature charm of Yullian, Jian Chen still maintained a calm and tranquil feeling in his heart. Manager Yullian, now that the Class 5 Magical Beast has been sold, will the money be handed over to me?

Yullian laughed gently, Honored Wu Yun, please wait for a moment. While the Class 5 Magical Beast was indeed sold, the actual transaction will still need some time.

Nodding his head, Jian Chen didnt say anything else and sat down to wait. He knew that the auction had only just finished; they would need to conduct the transactions between the bidder for each item. So he had to wait for the transactions to be finished before he could collect the money from the auction house.

Seeing how absent minded Jian Chen was, Yullian furrowed her eyebrows. With her mature appearance and beautiful appeal, she had a look of dissatisfaction. After hesitating for a brief moment, she spoke softly, Honored Wu Yun, what part of the continent did you come from?

Hearing this, Jian Chen laughed, This one was born in a faraway and isolated village with no name. Even if this one were to say the name of the village, Manager Yullian wont know, so its better to not say.

After that, Yullian continued to try and engage Jian Chen in conversation by asking questions about himself in order to try and establish some sort of information on him.

However, Jian Chen wasnt an inexperienced youngster anymore. Although Yullian had skillfully used her expertise with words to try and trap Jian Chen into letting some personal information slip out. Every answer she received was not up to her satisfaction. Every single time Jian Chen had answered her, the information she had wanted to hear had never appeared, whatever piece of information that seemed promising was actually useless.

It seems this Wu Yun is not a simple person. Trying to find the information I want from his mouth is a difficult task. Yullian felt a headache as she thought to herself.

Seeing Yullian have a small amount of anger appear on her face, Jian Chen laughed to himself secretly.

Thump thump thump At that moment, a series of knocks could be heard.

Hearing this sound, Yullian straightened in her seat, and reached out to press an inconspicuous button on the sofa. The drawing room door silently opened. Outside it stood a charming-looking, 20 year old girl wearing a uniform.

Manager Yullian , Elder Huang wanted me to give this Space Belt to you. The servant said to Yullian in a low voice.

Hand it over.

Yes maam!

The servant entered the drawing room and handed Yullian the Space Belt. Her gaze lingered on Jian Chens face for a bit before she retreated back out of the room.

Yullian inspected the items contained in the Space Belt, then gently placed it down on the table as she smiled, Mister Wu Yun, the total amount of 110,000 purple coins that you earned from selling the Class 5 Magical Beasts is all in there. You can check yourself.

Jian Chen took the Space Belt and inspected its contents. Eleven neat piles of glittering purple coins could be seen inside the Space Belt. With each pile containing exactly 10,000, eleven piles gave an exact total of 110,000 purple coins.

Having obtained his money, Jian Chen had no intention to stay any longer. He stood up from the sofa and gestured politely at Yullian, Manager Yullian, if there is nothing else, then I will bid farewell. With this, he turned around and began to head toward the door.

Mister Wu Yun, please wait for a bit. Yullian suddenly called out to Jian Chen.

Jian Chen stopped in his tracks and turned around to look at Yullian. Manager Yullian, could it be that you have something more to tell me? He asked flatly.

Yullian hesitated for a bit before saying, Mister Wu Yun, if you have a Class 5 Monster Core, then our Heavenly Phoenix Auction House is willing to purchase it for any price you want. In addition, we can also keep it a secret. Theres no harm in considering this offer.

Jian Chen smiled apologetically, Im really sorry, Manager Yullian. I do not possess a Class 5 Monster Core. Without waiting for her to reply, Jian Chen opened the door and left.

Watching Jian Chen disappear from her sight, Yullian sighed and said, I was originally just trying to give you a warning. Since youre in such a hurry to leave, I cant be bothered to say it anymore. The major powers that came this time are rather complicated; whether or not you can survive this crisis will depend on your strength.

After he left the Heavenly Phoenix Auction House, Jian Chen stood there in front of the entrance and scanned his surroundings. As expected, there were many traces of suspicious people surrounding him.

Jian Chen didnt pause for long, and began to walk at a normal pace toward a crowded street. However, before he could get very far, his expression suddenly changed. Using his powerful spirits acute perceptive abilities, he could clearly sense hundreds of gazes coming from all directions at him.

Jian Chens heart sank as he realized that he was at a slight disadvantage, Could it be that those powers have already figured out that I was the one that auctioned off the two Class 5 Magical Beasts? Or maybe the Heavenly Phoenix Auction House revealed my identity.

Although he realized that the situation wasnt really in his favor, Jian Chens expression remained calm. He maintained his normal pace, as if there was absolutely nothing wrong with the situation, and continued to head toward the bustling street.

As Jian Chen left the auction house, some of the people spread around the area began to leave their positions and follow closely behind Jian Chen.

Sensing the movements of the people behind him, Jian Chen couldnt help but sneer. The hot blood that had been silent within him for so long began to boil once more. Ever since he had reached the Peak Saint Master level, Jian Chen hadnt once fought against a person. He really wanted to experiment and see how many of his attacks a Great Saint Master would be able to endure now that he was a Peak Saint Master.

Sire, please stop!

At that moment, a few middle aged men wearing black suddenly blocked Jian Chens path.

Jian Chen stopped in his tracks and indifferently looked at the middle aged men, Gentlemen, do you have any business with me?

One of the men smiled and said, We are members of Phoenix Citys Heiming clan. Sire, our Heiming clan has no ill intentions toward you; we would only like to invite you to become our Heiming clans guest.

Heiming clan! Hearing this, Jian Chens heart skipped a beat. During his past few days at Phoenix City, he had definitely heard of this clan before. They were a power native to Phoenix City, and were strong enough to be one of the three great clans here.

I thank Heiming clan for their invitation, but I still have things I must do, so I really cannot become your guest. Jian Chen tactfully refused.

The clansmens expressions didnt change at this response. The one that had first spoken continued, Mister Wu Yun, there are quite a few powers that know you now. Your current circumstances are extremely bleak. We, the Heiming clan, are the only ones that can save you. Please consider our offer.