Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1783

Chapter 1783: Breaking Out With Full Force

Master Chanlongs medicine was nowhere near as potent as the Ninerefined Lifegiving Pill from Tong Tian, but it was clearly of high quality. The pills immediately transformed into a powerful healing force as soon as it reached his stomach, expanding through his body. It began to heal master Chanlongs wounds.

However, master Chanlong directed all the medicinal effects to his arms. He wanted to recover his arms in the shortest amount of time possible and complete the second form of the formation so that he could kill Jian Chen.

Hurry up. Hurry up. This is too slow, master Chanlong worried inside. He had witnessed Jian Chens power, and Jian Chens terrifying recovery rate had shocked him greatly. If he could not complete the second form of the formation that he had cast down after so much effort, he would not be able to kill Jian Chen.

Quick, feed me all the pills, said master Chanlong; he did not find the healing speed to be fast enough.

Jian Chen attacked a pillar of fire that reached into the sky in the formation space with full force. Deafening booms constantly rang out. He used the Daluo Sword and the Taiyi Sword Technique time and time again. He even used his fists.

Jian Chens attacks could be described as a storm-like barrage right now. It was extremely intense, and even mid Overgods would not be able to endure something like that.

However, when he barraged one of the fire-red pillars, he actually failed to destroy it.

Jian Chen calmed down and stopped. He became extremely stern. He glanced past the countless pillars that reached into the sky and growled, Each pillar is connected to the formation space. Theyre all interconnected. Attacking a single pillar is equivalent to attacking all the pillars here, or even the formation space itself. My attacks have been completely dispersed. Unless my attacks surpass what the formation space can withstand, I wont be able to smash through this formation.

This formation is extremely powerful. Even if I shoot out my two strands of Profound Sword Qi at the same time, I wont be able to destroy it forcefully. Looks like I can only go with a second option, and thats to waste away the energy of the formation as quickly as possible. Once it loses all its energy, the formation will crumble by itself.

Jian Chen sat down. As the effects of the Soul Recovery Pill expanded, the power of his soul recovered rapidly.

In just a few seconds, Jian Chens eyes snapped open. A strand of Profound Sword Qi had appeared above his head, and without any hesitation, he shot it out directly towards the pillar before him.


A deafening boom rang out in the formation space. The entire formation trembled gently after taking on the attack from the Profound Sword Qi, and it quickly flickered in color, dulling a lot.

Daluo Sword!

Taiyi Sword Technique!

Sky-severing Strike!

Jian Chen immediately used his various sword techniques after shooting the Profound Sword Qi. Chaotic Force revolved around his fist as he hurtled it towards the pillar time and time again.

After consuming a large number of pills, master Chanlong finally recovered some mobility with his arms. Without any hesitation, he immediately gritted his teeth and raised his arms slowly while enduring the pain. He began to form the necessary hand seals.

As his hands still had not completely recovered, he formed hand seals extremely slowly. Each new seal would cause him tremendous pain, and his face would pale while his forehead became covered with sweat.

As master Chanlong went from one hand seal to the next, all the pillars of fire in the formation space exploded with light. The countless pillars slowly began to move.

The formation was changing!

No, master, use the twin swords. You cant let the pillars of fire change into another formation. Once the formation within the formation is complete, even weaker Godkings can be slain, the sword spirits voices rang out in Jian Chens head.

Master Chanlong really is worthy of being a formation master. His formations can actually threaten Godkings while hes just a late Overgod, thought Jian Chen. Although he had fallen out with master Chanlong already, he still had to admire master Chanlongs mastery over formations.

Suddenly, azure and violet light rose up from Jian Chens body. In a time of life or death, Jian Chen could no longer worry about the consequences of having the twin swords exposed. He directly drew them.

He wielded the Qing Suo sword in his left hand, while he held the Zi Ying sword in his right. Huge beams of light emitted from the tips of the swords. As he swung them around, the beams of light sliced at the fire-red pillars with devastating might.

Although the twin swords were of the same grade as the Flying Snow sword, the Flying Snow sword was nowhere near them in terms of power because the twin swords possessed sword spirits.

After so many years of recovery, Zi Ying and Qing Suo had made some progress even though they were still nowhere near their peak condition. They had been recovering countless times faster than on the Tian Yuan Continent after coming to the Saints World.

As a result, the two swords now possessed some power from the sword spirits.

A burning presence suddenly appeared on the Zi Ying sword as terrifying power was being charged up.

The Qing Suo sword emitted a chilling presence. It was frigid, enough to freeze off entire regions. It was also extremely terrifying.

The sword spirits were using their power source, which was the Supreme Yang Force and Supreme Yin Force.

Supreme yang and supreme yin arose from chaos, so they were also known as Supreme Yin Force and Supreme Yang Force. They were so powerful that they ranked towards the top among the three thousand ways, no weaker than the power of the Way of the Sword, the Laws of Destruction, or the Way of Slaughter.

In fact, it was even slightly stronger than the laws that were known to possess the greatest offence.

If supreme yin and supreme yang were united, they would directly create Chaotic Force! That was the most terrifying power in the world!

However, Zi Ying and Qing Suo had not fully recovered yet, so their Supreme Yin and Supreme Yang Force did not possess the power it did when they were at their prime.

Outside, master Chanlong moved between hand seals painfully and arduously. Excitement had appeared in his eyes. He was about to complete the second form.

Just one last seal! Master Chanlong smiled victoriously. He had finally relaxed his nervous heart at that moment as well.


At this moment, a deafening sound rang through the surroundings. Violet and azure sword Qi surged into the sky, dyeing the entire region violet and azure. However, the light vanished in just a split second as if everything before was just an illusion.

The formation cast down by master Chanlong high up in the sky had been ripped open. Jian Chen emerged from it in a rather horrible shape. His gaze was cold and filled with heavy killing intent.