Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1780

Chapter 1780: Coming Across Chanlong Again

There were not just the natives of the Dongan province within the provincial city. There were many other people from the other thirty-five provinces of the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian as well. There were even a few merchants, adventurers, and so on from other divine kingdoms. With the great flow of people, the city was extremely busy.

An ordinary young man who only seemed to be in his twenties made his way through the crowd. He followed the people into the city, wearing luxurious robes while maintaining a low profile.

The young mans appearance was nothing special, and his strength was average. He was only at the peak of Reciprocity. He was the type that could be found in large numbers within the Dongan province.

Stop. Whats your name, and where do you come from? Why have you come to the provincial city? Just when the young man was about to enter the city, guards stopped him like everyone else and asked the same questions.

Im Yang Yutian. I come from the Swordseeking Province. Ive obviously come to the provincial city with plans of settling down, the young man clasped his hands and smiled indifferently.

The guard who stopped Yang Yutian glanced at him. Seeing his luxurious robes, the guard determined that he must have possessed some background, so the guard immediately stopped blocking him. The guard smiled, Take this. This is your jade pendant for identification. Just pay a hundred low grade divine crystals, and you can enter. I hope you can settle down in the provincial city. Remember, dont forget to charge up your identification token. If you get caught by guards, dont blame me for not reminding you.

Yang Yutian paid a hundred low grade divine crystals for the identification token. He discovered a number of a hundred on the token. He could not help but smile when he read the explanation behind the token, and he said, Its one low grade divine crystal per day in the provincial city. That means its over three hundred for a year. Once the number on the token reaches zero, the guards of the city will even capture you. Looks like not everyone can enter the provincial city. Just a single year costs over three hundred low grade divine crystals, and thats not including living expenses. You cant just cultivate on the streets in the provincial city, or the guards will capture you for that as well.

But theres a large scale energy-gathering formation in the city. The origin energy here is several times denser than the outside world. It really will be much faster cultivating here than outside.

Yang Yutian strolled through the streets aimlessly as he murmured to himself.

He was clearly Jian Chen who had changed his appearance.

Jian Chen was in no hurry to reveal himself within the provincial city. Instead, he silently entered the place to check on the situation. He and fairy Hao Yue had benefited the most from Godking Duanmus dwelling. At the same time, they basically offended all the Overgods who had gathered there. He really did worry that the Overgods would expect him to appear in the provincial city and were waiting for him here.

Although he no longer feared most Overgods with his current strength, he was afraid of being surrounded, so he had to be careful.

Suddenly, Jian Chen froze slightly. He raised his head towards the sky, and he gradually became grim. He carefully let out the senses of his soul as he cautiously expanded it.

Suddenly, Jian Chens face changed. Without any hesitation, he immediately flew towards outside the city.

At the same time, the space pulsed gently. A huge formation hidden there appeared in an instance, releasing extremely powerful pulses of energy. It enveloped the entire provincial city.

Linear Lightning Release! Jian Chen formed a seal with his hand, and he turned into a bolt of lightning. Just when the formation was about to envelope the entire provincial city, he escaped by a hairs breadth and avoided the trap.

You really have come to the provincial city. Where do you think youre going? Youre staying right here! Master Chanlong suddenly appeared in the sky above the city. His expression was rather strange; he was filled with excitement as he pursued Jian Chen with his full speed.

At this moment, the formation that master Chanlong set up earlier had engulfed the city. It was an extremely powerful trapping formation, preventing anyone in the city from leaving the place.

The presence of several dozen Gods appeared at virtually the same time across the entire city when the formation engulfed the entire place. Whether it was the people from the powerful clans or the Gods from other places, they all roared out angrily as they charged towards the sky. They directly attacked the formation over the city.

Who is it? Who is bold enough to seal up the entire provincial city

The provincial city is the capital of one of the thirty-six provinces of the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian. Are you not afraid of the divine kings rage, sir

The ancestors of the powerful clans all bellowed out. All their faces had sunken.

However, master Chanlong had already shot off into the distance in pursue of Jian Chen, leaving behind no trace.

Jian Chen hovered in the sky with a cold expression a million kilometers away from the city as he stared coldly as master Chanlong.

He had only used the Linear Lightning Release earlier to escape from the formation. After all, master Chanlongs skill with formations was so great that even late Overgods would struggle to smash through them. Once he became trapped in the formation, he would be forced into an extremely bad position.

Jian Chen, why arent you running anymore? Go on, keep fleeing, master Chanlong smiled at Jian Chen with his eight trigrams disc in hand, acting like Jian Chen was done for today. At the same time, he was secretly surprised by the accuracy of the trapped souls prediction. It had actually predicted that Jian Chen would appear in the provincial city.

Master Chanlong, do you want what I obtained from Godking Duanmus dwelling? Jian Chen stared at the dignified, sage-like master Chanlong.

Master Chanlong immediately stopped smiling when he heard that. Cold killing intent appeared in his eyes, and he said, Thats only the first matter. You ruined my plans, so how can I spare you?

Do you really think you can kill me just by yourself, even if youre a late Overgod? Jian Chen said coldly.

Do you really think you can act as you please before me with your two strands of powerful sword Qi? Master Chanlong growled. With a wave of his hand, he immediately tossed out a few formation banners. As his hand seals changed, the banners joined together. In the blink of an eye, it reassembled into a huge python again.

Hmm? Kid, youre actually here too.

To no surprise, the trapped soul remained within the huge python. He saw that it was Jian Chen with a single glance and spoke in surprise.

But soon afterwards, he turned his huge head towards master Chanlong and said proudly, Chanlong, I told you this kid would appear in the provincial city of the Dongan province back then. Do you believe me now? I was right.

Master Chanlong, Looks like you have guessed right this time. Listen up; you have to stop him no matter what this time.

However, Jian Chen became filled with shock when he heard the trapped souls words.

How does that trapped soul know that I would go to the provincial city? Jian Chen thought in disbelief.